How to match the catsuit style

FashionTrends-How to match the catsuit style

How to match the catsuit style. This garment is an incredible option that has been in our wardrobe for some time to make us feel like all Catwoman.


They´re also called “tight jumpsuits”. And firms such as Chanel and Miu Miu, as well as great celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, have managed to make this garment become a great protagonist in our wardrobe for this season. 


Now, as always, in Fashion Trends, we seek that you wear it with a lot of style and balance. Because of this, I invite you to take note of how to combine them. That way it adapts to your figure and notably favors your outfit, to the point of being the queen of the night. So, go get paper and pencil because I´m coming strong.


How to wear a jumpsuit?


FashionTrends-How to wear a jumpsuitThe comeback of the overalls and bibs has been an interesting trend that many of us have our eyes on. We love tight clothing; we love to feel striking and have main character moments. And if you´re not like that, I´m convinced that wearing this garment with a blazer, coat, or jacket that helps to hide the tightness, you won´t be able to resist. Catsuit.


These one-piece garments are a very interesting and perfect alternative. To avoid complicating your life when you have no idea what to wear. Keep reading to properly combine your catsuit and most importantly, know how to adapt it to your body.


If it´s a long pant model. You can take it to night events, and you must combine it with high heels and a clutch.


If it´s a light catsuit. You must wear it in light and short colors. They´re perfect when you combine them with sandals or tennis shoes.


If it´s a tight catsuit. Go for feminine undergarments. They´re very suitable so that nothing, such as a long boxer or thong, is marked horrible or transparent.


If it´s a catsuit jumpsuit color. You will look very sexy when you wear them with colored shoes and accessories that help create contrast. 


How are jumpsuits worn?, Catsuit


FashionTrends-How are jumpsuits wornIf you´re already planning to choose a catsuit, you must remember that, just as we find some that are not so close to our skin, some will show the skin. So, if the suit is backless then you need to tie your hair. Because that will increase confidence, and don’t forget to straighten it.


Also, consider that if you´re very tall, you should use a catsuit that has a wide leg. While when you´re short, always look for the one that sticks completely.


If you´re looking for one with sleeves, and your body is an inverted triangle, look for strapless garments. Or ones with very thin straps, otherwise, you will look very disproportionate. Now if you want a short one, but your hips are too wide, get endives at the hem to compensate.


Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you can take advantage of the patterns. Just pay attention that if you´re curvy, use thin stripes. And always in vertical, smooth, and bright colors such as royal blue or the color red. You can also wear belts in the middle of your body to give it a visual hourglass shape. The cuts in V flatter very well if you have a little bust.


FashionTrends-In the street styleIn the street style. We always find long versions or up to the ankles in favorite brands such as Emili Sindlev or Thora Valdemars. And, in this world of street style, by allowing us more freedom, it can also be provided by cycling options. Although, they can also be worn combined with more silhouettes loose or oversized, always balancing style.


FashionTrends-In fashion firmsIn fashion firms. It´s already a fact that this garment can be installed in your wardrobe, and the truth is that I approve of that decision. And brands like Zara or Bershka assure that it will become a style success. We find prints, fabrics, and cuts that help you look more proportionate.


Fishnets or transparent catsuits. This type of catsuit can be used on occasions such as a night out. You can combine it with heels or slippers. The important thing is that you tie your hair in a high or low ponytail to show off your neck.


Full catsuit with round neckline. In red color, it will look incredible. Especially now that Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you want to surprise your partner. It´s super sexy and you can combine it with earrings and rings. Always with heels.


FashionTrends-Lace CatsuitLace Catsuit. One of my favorites. This black lace never ever ceases to amaze. The details in the lace are super sexy and it´s perfect to wear on a night out or a party with friends. You can combine it with heels and large earrings. Remember to wear a proper bra.


Catsuit with colors. If you´re a color lover. Wearing this full bodysuit with platform shoes will help you feel like you´re part of the rainbow of good vibes. Besides being fun, it will look great.


What kind of shoes to wear with a jumpsuit?


FashionTrends-What kind of shoes to wear with a jumpsuitThe catsuit is a very sensual garment that can help you look too extravagant and flashy. So, what I recommend the most is that you always wear them with good high heels. Platforms, stilettos, or suspenders. In this way, your whole outfit will stand out.


Another option to wear this garment is with high boots. Because you only have to imagine or remember Catwoman, to want to get on those high boots with 6-inch heels. If you feel in the mood and love heels in any presentation. 


Now, what do you think of this suit? Do you like it too much to take it into your closet? 


It is a bit risky, but in Fashion Trends, we recommend that if you decide to wear it. Taking into account our advice, you will be able to wear it elegantly and strikingly. Because even the catsuit can help you look elegant.


As long as you know how to combine it and keep the balance, everything will be fine. Also, remember that you must adapt it to you and if your body is plump, compensate with clothes that help you achieve balance and not the opposite.