How to dress successfully if you are short this 2022

FashionTrends-How to dress successfully if you are short this 2022

How to dress successfully if you are short this 2022. This 2022 comes with everything. So, don´t limit yourself if you´re a person of short stature, because you can dress with style. And although this is one of the questionings women less than 5´2 feet ask ourselves. The reality is that this year will be full of trends, combinations, and designs. And we don´t want you to feel uncertain about when it comes to dressing.


The situation is that even if you have a petite silhouette, you can put aside the uncertainty. And learn that now thanks to street style and everything that benefits us, dressing successfully is possible. Above all, this will help add a few inches in height.


And it´s enough to just observe, for example, Victoria Beckham or Salma Hayek. Those who with their styles show us that making a difference is a matter of good taste. And knowing how to handle our “disadvantage”. Because the details will do magic. In this sense, stop limiting yourself, you can wear what you want and do it correctly. And that´s exactly what we will talk about today in Fashion Trends.


What clothes should the short ones not wear?


FashionTrends-What clothes should the short ones not wearBefore getting to the heart of the matter, it´s important to note what we shouldn´t wear if we´re minion size. Because rather dead than bathed in blood haha. And some of these things are skirts with volume and cuts that are too long. In addition, combinations with volume in the same style, low-rise pants with cuts that do not suit our height. Besides bulky shoes, and sandals with closure bracelets. Short stature.


Also, you should avoid dresses with horizontal stripes, high-top boots above the knee, and pants that are too baggy. Another thing to avoid is jeans to the hips, the top garment on the outside, and the low hem.


Although we know that there are many ways to make all these mistakes turn in our favor. It´s recommended that when dressing you understand that the main thing that you should take into account is balance. And balance is achieved by knowing our body in terms of the type of figure, height, and skin color.


How to dress elegant if I am short?, Short stature


Dressing elegant and stylish will always depend on good taste. And the desire we have to make our looks go from incredible to super impressive. So, one of the mistakes that make you look smaller than you´re is that you don´t have clothes of the right length. Now take note of these tips that will help you discover how to look elegant.


FashionTrends-Team up with mini garmentsTeam up with mini garments. Without hesitation. It´s no secret to anyone that mini designs were made for little girls. So, miniskirts and minidresses can become your great allies. In this sense, the creatives have already confirmed that they help you see the kilometer-long legs. Since the moment the skin is exposed, a visual lengthening effect is achieved almost immediately.


So, you can use for a formal occasion a short dress with mesh stockings or pant boots and platforms. Since this is the year to wear them. As long as they display these platforms in mini garments such as hot pants, short shorts, and skirts, I assure you that you will be ready to conquer.


FashionTrends-Think monochromeThink monochrome. Monochromes are the key and one of the best allies of petite silhouettes. Choosing a color that you wear from head to toe will visually help you to show off a straight line. One that will instantly give you a length that will radiate a very slim silhouette.


So, if you create a total look with a tailored suit, midi skirt, and a blouse in the best romantic style to always stand out. For your part, you can also choose a matching dress and shoes.


Linear prints. Replace horizontal stripes with vertical ones. It will be a success that you will not be able to miss. Wear a matching blazer with tailored pants and I assure you that you will sweep everyone off their feet.


FashionTrends-Short jacketsShort jackets. If you wear them just below the hips, they will shorten your silhouette. So, you should wear them in tweed type. And as for the length choose one at the waist. Where the balance looks so perfect between the upper part and the legs to achieve that elegance that characterizes you.


High-waisted pants. And if they´re flared better. This fit helps you look more stylized thanks to the low and wide boot. This will help you get super long legs in a matter of the blink of an eye. A thing you will always want to go for.


Shoes always pointed. This type of toe helps you look taller than you really are, therefore, if you get a good outfit with pants, for example, up to the ankles, this shoe will be the plus that will generate height in your look.


What dresses can the short ones wear?


FashionTrends-What dresses can the short ones wearAs you well know, the mini is what is going to favor you the most. However, you can also wear midi or long dresses without fear of shortening the figure. Yes, with awareness and always finding balance. For example, big brands like Versace, Chanel, Etro, and others corroborate the power of wearing them with openings. Short stature.


That’s right, openings. This small detail will help you visually make you feel fresh and full of freedom with each movement. Some interesting options are dresses with polka dots and ruffles with a baby neck. The neck is always in V, small flowers, never large, in animal print with basic colors. Also, American-style dresses, and please, don´t forget puffy sleeves. Of course, they are allowed. Short stature.


At Fashion Trends we love knowing that we can help all those women who are under one sixty, so we hope this article has been inspiring so that this 2022 you feel like a successful woman to inspire.