Learn how to wear your favorite boyfriend jeans to stand out!

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Learn how to wear your favorite boyfriend jeans to stand out! Single and free? Easy, girl! Buy yourself some boyfriend pants and let’s enjoy life. In short, we’re living the new era of comfort and freedom in garments. And oversized clothes, including boyfriend pants, are the ones that attract everyone’s attention.


In addition to culottes, wide-boot or mom jeans, boyfriend pants, which give you that more destructive air and a careless touch, are in the spotlight this season.


Although skinny jeans are indeed the favorite of many, boyfriend jeans are already an almost indispensable garment in your closet to achieve an outfit. It makes you look attractive, modern, and very urban.


Do you want to learn more about this incredible garment? Keep reading and I’ll tell you more details about them, plus some updates on how to wear them this season!


What is the boyfriend cut?


Fashion Trends and Style - boyfriend jeans - trends

No, it’s not that you broke up with your boyfriend.


The cut or boyfriend style is medium-waisted jeans with a wide and straight cut.


Besides, they also look worn and broken. (And yes, probably how your ex left you when the relationship ended.)


Those baggy masculine pants inspire this cut.


The particular thing about it is that it will favor you a lot regardless of your silhouette, and it will also depend on how you combine it.


What makes jeans “boyfriend jeans”


Fashion Trends and Style - boyfriend jeans - trends

These pants are loose and straight, as I already explained.


The good thing about them is that they greatly favor your silhouette and make your legs look thin. This garment is considered a “must-have” because you can easily combine them.


Also, their width makes you look slimmer, making it a perfect option to hide that annoying roll.


People may think you stole it from your partner’s closet; however, nothing could be further from the truth.


What is the difference between mom and boyfriend jeans?


Fashion Trends and Style - boyfriend jeans - trends

The only thing they have in common is that both are loose.


Besides, mom jeans have a very high waist, while boyfriend jeans are more hip-like jeans for men.


Both look great, and the good thing is that they’re loose and comfortable.


The boyfriend jean allows you to feel more comfortable at the waist and gives you a more urban than stylish look.


What does slim boyfriend mean?


Fashion Trends and Style - boyfriend jeans - trends

These pants are a mix of a classic, novel, and very trendy style. It hugs your hips to enhance your silhouette without squeezing your waist. In short, they are the basic garment we all need in our wardrobes. Besides, they have the advantage that we can get them in different colors, sizes, and shapes.


In this sense, it’s thanks to its cut to the ankle that it’s attached to any footwear you want to wear, from sandals for something casual or stilettos for a night out. White sneakers? Of course! With them, you will get a more relaxed look.


The versatility and simplicity of this piece will guarantee it to become the favorite of all the pants you have, and they are also very easy to combine. Now, the good news is that today I will show you some combinations you get inspiration from to create creative looks in your style. Ready?


How do I wear boyfriend jeans?


Fashion Trends and Style - boyfriend jeans - trends

This is where we can let our imagination run wild because there are many ways to combine them that are simple, fun, and classic.


With them, you can achieve many styles while giving them your personal touch.


First, you should consider that the model has to fit perfectly with your style and figure.


They should be wide but not too wide because you would be generating the opposite effect to what you want.


Wear them in a casual style.


Casual doesn’t mean it’s crazy. No sir. However, you can allow yourself to go cool, comfortable, and very simple. Wear it with a basic t-shirt of your favorite band, shirt, or sweater. Opt for an XXL bag and shoes that adapt to the occasion to look perfect.


If you are curvy, this is how you should wear them. 


Fashion Trends and Style - boyfriend jeans - trends

If you hear someone say these pants aren’t for you, don’t listen to them! This isn’t true. This type of jeans looks great for any kind of boy shape.


The only thing you need to consider is how you choose it. For example, if your legs are short and wide, you can fold the leg of the jeans up to the ankle to make the instep look slimmer.


Wear pointed-toe heels, sandals, or wedge heels to flatter your figure.


If they are nude, much better. Wear them with a shirt or blouse tucked inside the pants for a more sensual effect and achieve the hourglass effect. Leave them out if the shirt isn’t that long.


Achieve a more elegant look.


Fashion Trends and Style - boyfriend jeans - trends

The elegant style is achieved with a lot of attitude and clothes.


However, I want to bring you this somewhat risky but functional combination to go to the office or a meeting with a client, especially on cool days.


Combine your boyfriend jeans with a basic white shirt buttoned up to the neck, and wear a black sweater and a black blazer or coat. Your military-style boots and a matching bag.


The shirt’s white will stand out a lot and give you an interesting and striking air.


You will get a romantic style by wearing boyfriend jeans like this. 


Fashion Trends and Style - boyfriend jeans - trends

Do you think you always have to dress the same or in one style for the rest of your life?


Today, at Fashion Trends, we invite you not to. It isn’t bad to try new things. 


So, why don’t you wear some black boyfriend jeans folded up to the ankle with low round heels, a long-sleeved blouse with ruffles on the sleeves, or that elegant blouse that you like?


In a casual and feminine style. 


To achieve a feminine and casual style, wear them with a crop top or oversized shirts: boots, heels, or tennis. The important thing is that you remember the proportions not to achieve the opposite effect visually. In this sense, if you have an oversize blouse, tuck in the front to look slimmer.


How can you wear your favorite boyfriend jeans?


As you can see, these pants are one of the protagonists due to their versatility, comfort, and ease of combining. It’s for this reason that here at Fashion Trends, we say yes to wearing them. Do you already have yours? How would you combine it? What would your style be?