How to wear a Women’s Blazer in 2021?

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How to wear a Women’s Blazer in 2021?  When we talk about basic and versatile garments, we imagine cotton t-shirts, jeans, low-top sneakers, and dresses. This is fine, but it isn’t all there is. For example, blazers are also a very interesting option to put together your outfit, no matter the occasion. The secret to wearing them is just knowing how to combine them.


Today, I will show the different types of combinations you can achieve with your blazer. This way, you’ll be able to put together the perfect look. But first, you must know the different types of blazers that are in the market.


To start, we have the boyfriend blazer, a classic in the world of menswear. It’s characterized by being loose, but full of style. Thank it, you will have a sophisticated and elegant air. There are also blazers without buttons. As its name implies, it doesn’t have buttons to close it, however, it’s full of unique details. As a result, it’s the perfect option for a night outing.


Now, if you prefer to walk in a dress, there’s nothing better than a short blazer. Besides, it’s perfect to wear at the office or any other formal event. On the other hand, if you want to wear tight-fitting miniskirt or trousers, you should choose a knee-length blazer. And if you can’t decide, as is my case, you can choose one for a day, and the next another. Problem solved!


Another option is the Peplum blazer, which is decorated with ruffles that hang near the waist and that adds a touch of style that is extremely necessary to make a difference.


Are blazers still trending?


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That’s the million-dollar question. Let’s keep in mind that a blazer is no longer only for a professional environment. Although I must say that it will make us look like it wherever we go.

How to wear a blazer with a casual look?


Break the routine and combine them with skirts and dresses, jeans, leggings, and even shorts. You can choose to combine your look with a casual outfit with jeans, a T-shirt in any color and type, even with prints with a fitted blazer, and sneakers with a little platform. At the same time, you can combine it with jean shorts, and a shirt to look more daring. Lose yourself a little!


How to wear a blazer with a sophisticated look?


Now, if you want to look more elegant, choose dress pants. Combined with a formal blouse, you will look powerful and like a businesswoman. Complete this look with a high ponytail, silver and gold jewelry, and high heels and you’re ready! In the same way, with a fitted skirt, this outfit will show your most feminine side and give you security.


For the night, you can choose a dress, and if the night is cool, you can give that fashion touch to your outfit with a blazer. If your dress is simple, opt for the embroidery and glitter option. In contrast, if it is a more elaborate dress, opt for sober colors such as white or black. If it is a youth night, instead of a dress, choose a top.


How to know if a blazer suits you?


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Being women, we are quite fussy to know if something suits us and more than one of us have asked ourselves in the mirror, does this suit me? Yes, me too, and I walk from side to side. There is a simple way to answer that question in five steps.


Above all, the blazer can make the difference from incredible to terrible. Although it’s indeed a very loved garment, it isn’t always chosen or combined in the best way. As a result, we end up seeing ourselves with way too many layers or excess garments.


When buying a blazer, there are some rules that we must consider, starting with our body type. The basic advice is: we need a tailor, stop! Don’t panic! It’s because his wisdom and talent to create are what will be tailored to us.


In the same way, here are some small tips to take into account when choosing this garment.


Pay attention to your shoulders


First, the element that we should pay more attention to when we put on a blazer is the shoulders. When placing it, we will immediately notice if it’s too large or small. Ideally, they should have the same shape of the shoulder covering it completely, without hanging out, or with the seam too high.


The Blazer’s cut is also important


Fashion Trends and Stylw - Blazer - Blazers cut

Next, we must pay attention to the cut of the blazer. This is pretty easy to identify, and even if we no longer use them too wide, the rules remain the same.


That is, the length must cover the pockets of the pants.


The best way to know where it should end is by paying attention to where the trouser closure ends.


You will be able to notice that it is at a similar height of the sleeve with the arms in a natural position.


Don’t forget your sleeves


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You must measure your sleeves because they shouldn’t be too large or tight.


In fact, the length of it must reach the point where the thumb bone begins.


Once your hand is inserted into the blazer, just above the button, make sure your hand can easily enter.


And this opens the fourth rule to take into account, the chest space.


We must ensure that the hand can enter and move.


Your blazer’s shape matters


Fashion Trends and Stylw - Blazer - Blazers shape

Last but not least, you have to pay attention to the shape. When you adjust your blazer, we must make sure that it creates a curve in the torso that goes from the armpit to the sleeve.


This way, it will favor your figure. How’s it going? Are we still panicking, or are these tips making you relax a little more?


At Fashion Trends, we want to learn together how to put together combinations to make you look different and unique.


We don’t need a large number of clothes to always be up-to-date, but to know how to combine them to make us look unique and beautiful.


And you, do you already have your jacket? What kind of blazer would you wear?