How to wear hats with style

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How to wear hats with style. There´s an excellent way to wear a hat with style, especially if you´re a man and you´re in winter times. Where the only thing you want is to cover your ears and protect your head from the cold. And catching a cold yourself.


In this sense, there´s a way to do it right and that´s why we have come here from Fashion Trends today. To talk to you and teach you about the types of hats, materials and how to buy them. For those times where you have to face the cold and wind but to do it with the best of styles.


Now, I’m sure that, at some point in your life, someone told you something like “if you don’t wear a hat, you’re going to freeze to death”. The reason is that some think that 80% of body heat is lost in the head. And this is quite an exaggeration, the reality is that it´s only a seven, sometimes ten. The point is that you will feel more comfortable if you cover your head.


We can talk about hats being worn by the freed slaves in ancient Rome. To those, we see in the paintings in the White House in the US. The hat is always a very popular winter accessory. And if at one point you thought that wearing a high hat or with an angle was a hipster thing. I’m sorry to tell you that you´re very much mistaken.


We can find them from military-style to merino wool, cable knit, pompoms, bucket hats… and many more.


How to wear a hat with style?


Wearing things on the head is something that many are happy about. I´m sure that since you were a child you always dared to wear hats, caps, beanies. Anything that crossed your mind, without a second thought. And now, probably the story is another and you´re scared or you simply feel that it doesn´t go with you. But many options can work for you.


The traditional and classic hat with a turn-up


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear hats with style - Hats

These hats are one of the most classic and traditional that we can find. That´s why they´re perfect for spending a weekend away or going to work.


The hem is tailored to offer you double protection for your ears and forehead. Wear it so that it covers up to the middle of your ears.


If there´s more wind, you can unfold it until it covers a little more. When in doubt, go for a dark-colored one, because it goes very well with everything. 


The short hat or bucket hat


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear hats with style - Hats

Its inspiration comes from the wool hats of the fishermen who work in the port. This hat is one of the most popular that we currently find.


Place it on top of your head and due to the narrowness of the crown, it doesn’t cover the ears, maybe a little.


This hat has become very popular with all men who have an interest in fashion.


It doesn´t cover too much from the cold, but it does protect a little.


The long or fallen hat


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear hats with style - Hats

It can cover up to half of your ears and even much more if you pull its edge down.


In addition, it has a part of the fabric that hangs down at the back. They have no hem.


This long hat is informal and looks great with casual jackets instead of work coats.


So try to wear it as long as you don´t have anything formal or that requires you to be presentable.


The hat with pompom


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear hats with style - Hats

Don´t wrinkle your nose, it´s used and very popular. It´s iconic and is characterized by that haired pompom that stands out at the top.


You have probably seen them in many places. And it´s that this hat and its pompom also has a military origin. Its purpose was to protect sailors.


That pompom served to cushion the blows that were carried on the head.


This type of hat has a hem and is extremely warm. You can combine it with casual or formal looks, I recommend that they be in dark colors.


The high-top hat


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear hats with style - Hats

This type of hat is one of the most popular today because they have a lot of styles.


There´s no doubt that these hats can help you get out of trouble when you don´t have your hair fixed or you don´t know what to wear.


They´re characterized by ample space at the top and are worn as high on the head as possible, without falling off.


Make sure that the material that sticks out of it´s headed towards the top.


How does a man put on a hat?


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear hats with style - Hats

If you´re planning to wear a wool hat, don’t think about it too much.


They´re faithful to the style you decide to wear, and I´m sure that you don´t need instructions to wear yours.


However, I would like to give you some tips, so you consider if your hair is long, short or curly.


Long hair


If your hair is long, I recommend a hat without a turn, wear it high on your forehead. Don´t try to hide your hair under the hat, it should protrude from the sides so that your face´s framed. And your neck is free at the same time. For you, high-top hats are an option.


Short hair


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear hats with style - Hats

For you, who have short hair, I recommend a fitted hat, because it´s a better option than a baggy or oversized one.


If you´re wearing something that´s too saggy or too large, it won´t look good visually.


So, you should think about alternatives such as bucket hats, with pompom or with a turn.



How to wear a wool hat with curly hair?


Curly hair


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear hats with style - Hats

If your hair is curly or medium-length, don’t wear thin, tight-fitting hats like a bike racer. So they don’t lose their shape or end up with lumps. For this reason, you should choose a hat with a fallen shape. Because being long, it will not crush your curls or straighten your hair.


At Fashion Trends we´re happy to bring you some alternatives for the most common types of hair that we can find on a day-to-day basis. Now, we hope that this article has been useful for you. And that from now on you will know how to wear hats with great style.