How to wear high boots if I am tall

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High boots are an object of affection for many women. Their versatility, elegance, and ability to make you look both formal and casual, and sexy at the same time, have no comparison. This is why it is the preferred footwear of a great majority. In the market, there is a great variety of models, designs, colors, and styles of boots to satisfy all tastes, the tall boots are one of the most popular and sought-after. 

But what happens when your height is tall, and you want to use this type of shoe with fervor? Sometimes we find fashion tips for tall women where they are advised to avoid this combination. However, we believe that no one should be limited to wearing the garment they want. So, today we will give you the best tips to wear those tall boots even when you yourself are at that level of height.


This is something that many of us love. Because I know that in addition to being a fan of boots, high-top boots will look great on you. Cause yes, it´s no secret to anyone that tall women can be favored by everything, absolutely everything. The only thing you must worry about is that whatever looks good will suit your style and body type.


How should the high boots look?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear high boots if I am tall - boots

It´s been said that to wear them, you had to have nothing but good taste to combine them correctly. However, times have changed and now you must know that high boots will fit you better according to your complexion. Of your legs, thighs, calves, and ankles. Did you know that?


In this sense, if you have high calves, the best boots for you are those with a platform and a high heel. At the height below your knees, but never mid-calf, because you will see the disproportionate width. On the other hand, if your ankles are wide, wear medium or high boots but with medium or thick heels. So that they don´t take center stage.


If you´re tall and very thin, you can wear almost any type of boot you choose. Lucky you. High, medium boots, or ankle boots. Though, the state’s secret is that the tip should be narrow or pointed so that harmony is seen in your silhouette. Choose a thin or medium heel. And if your case is that you have wide thighs, you should aim to reduce the visual volume, so it is better to use medium and flat boots or with wide heels and a round or square toe.


Also, if your thighs are thin, you are one of God’s favorites. Because you can wear almost all the boots you would like. I recommend the high and tight to the thighs in camel color with light pants. On the other hand, if you choose to wear black boots, forget jeans and leggings because you will look thinner.


Instead, if your hips are wide, you should wear tall and thin-heeled boots, as they will visually slim your legs.


How are high boots worn?


High boots are versatile, so much so that they can go with any garment. And yes, you´re reading well, literally any piece. It´s not at all far-fetched. They can bring a version of yourself that´s much sexier, daring. And look great over your skinny pants, mini dresses, and XXL sweaters.


Also, I invite you to follow these stylish tips for wearing knee-high boots. To feel like you can impress the whole world with just one step. So, write them down.


Wear them with skinny jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear high boots if I am tall - boots

Boots above the knee look great on these jeans that fit well to the leg, stylizing them. This will add a very interesting style to your outfit.


Combine them with leggings


This sort of boots with leggings is an interesting idea, though, I recommend that the leggings be structured. And that they´re always the same color so that it looks nice and even.


Match them with skirts and dresses.


Perfect for visually lengthening the legs even more. You can wear them with thick stockings in the same color. Adding shorts, or a mini dress or a skirt of the same length, perhaps midi. If the clothes are a little loose, better yet.


Combine them with shorts and a blazer


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear high boots if I am tall - boots

If you like wearing pants more than anything else, but one day you wake up with a horrible desire to show your legs.


you saw yourself in the mirror and realized that you have to show them without fear, shorts will always be a good option and also complements the look.


In neutral or bold tones, anyone is allowed in a total black look.


What kind of boots should I wear if I am tall?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear high boots if I am tall - boots

These boots are worn in several versions, even below the knee. Although XXL boots are currently the most fashionable in the best street style. As I told you, they never go unnoticed and it´s for sure they´ll become the protagonists of your look. That´s why you must choose the ones that best suit you.


In this sense, we must consider that some boot models can help us to look more stylized. But others can visually cause the opposite. For this reason, we have to choose the ones that best suit us. Being aware of our body type, length of our legs, and style. Take note of some models.


Wedge boots


They are perfect for tall women. If you have big calves and thick legs. I recommend you wear them below the knee and not those that reach the calf.


Heel-cone boots


Great if you have an hourglass or rectangle body. One hundred percent recommended for women who have long and very thin legs.


Stiletto boots


Ideal for slim women. I think you should wear them at night. Since they´re responsible for stylizing your silhouette and providing a very sexy style to your outfit.


Square heel boots


No matter your body type, this model is ideal for you. But, if you have wide thighs and ankles, you can use round or square toes, never pointed.


Flat heel boots


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear high boots if I am tall - boots

. If you are very tall, this is a perfect option for you. Especially if they´re above the knee so that they lengthen and stylize your legs.


What do you think of these exquisite combinations?


Do you like them?


At Fashion Trends we approve of tall women wearing high boots. And I hope that from now on these tips will help you wear them with the best of styles.


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