A style guide on how to wear an oversize sweater

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A style guide on how to wear an oversize sweater. The fact that many things are allowed in fashion and we have that “freedom” to do with our outfit whatever we decide to do with it, doesn’t mean that we have to neglect when it comes to wearing an outfit.


What do I mean by this? Simple. Even if we often tell you that baggy is in fashion and that you can now fly into your dad, brother, or boyfriend’s closet to take out their jackets or t-shirts, it doesn’t mean that everything will look good on you. Especially when it comes to jerseys.


In this sense, we must take into account that there is a very thin line in a fashion that can make us fall from the incredible to the terrible in a second. But calm down! Don’t be discouraged, that’s what we’re here for. From Fashion Trends we empathize with this small inconvenience. That’s why we bring this guide to wear an oversize sweater and not die trying.


What is the oversize style?


Fashion Trends and Style - A style guide on how to wear an oversize sweater - Oversize

We talk a lot about oversize, but do we really know what it means and how to use it? Or the million-dollar question, why is everyone wearing oversize now? If you’re one of those asking these or other questions, welcome! You came to the right place. Today I will explain some keys to carry this trend.


Oversize means large garments that fit as if you were wearing two sizes bigger than the ones you regularly wear. However, it isn’t the same, as I explained, to wear an indeed larger garment. That is, a garment is oversize because its trunk and armpits are wider than the sleeves.


The difference with a regular garment is that if you decide to wear two or three sizes larger, the sleeves will hang, and your body will look disproportionate. In vintage stores, we can find this type of second-hand garment.


The key is that you make sure that the trunk isn’t wide or long, and that the sleeves aren’t dragging you, because you will look even smaller. Using it isn’t that complicated, because you can wear it loose and also for framing.


What is an oversize sweater?


Fashion Trends and Style - A style guide on how to wear an oversize sweater - Oversize

Considered a star garment of cold times.


It looks great with almost everything you’re thinking about right now. In reality, there are many possibilities to wear it with great success without wrapping us like a blanket.


Even if it gives you excess volume on the top, the trick is to find the balance with other tighter garments.


Now, I want you to take these tips into account when buying yours. Take note of these tips!


Oversize does not mean plus size.


It is not that you are going to go to the store and buy an XXL sweater, because you are genuinely going to achieve a visual effect contrary to what you really want to find. After all, you will find yourself misfit shoulders, too-long sleeves, or the super uneven hem. You have to find a sweater that respects your size and meets the oversize pattern.


Always from more to less.


It does not mean a total maxi look. No ma’am. If you choose a sweater with larger dimensions, remember the golden rule: each outfit must be balanced. You can’t look big everywhere, because it will be over the top and unattractive. Compensate with common sense with an oversized sweater and tighter jeans.


XXL for sleeves and neck.


Very in trend for this year thanks to the street style. In addition to the oversize sweater, you can choose one with large sleeves or a large neck. That is also part of what it means to wear oversized garments.


Take it inside


It’s perfect for when you want to offset the visual shocks of oversized jerseys. Choose to wear them inside the waist and mark the lower silhouette. You can wear a minimalist belt. Now, if you don’t want to wear everything completely inside, you can just put the front part in.


Always in neutral tones. 


What best suits the oversize sweater are the basic tones because excess already plays an important role. You can also play with gray, nude, or red because they look beautiful with whatever you decide to wear.


What size am I in oversize?


Fashion Trends and Style - A style guide on how to wear an oversize sweater - Oversize

I clarify this point again. Your oversize size is your size but in larger. In what way? Well, when you go to buy your garment, you have to make sure that you are in the oversize area. However, some think that if you are tall and thin you can buy three or four sizes larger. Although, you can simply choose that one size garment.


If you want to respect the proportions of your body and not look like a bag of chips, highlight the waist of your pants with a belt or if you are daring and different, on the sweater. You can also leave some areas of your skin exposed, such as a shoulder, or fold the sleeves so that the curves do not get lost in the fabric.


How to wear an oversize sweater?


Fashion Trends and Style - A style guide on how to wear an oversize sweater - Oversize

This garment, in addition to the options I gave you for jerseys, you can also combine in many ways. So today from Fashion Trends we bring you this guide to wear the oversize sweater and that they serve as inspiration.


In a short dress or long shirt.


The idea is that the shirt, dress, or shirt that you wear underneath slightly peeks out from under the sweater so as not to show too much. If you combine it with military-type boots, you will have a super chic combination.


With skinny jeans.


Or straight pants, a long shirt, and a sweater that you pull down to bare shoulders. They look great with scarves and handkerchiefs, so you can also choose to wear them short and rolled up.


With midi skirts. 


Hunt an oversize sweater with a black lace midi skirt, if the sweater is a neutral tone, you will look incredible. Complement with flat boots and black accessories.


Wide trousers.


Perfect for going out with friends on the weekend! If your pants are with prints, you can combine the black sweater. You can choose flat sneakers.


With leather leggings.


And if they are not leather, too. Pair this neutral-colored sweater with your black leather leggings and neutral-colored boots. Complement with accessories cutlery.


We invite you to create other styles and combinations of your liking. Yes indeed! Always respecting the visual balance. How else would you combine it? Save, comment, and share this article with a friend.