A Complete Guide on How to Style Your Body Shape

A Complete Guide on How to Style Your Body Shape. You’ll always find me window shopping in the mall, that’s my hobby. I love looking at dresses and cute clothes, and then I blame myself for ordering food a lot because now I’m broke. Haha! I know that happens to everybody. But, sometimes, I just can’t resist the urge to try out a dress and see how good I can look sometimes. So, I get the help of an assistant, and she helps me find my size. Then, I take the dress and march towards the trial room. I put on the dress or top or the bottoms and unveil the final look in the tall long mirror. But you know what? I don’t look that good!


Then I start thinking, maybe the trial room’s mirror is faulty, or perhaps this dress is not meant for me. Well, I hand over the dress again, leave the store and walk in some other store, and the cycle goes on! A few days back, I gave it a thought, “why do some silhouettes do look good on me, while some don’t?”. After some deep digging and lots of trials and errors, I have concluded.


The secret lies in your body shape. Well, ladies! We all have amazingly beautiful bodies, and we are unique, and fashion styles are all based on our body shape. In this guide, I will share some tips on body shapes and how to style them accordingly. Let’s go!


How to determine your Body Shape?


FashionTrends-A Complete Guide On How To Style Your Body Shape-How to Determine your Body Shape

You can identify your body type through the outline of your structure.


Your body proportions, i.e., your measurements of shoulders, bust, waist, hips, help you determine your body shape, and you can make that to plan out your outfits for a better-looking silhouette.


Body shapes don’t necessarily define how tall, short, slim, or curvy you are, but your body parts do. 




How to Dress for your Body Type?


Apple Body Shape


FashionTrends-A Complete Guide On How To Style Your Body Shape-1-Apple Body Shape

You are an apple body shape if you have a heavier upper body than your lower body. People with an apple-shaped body have broad shoulders, a bigger bust line, and a narrower waist.


An apple body shape brings in a lot of attention towards your body, so it’s better to go for options that make it a focus. For this, you can wear a deep V neckline dress or Vuori Review tank top that gives an elongated illusion of elegant neckline and torso.


To style an apple-bodied person, you can go for printed dresses and jackets to adorn your upper body. Flowy blouses and sleeve dresses styled in dark colors and monochrome looks will help too. And you should not go for shapeless garments like puffy jackets and bulky trousers.


Hourglass Body Shape


FashionTrends-A Complete Guide On How To Style Your Body Shape-2-Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass’s body shape is elegant and graceful. It consists of a good balance between a proportionate top and bottom and a well-defined waistline. If you have an hourglass type shape, then show it off! Flaunt your curves to the extreme; this is the most-wanted body in town!


To dress elegantly, choose a dress that follows the outline of your body and highlights your curves. If body-hugging dresses are your thing, then go for it. Those are the best! Other options are sweetheart or V necklines that’ll help you flaunt your upper body. Adding a waist belt or waist jewelry is also an excellent option to draw attention to your petite waist. Lastly, you don’t want to kill the vibes by dressing up in loose and baggy garments like palazzo pants or boxy dresses.


Pear Body Shape


FashionTrends-A Complete Guide On How To Style Your Body Shape-3-Pear Body Shape

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and others are a great example of this body type in which butt and thighs are the main characters. This body shape has a broad butt and chubby thighs. So, if you have a natural pear-shaped body, or you achieved it through workouts, then God really loves you, gal!


The plus of pear-bodied people is that if they style it right, they can create an illusion of an hourglass silhouette. In this case, you can dress for this body shape with wide-legged pants or ruffly patterned tops to create the look of a heavy bust. In contrast, you must avoid body-hugging tops and loose bottoms, which might not work in your favor.


Rectangle Body Shape


FashionTrends-A Complete Guide On How To Style Your Body Shape-4-Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangle body shape is well-balanced throughout the body. From shoulders to hips, there is not much definition to your silhouette.


To style this body type, focus on your arm and legs and make your bust and butt look fuller.


The best options are ruffled neckline dresses or A-line skirts to create an illusion of a fuller body. Besides, you can also create some drama on your arms and legs.


For this, go for dazzling jackets or capes, add jewelry or adornments.


Inverted Triangle Body Shape 


FashionTrends-A Complete Guide On How To Style Your Body Shape-5-Inverted Triangle Body Shape

An inverted triangle body shape is a common silhouette amongst athletes. It has significantly broader shoulders than hips. The proper way to style this body shape is to work on the arms and shoulders and add some definition to the hips to balance. For this, straight-cut jeans and dresses are good options.


While styling this body shape, you don’t need to add layering to your upper body as it doesn’t require it. V-necklines are also a great option if you want to create a narrow shoulders illusion. You can also add layers, ruffles, and patterns to the lower part of your body. This way, you can give your upper body a minimalist and straightforward look since it doesn’t require any volume.


On the last note…


FashionTrends-A Complete Guide On How To Style Your Body Shape-On the last note

You know you can dress however you want.


But, if dressing up appropriately according to your body shape will let you take the world by storm, then why not do it?!


If you are aware of your body shape and style, this will be a game-changer for you! Now, shop right and dress right! Chin-up, beautiful ladies!


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