How to wear a trench coat with style?

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How to wear a trench coat with style?. Trench coats are an incredible garment, especially for these halftime seasons, because they are warm and perfect to elevate our style. They look great on women and men, although from the beginning they were made especially for men in the First World War.


The truth is that this design is timeless and has withstood the test of time with style. In short, they are the favorites of the street style and since their arrival, they have become stars of the outfits. Do you want to know more about this incredible basic?


At Fashion Trends, we bring you the exact formula to wear the trench coat with the best of styles and make you feel like the best of fashion bloggers. The good news is that it comes with practically everything: colors, textures, and clothes. Write down how to wear it!


How many types of raincoats are there?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a trench coat with style? - Coats

It is also known as the trench coat, it is the perfect garment to protect us from the cold or rain, as well as for autumn and winter times. Now, each season they reinvent themselves and I want to show you the styles that are in fashion.


Classic trench coat.


It is the most common, its length is commonly above the knees. The most popular colors are neutral tones: beige, camel, or tan, although khaki green and blue.


Long classic trench coat.


It is similar to the classic, however, the only difference is the length and width. This garment being oversize provides a more carefree and casual look. Some can be found with checkered prints on the lining inside.


Checkered trench coat.


It’s the trench coat with checkered prints. It is worn oversize, however, its lines are simple. There are many types of pictures and designs. Now, what is most used is the plaid, Harris plaid, and window plaid.


Patent leather trench coat.


Made in vibrant and cheerful colors. It is what characterizes them. This version is ideal for rainy days due to its manufacturing material. It is not suitable for everyone, especially for the shy ones who want to go unnoticed.


Leather trench coat.


Full of elegance and comfort. This leather or leatherette garment will give you a classic style for whatever you decide to wear. If you want to play with contrast, wear a sweatshirt and make a hat stand out, while, if you want something simpler, combine it with a sweater in a nude tone.


How do you wear a raincoat?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a trench coat with style? - Coats

The raincoat is a garment that has become a timeless icon that denotes elegance and good taste, for more than one hundred and forty years it has become a timeless basic necessary for the wardrobe.


We can find them in classic versions such as camel or beige, or simply in more current versions such as leather and vinyl. Currently, it is the minimalist models that will accompany us, as well as the two-color ones.


Wear it with black leather.


A total black look and the camel trench coat can be one of the most perfect combinations to wear this garment. Go for some skin effect to play with textures. A pair of pleated pants, a basic T-shirt, and a matching black leather jacket with high-heeled sandals.


In loose tailoring.


The tailored trench coats go very well. Perfect for workdays. You can also wear it with sports shoes for a more casual look. If you are wearing your beige suit, a basic white shirt to match with sneakers of the same color. The camel trench coat will be the perfect match.


The athleisure style.


You can opt for baggy pants, a cotton t-shirt to match sneakers, all white. Combine it with a brown trench coat and black accessories for a very effortless and sporty look. Love it!


In a mini skirt and high boots.


If the boots are high-top, heels, and animal print, the better. You can wear a black skirt, a white basic shirt and a matching camel-type trench coat with long accessories.


Wear it like a dress.


If you have mini, midi skirts or dresses, you can create a dress-effect trench coat, closing it at the waist. I recommend that you wear it by wearing colors within the same palette of the raincoat to make it stand out.


In French style.


Very preppy, very chic, you can create the look that makes you feel like French by playing with your favorite pants, patent leather shoes, a basic white shirt, and a trench coat that you can tie with a handkerchief.


Don’t be afraid to be original.


Do not stay with camel, black, or other common patterns, you can choose two-color versions such as black and beige that will make you feel like a winner of the street style.


How to wear the trench coat belt?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a trench coat with style? - Coats

This garment is timeless, incredible and now when the cold is approaching it is very important to wear it in your fashionista wardrobe.


This garment is light and has become feminine and casual icon in fashion.


They are generally worn open, although sometimes you can wear them closed. In which cases can you take it open?


When you decide to wear it as a dress type you need to close it completely or when you want a more elegant look. Also, when it is very cold and you want to warm up a little more.


When to wear a woman’s trench coat?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a trench coat with style? - Coats

Being an extremely versatile garment, you can wear it just as well if you want something formal or informal. It is resistant to different climates and is perfect for transitional seasons. I invite you to read more!


Casual style.


As I explained to you, they look good with almost everything, so jeans and T-shirts or sweaters are the perfect combination to wear on a day off or go out for lunch. You can also wear it with a slightly unbuttoned blouse or with a denim-type shirt. When it comes to shoes, there’s nothing better than tennis shoes or loafers. Besides, you can also wear it with a simple dress.


For work.


It is ideal if your workplace has a business dress code because the raincoat will become your main ally. It gives you elegance even if you wear it with dresses, blouses or tube skirts, also with pants. You will look like a star.


On formal occasions.


Just as you wear it in business clothes, the trench coat gives you a very formal style that fits perfectly as evening dresses. It will keep you warm and cover your dress. You will feel like a star. You will remember me!


What do you think of the raincoat? How would you combine it? At Fashion Trends we say yes to this garment since from now on you can get it for your wardrobe.