How to pull off the romantic style in an outfit?

FashionTrends-How to pull off the romantic style in an outfit

How to pull off the romantic style in an outfit? I know that February is a long time away. But I don’t see why that has to be an impediment for you to be able to wear a very romantic style throughout the year. Generally, the style depends on ourselves. And within us, we will always have that gene that tells us if we should look cute or not. And by being cute, I mean always having that style of a woman with an air of innocence. At the same time feminine and very chic with style, of course, because that really can´t be missing.


Now, there´s something that I would love to make clear. And that´s that image and style are completely different things.


Style is the one that´s most talked about. And fashion fans or connoisseurs of the issues, who love to know about catwalks and about everything that´s up to date. So, it´s important to know that style is an extension of your personality. Of the way people wear clothes and that it´s part of a personal stamp. So, at Fashion Trends, we want to talk to you about how to achieve this style in your outfits if you want to get there.


What are the types of fashion styles?


FashionTrends-What are the types of fashion stylesThere are seven universal fashion styles, we have already talked about this before. But, if this is your first time here, I want to briefly tell you about them. Among them, we find classic, sophisticated, creative, dramatic, seductive, and romantic styles, which is the one we´re talking about today. Romantic style.


The romantic style is the most feminine and delicate of all styles. It´s usually carried by people with sweet personalities and are especially very sensitive. Mostly full of subtle prints, pastel colors, bows, and ruffles. This is almost a must when it comes to dressing or having items in your closet.


This style is very easy to identify and doesn´t have to be cheesy. However, it can be considered something “sweet”. They don´t use strong colors, because they always manage to go for neutrals and beige. Skirts are favorites and they pay much attention to makeup and hairstyle.


Also, it evokes practically all the femininity of a woman, her subtlety and softness that´s always part of her personality. As you have read, they´re kind, simple and very sweet people. So, if you want to build your next romantic closet, these are the pieces you should look for.


How to wear a romantic look?, Romantic style 


FashionTrends-How to wear a romantic lookThe dresses should be extra feminine, full of type A or pencil skirt, lace, and ruffles, but in subtle proportions. Pastel colors, pink more than anything. Also, dot and flower patterns should become your best friends. The garments must be simple and classic cuts. With high heels, and ballerinas for footwear.


If you want to distinguish yourself by being romantic and feminine in your outfits, remember that it has nothing to do with being Valentine and much less with February or being in love. This can be done 365 days a year, it goes according to the occasion, your personality, and especially your mood.


When you coordinate it, you will look very fashionable and will attract everyone’s attention. In this sense, if you want to make it your own, don´t hesitate. Because here at Fashion Trends we want to give you the simple keys behind this outfit.


FashionTrends-Think of pinkThink of pink. As the main piece of your looks where the dress, jumpsuit, or a coat enters. Maybe in an unexpected pink garment such as pants and mini fans. Or simply in accessories such as a bag, belt, shoes, etc. Pink is always what will make you look the more feminine.


You can use this tone and play to your advantage with it, according to your tastes and personal style. Also, if you decide to wear it in a very dramatic and maximalist look, it´s allowed or minimalist and discreet. No matter what you decide, in any case, you will look very chic.


The ruffles will make you look very chic. You can bet on them very frequently. And on all kinds of garments such as blouses, sweaters, jackets, skirts, and dresses of any length. The point is, you can’t limit yourself.


Now, if you´re someone who likes taking risks, you can wear a single piece of discreet ruffles in neutral tones. While if what you want is to attract glances, always go for garments in vibrant colors or pronounced ruffles.


FashionTrends-Don't be afraid of accessories.Don’t be afraid of accessories. Here you can include white socks too because they´re fashionable and will look great in your outfits. Also, you can add powerful accessories that will help you look more interesting, romantic, and feminine.


Accessories such as headbands, scarves, bags, boots, shoes, belts, rings, earrings, necklaces, hats, scrunchies, and pearls. Don’t forget flowers in very chic colors, as they can help you make your outfit more feminine. Even if you opt for a monochrome outfit based on very neutral colors.


FashionTrends-Lace will make you look sexyLace will make you look sexy. And this is what I love about this style. The fact that you can go from innocent to sensual with just one garment. Stop thinking that romantic and feminine outfits can´t be sexy and elegant at the same time. Lace is the truest example that it can be both.


How do you know what your style is?


FashionTrends-How do you know what your style isKnowing your style depends a lot on your personality and what your tastes are at the fashion level. For example, I usually go for very dark and basic clothes that direct me towards the casual and informal. But, it´s possible to change the style if you set your mind on it. However, in my case, I´m not usually attracted to flowers or patterns, headbands, or just pink in general.


Now, it’s up to you and what you want to achieve. We all have the right to change in our life and if so, why not style and image. So, if you feel confident that what you want is to direct your style to a romantic one, then at Fashion Trends we hope that this article has worked as a good guide for you.