How to dress to go to the opera?

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How to dress to go to the opera. How to dress to go to the opera? Attending the opera can be a great experience. There is no doubt that it is an artistic event with a lot of elegance, so it is the perfect excuse to dress up. However, putting together an elegant outfit is not always that simple.


Additionally, the dress code may vary according to the location of the event. Some people tend to be more flexible with their attire. So, what is the ideal way? 


That’s why in this post, we will explain how to plan the perfect outfit to go to the opera.


What to wear to the operaFashion Trends and Style - How to dress to go to the opera? - opera


A good tip to know the dress code for the opera is to look at what other guests are wearing. Nowadays, in most opera shows, you can see that the level of formality has eased. However, the line of elegance is maintained, so this should be your inclination when choosing the garments to wear.

Another point to consider is checking the information on the website or the theatre’s social networks. There you can see photographs that can serve as a reference to know the style most used by attendees. In some cases, you can find out what the rules of the theatre are so you don’t feel so lost.

Indeed, the theatre and the opera are synonymous with elegance. And when both come together, it is preferable to choose formal attire. Regardless of whether you are aware of the dress code or not.

What not to wear to attend the opera?


When planning and choosing outfits for the opera, it is important that you never wear the clothing or accessories mentioned below:


  • Torn clothes.
  • Sports shoes.
  • Flip flops.
  • Shirts.
  • Caps.
  • Sweatpants.
  • Tights.
  • Shorts.


What is the best dress to attend the opera?


We already mentioned that it is common that, in this type of show, a dress code is established. So, here we talk about the best dresses to wear and look good and appropriate for the occasion.


Themed Dress


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress to go to the opera? - opera

When it comes to a night like this, choosing a very creative gown is best.


Although it is not common to dress up, some theatres organize these theme nights to get out of the ordinary.


If you don’t want to wear a costume, you can add an accessory to your dress that matches that special moment, like a mask if necessary, necklaces, or any other type of allusive accessories.


Black Dress


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress to go to the opera? - opera

If you are unsure about the dress code, a black dress will be your lifesaver. Here is why fashion experts recommend that you never miss a black dress in your wardrobe.


For an option that conveys more formality, choosing a maxi dress is preferable to enhance your attributes. However, you can also opt for a black tube dress or another design with a bateau neckline.


Going to the opera is worth choosing a black dress with different textures. It can be a velvet or lace dress to look more striking.


Night Dress


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress to go to the opera? - opera

When it comes to a very formal event, you must necessarily wear an evening dress. Likewise, the design or color of the dress depends on your tastes.


If you are a woman looking for something daring, you can choose a design that has a neckline. But if you want a more fun look, consider a dress that stands out for its cuts or seams.


When preparing your clothes for the opera, it is not recommended to use rhinestones or sequins. Nor do you have as an option a neon dress or one made of cheap fabric such as polyester.


Cocktail Dress


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress to go to the opera? - opera

To go to the opera, you can also wear such a dress. Above all, if the event place does not require a gala dress code.


Now, the secret is knowing how to choose the right cocktail dress.


Tight dresses that reach the knee or high waist will make you look great to attend a show like this.


Consider the length of these dresses so that you can feel comfortable sitting down.


How to dress for a weekend opera?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress to go to the opera? - opera

If the opera show takes place on a weekend night, this is the right time to select an elegant look.


In general, the formality of the opera will depend on the day and time.


Therefore, a weekend and night show requires more elegance than a weekday show.


Consequently, a long, striking opera dress will be just right for a weekend opera.


Ready to go to the opera?


You no longer have an excuse not to look elegant when attending an opera show. In addition to the right dress, choose discreet accessories and shoes that match your look and provide comfort. As for the hairstyle, you can wear your hair up or down. The most important thing is that it looks well-groomed and stylized.


To add the finishing touches to your opera outfit, choose glamorous makeup and use an excellent perfume to keep you smelling fresh. Remember that a ticket to go to the opera is expensive, so you must take care of every detail to look great.


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