How to dress like a hipster as a woman

Fashion Trends and style - hipster - women

Are you one of those who feels strange when you arrive at a place because you dress differently from the rest? You shouldn’t feel bad about it. Being a hipster is in fashion, a very particular and beautiful style that makes you look cultured. After all, the hipster style is related to music and independent cinema, betting on a very alternative lifestyle.


It consists of vintage garments, mostly kitsch style. Hipsters are people with individualism (but not in a bad way) and try to maintain authenticity in their different outfits.


Hipsters are like fashion rebels, and that’s why they reject it. Instead, they choose to achieve alternative combinations and mix some trends within those that are in pop culture and in turn, create impact.


What is hipster clothing for women?


Fashion Trends and style - hipster - women

Hipster clothing is cool and relaxed, as well as comfortable and versatile.


It consists of accessories and clothes you can find in your mother’s closet (also your father’s) or in second-hand places.


The good thing about these clothes is that you can give them a second chance.


So upcycling and eco-friendly folks can start hopping up and down.


What is hipster style in fashion?


Fashion Trends and style - hipster - women

The hipster style goes against the latest trends.


It is like an “anti-fashion” that thrives on the hobo style, and if you want to opt for this style, you can combine modern garments with vintage ones.


Some people aren’t so sure what exactly the word hipster is. In short, this word emerged in the United States in the 40s, and at that time, it defined jazz fans.


However, nowadays, this fashion has evolved in terms of tastes and consists of original looks and combined garments.


How does a hipster woman dress?


Fashion Trends and style - hipster - women

The hipster woman goes beyond the ordinary, thus managing to start her own particular style that consists of ripped jeans, khaki coats, sports shoes, old t-shirts, and flannel shirts. Likewise, skinny jeans, long skirts, lace-up boots, oversized checkered shirts, extravagant accessories, and some particular glasses.


This style is street and simple but also a very elegant option that adapts to different circumstances and occasions. It also makes you stand out from the rest with a touch of elegance and attractiveness.


For this reason, I bring you several clothing options that may be attractive to you and thus put together a hipster outfit. Do you want some ideas? Read on to discover them together.


What does the hipster style convey?


Hipsters reflect a way of life. They throw their clothes and manage to go against conventional trends and social constructs. With their outfits, they manage to challenge society with style and good taste.


However, this trend, associated with music and art, manages to break with the conventional and with its aesthetics and personal tastes by applying this retro style.


Vintage t-shirts


Fashion Trends and style - hipster - women

And yes, with this, I want you to fly out to your nearby vintage store and buy clothes for young adults.


Preferably get second-hand stores, and if you don’t want to, ask a relative for that old t-shirt they haven’t used since they were 12.


Turn that shirt into a crop top, or tuck it between high-waisted pants if it’s too big and you’re not a fan of showing the tummy.


Scarves are your best accessory


Scarves are perfect because they go with everything. Yes, you heard that right, with EVERYTHING! Plaid shirt? Scarf. Formal dress? Scarf. High temperatures? Scarf. They are the best accessory, and you can combine them differently.


Flower dresses


This garment is the best because, in addition to refreshing your life, it gives you freedom of movement, which you may be very grateful for. Looking for them, vintage and old school is a safe bet. Big size? Never mind. Sleeves? Use it. Is it too cold? Woolen or fishnet stockings. Everything is permitted!


Mix styles


You can allow yourself to combine accessories and elements from hello kitty to Backstreets Boys, plaid, and grunge. As I said, it’s wonderful! Hipster fashion tries to take the meaning out of the disagreement of cultures.


What colors do hipsters wear?


Fashion Trends and style - hipster - women

This fashion is very open and permissive in terms of colors. We must be clear that it isn’t something temporary and in addition to a trend, it’s a lifestyle.


Finding the balance can influence the retro but at the same time, urban airs.


A hipster looks for color combinations that manage to define the personality and mood.


The good news is that there is a fascinating variety of color combinations, and it doesn’t only focus on any particular color.




It consists of serious outfits, suits, and clothes to go to work; considering that dark colors are more typical for winter and lighter ones for summer.


Green, maroon and gray


Combining this color palette will achieve an elegant and modest look—highly recommended for fall.


Orange, yellow, and blue


By playing with these colors, you can achieve an even peaceful contrast. It’s edgy and will make you look resplendent and a bit sassy.


Violet and red


Although it is true that together you can wrinkle the forehead, combining them with colors such as beige or gray, they achieve a combination that would stand out from the rest.


From navy blue to cream


This combination is very summery, and you can contrast the garments; besides, it’s good for coastal areas. Want to try hats? Go ahead! You will look beautiful.


How is the female hipster style?


Fashion Trends and style - hipster - women

After everything you’ve read, I hope you can get an idea of ​​what the style is like. However, I want to add that this style has been in trend for a long time, characterized by a bit of rebellion, creativity, and comfort.


It’s okay to feel different from the rest, and it’s okay to have a unique personality. Your style is yours, and it’s nice to have the freedom to express it.


This is exactly what we support at Fashion Trends so that you find that unique and unmatched part of you. Would you dress up as a hipster?