How to wear cowboy fashion and not die trying

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How to wear cowboy fashion and not die trying. You may have wondered how do I dress like a cowboy? Today, there are many popular styles of clothing you can wear, and cowboy or denim is one of them. What’s great about it is how comfortable and cool they are. However, this isn’t all! It also offers many advantages you can enjoy.


So, if you like denim, it’s time you learn how and what to wear! For this, you must know what makes up this style. For example, plaid shirts, jackets, jeans, and some accessories are part of it.


Now, to showcase the perfect denim outfit, we’ll show you some pieces of clothing you must have in your closet. Pay attention to the next garments to achieve the best look.


Denim clothes you must have in your closet


FashionTrends-How to wear cowboy fashion and not die trying-Pieces of denim clothes you must have in your closet

There’s no doubt that denim clothes are irresistible. After all, both men and women can easily wear them.


They’re very fun and allow you to create amazing looks.


Because of this, you can choose them to put together an amazing outfit for any occasion.


However, you probably think that denim can look very over the top, and in fact, this will happen if you don’t know how to achieve a good combination.


To start, you should know the ideal clothing items to wear a complete cowboy-style look:


Cowboy boots, How to wear cowboy fashion?


FashionTrends-How to wear cowboy fashion and not die trying-Cowboy boots

Are you looking for comfortable shoes? Many people love western boots for their comfort, and because they truly look amazing. Best of all, they serve to complement any outfit even if it doesn’t completely evoke the cowboy style.


Also, this type of footwear is a great companion for tube pants. Now, if you feel risky you can try a knee-high dress or a little above them. With cowboy boots, you can use long dresses as long as they are made of flowing fabric.


And if instead of dresses you prefer to use skirts, you can also wear your favorite boots.


As for the top, you can use a plaid or monochrome shirt and if you want to look sexier you can wear it tied around your waist. Western boots come in a variety of designs, but those with a metallic toe detail look much better.


Cowboy hat, How to wear cowboy fashion?


FashionTrends-How to wear cowboy fashion and not die trying-Cowboy hat

Although hats are an accessory not used very often, it’s worth having a cowboy-style one in your closet.


This way, you can use it on special occasions if you want to add a different touch to your look. For example, if you plan to attend an event on a sunny day, this is the perfect complement for you.


You can even choose to acquire a hat in black, brown, or nude. After all, these shades work with any type of look. On the other hand, this accessory looks great for a casual outfit, as it can be an excellent complement to wear with a basic shirt and flared pants.


Traditional denim shirt, How to wear cowboy fashion?


FashionTrends-How to wear cowboy fashion and not die trying-Traditional denim shirt

Traditional denim shirts have a charming effect and stand out from others by their two pockets located on the chest. The good news is that these shirts come in many colors and with infinite details. Shirts have become a very effective garment and are perfect when combined with jeans.


On the other hand, when using a denim shirt, you can wear sunglasses or a cross-body bag as a complement. If you want to look even more chic, you cannot forget to include a striking lip color in your makeup.


If you like modernity, you can showcase this through a denim shirt. After all, today you can get them in many designs such as animal prints or other more fun ones. Also, many of these shirts come with fringes and details on the neck which makes them stand out from those made in the traditional style.




Do you like fringes? If so, great news! You can enjoy them if you sign up for denim fashion. This is one of the best details you will find to put together a charming look. For this, you can wear them on fringes, shirts, skirts, and much more. Now, imagine a denim shirt accompanied by a denim skirt with fringes, great right?




FashionTrends-How to wear cowboy fashion and not die trying-Vests

Although the vest is not considered a denim garment, it evokes the countryside, flowers, and horses.


That’s why many people use it when creating a cowboy outfit.


This element can be perfectly combined with cowboy boots or shirts of this same style.


Even if you have a plain vest, you can accompany it with a hat of the same color to achieve the perfect denim look.


Wear a traditional denim look


FashionTrends-How to wear cowboy fashion and not die trying-Wear a traditional denim look

As you can see, there are many pieces of clothing you can use to take advantage of the cowboy look. Besides, achieving this isn’t as difficult as it seems, you just have to be guided by very basic tips to quickly assemble an outfit under this style.


The pieces of clothing to put together a simple cowboy look are the following:


  • The boots.
  • A hat.
  • The belt.


You must use these 3 key elements to put together a denim outfit for any occasion. As for the colors, preferably opt for white, black, or neutral tones to highlight one garment from another. Also, try to wear your pants inside your boots to look even more stylish.


Do you like denim or cowboy fashion?


FashionTrends-How to wear cowboy fashion and not die trying-Do you like denim or cowboy fashion

There are many elements you can use to easily create the perfect cowboy look.


However, remember that it consists of some vital pieces of clothing. If you don’t include them, are you really creating a denim outfit? Not really.


On the other hand, take advantage of their comfort to wear them anywhere!


For example, outdoor gatherings, parties, or even just a quick stroll through the city. There’s no doubt that with it, you will always look good no matter what.