Ideas for matching leather skirts to go to work

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Ideas for matching leather skirts to go to work. Going to work, at least if you don’t have a uniform, can be a bit tedious. Especially in the mornings when we open the closet and we have no idea what to wear. Much less what it´s fit to take to the office and what´s not.


If in your case, you have a dress code to follow, it´s most likely you don´t complicate things too much. However, there are other places where we´re free to dress as we please. And if you´re tired of thinking you always wear the same thing, calm down, you´ve come to the perfect place. A good choice is leather skirts.


At Fashion Trends we have come to bring you the best and most innovative ideas to match leather skirts to go to work with the best of styles. So, I suggest you keep reading to discover the best combinations that we found for you.


How to wear a black leather skirt?


Fashion Trends and Style - Ideas for matching leather skirts to go to work - skirts

Even if you´re a pants woman, I want you to think for a moment about versatility, difference, and perspective. So, open your mind and give skirts a chance. Because especially the leather ones, are a garment that can give a rocker touch to your looks. It can make a look more feminine and can help you create different outfits like a whole fashionista.


In mini or midi size, the black skirt is one of the pieces that´s considered more IN this season. And although sometimes you have no idea how to combine them, at Fashion Trends we bring you some ideas. So, after this article, you consider yourself an expert and inspire your coworkers to use theirs.


The important thing is that you wear it with style, sophistication and perhaps you´d look quite fashionable. And full of rebellion that brings femininity to your outfit. You just need to pay attention to neutral colors and know your body type.


What can I wear with a leather skirt?


It doesn´t matter if they call you exaggerated. Black leather skirts can be worn to go to work and for some other occasions. And even if many people don´t think it´s wise, this skirt is a great Basic for the capsule wardrobe. Which is also perfect for any occasion. 


In this sense, to go to work in your office, always choose the leather skirt with these combinations. Write them down so you never forget them.


With a white blouse


Fashion Trends and Style - Ideas for matching leather skirts to go to work - skirts

Leather skirts are garments that can provide a very aggressive and rebellious look. So, you can wear a leather mini skirt with a white blouse, as it will lower that intensity. Which will be an incredible option to mix. You can play with red shoes, to break the sobriety of your look.


With camel color


This option is great to match with a leather skirt and wear it to the office. Because these shades are the perfect allies. You´ll be able to give your look a more urban and modern touch, which counteracts the sobriety of the skirt you´re wearing. You can break out of the sober by wearing a printed blouse that has camel on it.


With military green


Fashion Trends and Style - Ideas for matching leather skirts to go to work - skirts

This combination of the black leather skirt is to be worn with military green. You can choose a shirt of this color with a blouse or wear a blazer or cardigan of this color. The match of both garments can create a look between urban and informal that adapts to many circumstances.


With stripes


It´s a very successful combination and above all very chic. Since if you use black and white or white and gray you cannot go wrong. This option works for different occasions because the mix of neutral colors is perfect for any option of the day. If you wear them with high boots or shoes without that much heel it is also a success.


What blouse matches with a leather skirt?


In short, we love to dress to go to the office in a lot of styles. So, you can think about the midi skirt to feel more elegant. Also, to attend work-related events, combining these matching pieces with other garments such as blouses or delicate fabrics, transparencies, or stockings, is a more than certain success.


If you have curves


Fashion Trends and Style - Ideas for matching leather skirts to go to work - skirts

You can put together different types of fabrics and play with the length of the skirt. If you add accessories in black and gray, you will never fail. Pair your black leather skirt with a plain white basic and add a kimono, boots and you’re ready to impress.


If you´re a rectangle type


You can wear your midi skirt to go to the office. You can combine it with accessories in black such as an XL bag, high-heeled shoes, and a slightly loose gray blouse.


If you´re a pear or apple


For this body type, it´s suggested the skirt be high-waisted. And if you want to stand out, try to match it with different textures and in a total black look.


If you´re an inverted triangle


Fashion Trends and Style - Ideas for matching leather skirts to go to work - skirts

You can wear a knee-length leather pencil skirt, some black Converse-style sneakers. And a slightly baggy sleeveless flannel that you can tuck inside. This look will give you a casual air that it is impossible not to pay attention to.


At Fashion Trends we are happy and proud to be able to bring home a different form of combination. One that you can take to the office and continue to keep the originality, sobriety, and formality of your outfit that is so necessary to go to work. Because we must always stay formal. 


In this sense, we invite you to save, comment, and share this article with whoever you feel needs some ideas to dress differently at the office. And tell me, would you wear black leather skirts to go to the office?


Do you feel comfortable in a skirt or are you more of pants? How would you combine it?


Tell us everything.