How to wear black in the summer?

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Are you a fan of black? Do you feel that it is your color and no one will be able to go against that, but when the summer comes, you do not use it because you feel like you will melt like a sugar cube?


Here I came to break all those myths about black clothes! To be the light at the end of the tunnel that strips you of those imposed beliefs, either by culture or society.


First, black is a spectacular color and yes, dark clothes are indeed very hot. However, it isn’t only the color but the type of garment you are wearing, and I will help you to make you look spectacular. Now, there are certain things that we must take into account about myths and legends … and that is that they are nothing more than popular beliefs.


How to wear black?


Fashion Trends and Style - black - clothing

Black is a basic color in our wardrobe, and it is also easy to combine and very elegant. Also, the margin of error we have when wearing something in black is so low that we can always hit the mark for any occasion.


It is well known that summer symbolizes color, joy, and feeling alive like yellow, purple, red, white, and orange. Like me, lovers of the color black often put it aside so as not to complicate our lives.


However, today I come to teach you how to use it without feeling like you are doing it wrong and to prove that summer is not an excuse not to wear it.


How should you wear black in summer?


There are many ways to wear black in summer. Next, I will show you a few so that you take them into account when choosing this color for your outfit.


Play with the correct textures and fabrics.


This is a very important tip because the fabric is essential to create a black look for the summer. Natural materials help the garment breathe and will help you stay cool.


Fabrics can be fine cotton, polyester, linen, or silk. Dare to experiment!


It;s your body, show it off.


Thinking about your style and your style preferences, you can play with V necklines, asymmetries, skirt lengths, or dresses. It is an excellent option to look fresh, fluid, and light.


My only recommendation is: always keep in mind that less is more.


Say yes to prints.


The color black is very versatile, so take advantage of it and play with different patterns. It is the perfect background for white polka dot prints, polka dots on chiffon fabrics … also think of black on black, that is an exquisite and feminine combination.


Besides polka dots, also think about flowers of any size. Nice, right? And if you don’t like flowers too much, I can give you the option of geometric and abstract prints. How do the pictures sound to you in an outfit with a black background?


Of course, not too tight. 


Fashion Trends and Style - black - clothing

This is due to the heat, especially if there is little wind.


It is recommended that the material be loose and with a wide cut.


Sport style. Athleisure.


This style is comfortable and at the same time quite elegant when going to the city or walking.


A good option is a loose top or a T-shirt that you tie at the waist or back, baggy pants, and your best sunglasses.


How to combine a straight black dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - black - clothing

In summer, we can find different models of dresses of all sizes, colors, and shapes. However, some people will always go for the classic black dress. This can be controversial due to the urban myth of heat and sun; but, as you already know, it is not about what you wear, but how.


In theory, combining a black dress is very easy thanks to the garment’s versatility. On sunny and sweltering days, you can choose low heels with studs, ballerinas, espadrilles, strap sandals, or sneakers. Depending on the occasion, you can even wear it with nothing to avoid the heat.


Now, you can think of an eye-catching accessory like a necklace with stones or pendants. Are you a hat person? Do not be afraid! Use them. Hats will help protect you from the sun and won’t make you hot.


What color of clothes should be worn in summer?


Fashion Trends and Style - black - clothing

In summer, the trend will always be bright and striking colors, which radiate joy. However, I must say that black is a color that, used correctly, can make you look more relaxed.


Some studies assure that black can stay longer in the heat, and although it absorbs heat, it also absorbs the body’s energy. So, the black color absorbs sunlight and will give you more cooling.


You can use your favorite color for these hot times, so do not limit yourself to black, give it a chance. The street style also confirms that it is possible to take it everywhere during those months when you feel like you are melting.


What other things should you take into account? Keep reading to find out.


You can wear a skirt, shorts or a dress. 


It’s common sense to forget about black pants if you spend a day on the street. Keep in mind loose skirts or dresses, as they’re your allies for both a party and a brunch. Bare legs will help keep you cool.


Think of transparencies. 


Transparencies are a very successful option that together with a bralette, will give you the perfect combination to bring out that elegance and sensuality in you. By showing just a little skin, you can impress.


Suspenders and more suspenders.


I love the combinations that give a plot twist to your looks. The garments that provide elegance and sensuality are the best for any occasion … and if it is summer, even better. This way, straps held by the shoulders or the neck can have a different and chic touch.


How to dress well in black tennis shoes?


Fashion Trends and Style - black - clothing

Being fashionable is sometimes very important, and the truth is that you have to be a bit coherent when wearing some clothes. After all, even if they are basic, they do not usually go with anything.


Therefore, if you are looking for a suitable style with black tennis shoes, you can think of a total black look for the summer (dress, skirt, shorts, and sarong).


Tennis shoes will help you walk comfortably and give you versatility. Despite the color, your feet will remain cool if the material is good.


Do black clothes give you more heat?


Finally, we can discover that no, black clothing doesn’t necessarily give you more heat. In fact, as long as it is loose and made of organic material, you’re good! This will allow you to sweat better, and avoid the sun’s rays.


At Fashion Trends, we want to know your opinion about black clothes. How would you wear black in the summer? What natural material is your preference? Tell us!