How to dress if you have an oval body type?

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Every body is different. And for each shape or figure, there is a denomination or classification, which is far from discriminating. What it seeks is that everyone knows in depth the same and knows how to take full advantage of both attributes, as well as learning to successfully manage those less favorable areas.


Now, among the options of body types in which yours could fit, is the oval or also called apple body. This is characterized by having the upper body with curves without having much prominence at the waist. In this sense, if your shoulders, waist and hips are rounded, then this figure is your own. And today, we are going to talk about how to dress appropriately, so stay to know more!


It’s a fact that this type of body has no waist, which makes the curves stand out more. As a result, there can be more volume in the central area of ​​the body. For this reason, today’s goal is to keep the attention away from that zone. For that, we’ll help you find the ideal style that lengthens the figure.


First, we must find comfortable clothes that adapt to our style to convey confidence, look good and make us feel better about ourselves. Do you want to know more about this body type? Write down all these tips for yourself!


What is the apple body like?


Fashion Trends and Style - oval body shape - body type

First, we want to clarify that not all bodies are perfect. However, it is in our hands to make it look extraordinary, and we will only achieve it with the perfect outfit that highlights our strengths and hides our flaws.


The apple body or oval body is also characterized by having more volume in the abdomen and hips area. Yes, the love handles are the most noticeable points, and the legs become the strong point because they remain thin and slender.


Now the chest can be pronounced or not. If, in your case, it is the first example, the advantage you should concentrate on is the most subtle part of the torso, under the chest. Also, enhance the waist with thin belts and garments that narrow the waist and high heels to make you look taller.


How to dress if I have an oval body?


Fashion Trends and Style - oval body shape - body type

Now that you know what these body types are, you know that celebrities like Adele, Kate Winslet, or Melissa McCarthy have an oval figure and that to enhance it you have to choose round or V-shaped necklines. For its part, something that really helps is creating vertical lines and prioritizing solid colors and knits.


On the other hand, you should stay away from large prints, rigid fabrics, high collars, or oversized garments. Now, what combinations can you adapt to your body? Note:



Types of blouses for apple-shaped bodies


We will focus on superior garments that stylize and lengthen, so V-necklines and solid colors will be your great allies. Remember to highlight the shoulders and combine dark with light.




Remember that we seek to balance the volumes. And while it’s true that the legs are usually thinner than the trunk, choose straight cuts, boot cuts, high-rise pants, or medium. Avoid exaggerated textures and embellishments.


Dresses and skirts.


Fashion Trends and Style - oval body shape - body type

As for the dresses, take into account that they must not be too short or tight. However, say yes to empire and straight cuts as well as bare shoulders or uneven cuts. The perfect length to the knee or ankles. The same applies to skirts, choose them straight.




A jumpsuit is a very good garment for this type of figure and we can get more out of it by combining it with a thin belt or choose a bodysuit that has a tape that fits. Long to the ankle or a little lower and round or V cut.


Bikinis and swimsuits.


In the case of large breasts, avoid bandeau and triangle bikinis, but rather those that tie around the neck and with good support. While, if you have round shoulders, choose swimsuits with a neckline in the upper part of the back with decorations on the part of the belly. Stay away from the bikinis.


How to dress if my body is apple type?


What should not be missing in your wardrobe are clothes that stylize and give you structure, however, they should not add more volume.


Do it with garments with shoulder seams, without shoulder pads. You can also opt for minimalist coats to create vertical lines.


As for the patterns, not all are bad, and the patterned fabrics that help you enhance strong garments are dark-colored fabrics, and that the patterns are small, in turn, the vertical lines.


You can choose a monochrome look for verticality.


What is the goal of the oval body?


Fashion Trends and Style - oval body shape - body type

Tell me what type you have and I will tell you how to dress. AHA! If you have an oval body, we have to consider, mainly, that it may seem that you have a few extra pounds, even if you do not have them, and that disadvantage is the one that we have to get the most out of.


The objective will be to remove the volume of the abdominal part. In other words, you must define your waist and shoulders with horizontal lines.


For this, your best ally will be color. For example, a monochrome looks in dark or medium tones such as eggplant, tile color, bottle-green, navy blue, chocolate color, or gray.


Outfits with an oval body


I love to help and give options of looks for your type of figure. In this sense, I will give you some outfits for some special occasions that suit your figure. Interested in more? Take note!


To go to a wedding.


Fashion Trends and Style - oval body shape - body type

If you need to go to a wedding, but you don’t know what to wear, don’t worry. On this occasion, I recommend choosing a solid color and combining it with a lace coat. Next, you can wear small heels and simple accessories. Nothing fancy, remember, the bride is the shining star.


To go to a graduation.


Going to a prom requires a lot of glamour, and you can also go for a boho style. The dress will help with curves, and the fur coat will give you a sophisticated look. The heels are pointed to style.


To go to a baby shower.


We want you to feel the personality, and you can choose a midi dress with an A-skirt, two-tone blazer, and ballerinas to look simply but at the same time very sensual.


To go to the office.


Day-to-day life is very important, so you can opt for small-heeled shoes and a jacket. Some high-waisted skinny jeans and a loose blouse.


As you can well see, it isn’t what you use, but how you combine it. The trick is in the balance that we generate with the garments. At Fashion Trends, we know you will achieve it, and we recommend basic garments such as high-waisted straight pants and a short-sleeved shirt. What do you think?