Summer of 2022: How to dress this season?

True fashionistas want to know what the trends will be for each season. And that´s why we can´t miss the opportunity to give you those little tricks that will help you a lot to know how to create a summer 2022 outfit for women.


Also, to determine which are those clothing items or colors can´t be missing from your wardrobe during the summer months. We have carried out an extensive analysis of all the proposals seen on the most exclusive catwalks. Thanks to this, we were able to notice that much of the clothing that´s in trend in this new normality is very similar to the new normality. This means that every time you put together a look you´ll feel very comfortable, and above all, sure of yourself.


What´s the color of 2022 summer?


Fashion Trends and Style - Summer of 2022: How to dress this season - Summer

Whenever we provide information regarding the spring-summer 2022 colors, we cannot ignore what the fashion experts show. So, for the summer we can conclude that certain colors will set the tone. And if you don´t use them, you will simply not be fashionable.


Even if the colors that we´ll mention aren´t your favorites, you can wear them in clothing that matches both your style and your personality.


So, if you want to create great outfits during summer 2022, you should go for the color pink. This color is synonymous with femininity. And combined with green you will feel free and with a very fresh look.


Apart from pink and green, yellow is another of the colors in trend during this summer. Since during the time of the sun, you must transmit good energies. Similarly, red is another of the colors that are on this list. And this one can provide many advantages, especially because it transmits power.


Likewise, if you´re a fan of magenta during the summer, you can wear it as many times as you want. Whether it´s in dresses, t-shirts or in the clothing you want. Also, for this 2022 summer, you can create a look with a light blue color, because it goes with everything. Or with orange if you want to wear an adventurous and very striking outfit.


So, let’s go through a list of the colors that will give a lot to talk about during summer 2022:

  •  Pink.
  • Green.
  • Yellow.
  • Red.
  • Magenta.
  • Light blue. 
  • Orange.


What´s worn in summer 2022?


Now, when we see the color palette for summer 2022, we can realize that this season will be very colorful. Even more than you likely imagined. We have seen very striking garments on the fashion catwalks not only for their shades. But also, for the rhinestones and appliqués that have been used to make each garment for this season:


That´s why below we will show you what´s the definitive choices to wear this summer 2022:




Fashion Trends and Style - Summer of 2022: How to dress this season - Summer

It may seem a bit strange to wear sequins during the summer.


But for many designers, the time has come to shine brighter than ever.


So, during this season many summers dresses 2022 with sequins are great so that you look amazing if you have to attend a special event.


Also, for day-to-day you can choose a dress with sequins, you just have to make it more discreet.


Pastel tones


Fashion Trends and Style - Summer of 2022: How to dress this season - Summer

Pastel tones are also here to stay during the summer of 2022. That´s why, according to the proposals that we have been able to see on the runway shows, the sweeter the tones you choose to put together a look, the prettier you will look.


So, instead of opting for a bright orange, you should select tangerine orange, mint green, honey yellow, and so on.


Sailor motifs


Every woman feels identified with marine motifs during the summer. And that´s one of the reasons why it´s impossible for this proposal to be forgotten. In the same way, if you want to wear a garment that doesn´t go unnoticed, take advantage of prints. Maybe of white stripes, starfish, anchors, and everything that refers to this fashion classic.


Tailor shop


Fashion Trends and Style - Summer of 2022: How to dress this season - Summer

During the summer there´s a great advantage. And that´s that we can see several proposals in the same season. Since there are no limitations, all of them can satisfy their preferences when it comes to dressing.


So, tailoring is also part of the spring-summer 2022 trends for women. And if this style is not your favorite, surely someone else will love it. We have seen various types of suits in fashion shows, especially two-piece suits made of a blazer and a skirt.


Two-piece set


During the summer of 2022, the more combined you are, the better. That´s why the sets have been a very outstanding proposal. Especially for the suit models where the jacket is shortened in the form of a crop top and is combined with a high-waisted skirt with openings to show the legs.




Feathers can´t be missing from the collection of trends for summer 2022 either. Of course, feathers are an element that you must wear on very specific occasions. For example, for an elegant meeting. You can select a dress with feather details on the sleeves or the bottom of the garment.


How to dress in summer 2022 woman?


Fashion Trends and Style - Summer of 2022: How to dress this season - Summer

These are the spring-summer 2022 fashion trends, which means that the tastes of each woman can be pleased. You just have to dare to create looks with these proposals. Even if you have never worn this trend, you can be sure that you will be delighted.


Apart from the colors already mentioned, it´s worth noting that white is the leading color this season. This is a great advantage since this color can be combined with the other colors that will be in trend during summer 2022 without fail.