How to wear wide pants according to your body type?

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How to wear wide pants according to your body type?. Finding the pants that best suit our body type can be an easy task for some. However, not everything can be perfect and not all of us always have an idea of ​​what type of pants to wear, and that it fits us well, does not make us look thicker, lower, or disproportionate. Has it happened to you?


Surely, it also happens to you that when you get those pants that are yummy you no longer want to let go of them. In fact, they can become those worn-out friends that you never want to get rid of, right? I know.


It turns out that as you can imagine, not all bodies are the same. Even those who share the same silhouette may not be able to wear the exact clothes. In life, there is diversity and proportion.


Now, it seems like a myth that our grandmothers tell, but in the case of pants it would be something like: those perfect pants that hug every curve, that favors in every way and is almost like the man of your dreams, it’s like the unicorn at the end of the rainbow, as getting it can be difficult.


However, now everything’s lost. If you take these tips into account when choosing them, you can get a little closer, or perhaps find those gnomes in the enchanted forest. Today, Fashion Trends brings you these tips that you can take into account.


How to dress according to your body type?


We all have different figures and there are universal measurements that help you discover what your body type is and from there you will know how to find those garments that best suit you. Information is power and that is why I want you to empower yourself with what I bring you.


There are certain rules that you can take into account when trying on wide pants, so I invite you to take note of this because it will help you too much.


If you have a few extra pounds. 


Get pants that are not on the hips because the annoying rolls will come out, you can even cause some that are not real to appear just by creating that unnecessary double waist. So wide pants will look perfect.


If you have an extra size.


Choose straight cuts because they will help your hips look more proportionate. Go for dark colors and I strictly forbid you to shy away from skinny jeans. What you should do from now on is to use the ones that are not hip.


If you have a lot of booty.


Having a butt has never been a problem when it comes to wearing jeans, however, we can see that for many the back part is lowered too much when you walk or sit. Therefore, choose pants at the waist or above the hips for comfort.


If you have zero booty. 


Flats call for skinny, high-waisted jeans with back pockets. You can use bright colors and white to increase the volume of that area that needs attention.


If you have thick thighs.


You no longer have to dance when trying on tight jeans to get your legs in. So, I invite you to use boyfriend jeans since your thighs will not have issues and they will be too beautiful on the hips. You can opt for high-waisted skinny pants.


If you have little hips.


No curves, so you should go for proportion and volume with high-waisted and pleated pants, because your butt will look bigger and your hips will stick out.


If you have wide hips.


If your hips are too wide and you suffer from it, I recommend that you look for elastic pants or buttons that conform, try not to be at the hips but to be higher.


How is my body according to my measurements?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear wide pants according to your body type? - body type

Yes, you must know your body and for that, you must measure it in front of the mirror or ask for help. It is the first step, and after this with a tape measure that is not too tight, because at least one finger must fit between the tape and you, measure: bust, waist, and hip.


If your bust measurement is larger than your waist and hips, you have an apple body. Whereas if the hip measurement is bigger than the other two, your body is pear.


Now, if the measurements between the bust and hips are very close and your waist is smaller, your body is an hourglass. Finally, if the measurements of the bust, waist, and hips are very similar, your body is a rectangle.


What kind of pants to wear according to your body?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear wide pants according to your body type? - body type

The first thing you should do is answer these questions: Do you already know your body type? Do you know what the body types are? Once you know them, you must know your size, because yes, there are still people in the world who do not know their size and then look at the placement of the boots and material.


Pear-like body


If your waist is the strong point, focus there! That’s why you can choose high-waisted or slouchy pants that go to the waist. Forget skinny jeans and thin fabrics. Get better fabrics and materials that act like spandex or girdle.


Apple-like body.


That what makes you fat is the belly, back, and midsection, but your legs are heart attack, so think about pants that are not high quality, invest in blouses to hide that part. No skinny jeans because you will look like a top. Get straight pants to balance.


Hourglass body.


Opt for palazzo-type pants, which are dart-style pants, but the fabric maintains the roominess down to the hem. They will give you an elegant and stylized air. If you are long-legged, these pants are very flattering for you too.


Rectangular body.


Choose elephant leg pants, because they fit the waist and hips which suit you. Then it flares out to the maximum in its low weave. These pants hide volumes. You can also opt for straight pants with a thick fabric.


Inverted triangle body. 


Straight pants are your best option. Especially if you opt for a light color, also the prints because you can give more presence to the legs and find the perfect balance with the torso. If you add chunky boots to your outfit, you are elevating the style.


Do you already know how to wear wide pants according to your body type? What really matters is that whatever you decide to wear is tailored and respects the balance of each one.