How to wear a kimono during fall

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Originally from Japan, the kimono has gained popularity worldwide and has even become a fashion staple. It is a garment with different shapes, designs, patterns, and colors. Today, the street style adopted it to represent and complement outfits with inspiration.


When it comes to achieving elegance in our looks, the special trick is the layers you add to what you wear, be it jackets, sweaters, vests, scarves, or a kimono. And they are beautiful with everything: jeans, like a dress and sports shoes, shorts and skirts. This garment cannot go unnoticed thanks to its versatility, especially for the fall.


In the fashionista world, this garment is very special since they are functional for day and night, easy to use, and has the particularity of giving a different touch to outfits that look very simple.


What is a fashion kimono?


Fahion trends and style - kimono - kimono

Before starting, I want to talk to you about what a kimono is.


In addition to being the latest fashion trend, a kimono is a striking garment that, as I mentioned above, originates in Japan and is similar to an open but very thin jacket that can be long or short.


It is said that it is a garment that brings good energy, security, and confidence. You can find silk, cotton, wool, synthetic materials, or fabrics among its materials.


How long is a kimono?


There are actually different sizes. However, the ideal length corresponds from the nape to the ankles. In fact, it can be up to 10 centimeters shorter than this measurement. Each piece is different; we can find long, midi, and even short up to below the chest.


What to wear with a kimono?


If in your case, you have a kimono and you have no idea how to use it during fall, I am going to show you some options to combine it. By wearing it, you will add elegance to a basic look. Do you feel ready? I do!


In a total look


You can stand out with a colorful kimono and any pattern with a total black look. This option makes you feel chic and like a runway model.


For a casual look, the white, black, and red kimono


Perfect for fall, a casual dress with basics like a sweater or a T-shirt, your favorite jeans, and the white, black and red kimono will attract the attention of whoever passes by.


For more daring looks


The shirt of your favorite band, straight jeans, the boots you know you need for fall, and a long kimono rolled up to the forearms. Nothing will make you look more daring than this combination.


A long design like a dress


The impressive thing about this garment is that you can wear it like in Japan, like a long dress. I recommend that if you will use this option, it is with a full-color design so that it adds originality and style to your outfit.


How to combine a knitted kimono?


Fahion trends and style - kimono - Kimono

 As we can see, kimonos have revolutionized the world of fashion, and there are different types according to length, textures, and colors. Choosing yours has to be according to your style and it must reflect your personality almost as a necessity.


The knitted kimono is perfect for fall. You can have two, a light one for the beginning of fall and a thicker fabric for the end. You can find different fabrics such as stitches and openwork such as crochet.


As for combining them, depending on the colors, you can play with a white or black look, you can even dare to use the two colors and the woven kimono you have. I’m sure you will look excellent.


How to combine a floral kimono?


Fahion trends and style - kimono - Kimono

 The kimono is a trend that generally goes well with anything. You can wear jeans, pants, shorts or skirts if you have one with flowers. It is also a very original garment that will make you look comfortable and attractive.


In autumn, you can combine basics and boots for the cold. They also look good with crop tops and neutral tones. If the kimono is white with flowers, it will look excellent with earth colors. You will look elegant and very fashionable.


However, if you love colors, it will look great with shorts or leather pants. This combination will be an explosion of creativity.


How to wear a kimono as a dress?


Before you think that you will go through life showing all your shame if you use only this garment as a dress, I have a very chic way of wearing it without feeling that you will go through life showing everything.


First, you must close it completely and use a belt, so it does not open. With this look, you can look sensual and inspiring. Combine it with heels, and you will be the owner of the perfect outfit for the day. Now, sneakers can be your best allies if you prefer a more sporty style. They will also look very good.


How to wear a short kimono?


Short kimonos are great as jackets. They are a good option for any casual outing, perfect for when fall is starting.


This garment goes very well with high-waisted jeans and a basic shirt, sneakers, or heels, and you will look great. Do you already have yours?


How to wear a kimono as a man?


Fahion trends and style - kimono - Kimono

And yes, men can also wear this garment, as they look great. They can add style, security, and elegance and provide a different touch that will instantly turn heads.


This garment can be found in black, blue, or gray tones, and you can combine it with any other colors and style. That is, it can be a suit jacket.


Besides, it can be combined with more daring looks in black and only by making a difference in color in footwear, such as brown boots and the flower kimono. No matter what jeans you wear or the type of fabric of the kimono, it will look great with a casual and very striking touch. Do you dare to wear something like that?


For its part, another option is with pants and a basic shirt, opt for the black kimono, your favorite boots, and you will be ready to go out tonight.


How do I wear a kimono during fall?


Can you answer this question for me? At Fashion Trends, we seek to bring you the latest in fashion trends that can make a difference in your lifestyle and dress style. Today we discover that the kimono is a versatile outfit that can be used at any time of the year; however, in autumn, it is perfect for its designs.


Do you already have yours? Let us know how you combine it and which one is your favorite.