How to dress for a garden wedding

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How to dress for a garden wedding. Being invited to a wedding is an opportunity to look fabulous and incredible. In addition to letting your imagination fly concerning the outfit you will wear, the colors, makeup, and accessories, among others.


But what happens when the event is held in a place other than the typically closed room and at night? A recent trend, very much in vogue, is to hold outdoor weddings in a garden area. Because in addition to looking very romantic, it is a different location from the traditional ones.


Given this scenario, the clothing we should wear is a little different from what we would wear at night and in conditions such as those described above. Since depending on the time and place, the dress code changes. So, if you went invited to a garden wedding, keep reading to know how to dress appropriately and look pleasing and successful for the occasion and the place.


How to dress properly for a garden wedding


Dress Length


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for a garden wedding - dress

Here there is a bit of freedom to choose the model. Since day parties lend themselves to wearing midi or half dresses, half-length, even long, but never short or mini dresses. Because the event is a wedding, it requires formality despite being in the daytime.


Similarly, knee-length cocktail dresses are ideal for a garden party. If you prefer a long dress, it should be made of light, thin fabric with movement.


An easy way to get the length right when the dress is short is for it to be no higher than four fingers above the knee. Another detail to remember is that if the wedding starts in the afternoon and lasts until the night, you can opt for a long dress with a more nocturnal look to be consistent with the schedule.


Types of fabrics


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for a garden wedding - dress

Dresses in shiny fabrics, very elaborate, with appliqués, lace, sequins, and rhinestones, among others, should be avoided.


Opt for light, vaporous textiles since it must consider that it is a garden and outdoors.









Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for a garden wedding - dress

At weddings, there is always a rule regarding the colors white, beige or nude, and ivory. Since they are typical or common colors of wedding dresses, and, therefore, they are reserved for her.


When attending a day/afternoon wedding in a garden, you have a wide range of bright, pastel, and light colors. Such as yellow, salmon, coral, blue, mint, pink, green, turquoise or orange, pale pink or mule, baby blue, and lilac, among others that may fall into this category.


Another option is printed fabrics, which are also welcome. The floral is more familiar and suitable for this type of event but also makes room for geometric ones.


Remember another rule regarding colors: to avoid dark colors like black, brown, or gray as they are meant to be worn at night.




Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for a garden wedding - dress

The selection of footwear at a garden party is essential. Because here lies the question of whether you´ll be comfortable or experiencing calamities when walking throughout the party.


Therefore, it is essential to know where the party will take place and if it will be on the ground or the grass. Since if it is the latter, it is recommended to use platform-type shoes or even sneakers with an elegant touch.


Kitten heels are also suitable for this type of floor, which is the most common and expected at a garden party. However, the choice has a few more possibilities if it is on a firm floor. Everything goes depending on the type of dress and its color.


Here what is sought is that the heel does not bury itself in the floor or grass. Therefore, thick and wide heels are ideal for this environment, and the higher and thinner it is, the more likely this is to happen.




Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for a garden wedding - dress

The accessories will depend on the type of neckline and dress you wear and how you style your hair. So, for long necks and tied hair, using long necklaces and earrings is recommended (but not together). And if you wear a hairstyle with loose hair, either in curls or ironed, use more discreet earrings.


As it is a day event, we must avoid very ostentatious or flashy accessories and opt for the most discreet ones. You can even wear a hat in case the wedding is early, and you must be in the sun for a long time, along with a beautiful fan to play with.


Hairstyle and Makeup


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress for a garden wedding - dress

Always taking into account the weather and the schedule, it is how we must choose these makeup and hairstyle aspects correctly. Since if we are talking about a hot climate, the best option is to wear it up. It will also give you an elegant touch and much comfort.


A slightly more semi-formal option is the braided hairstyle, which, in addition to being comfortable, looks very cute and modern.


About makeup, neutral tones are the most recommended for evening and outdoor weddings. However, you can well add color if you like, always ensuring that it is waterproof and long-lasting, and consistently applying your sunscreen.


That being prepared for a garden wedding does not become an odyssey. But on the contrary, it is an excellent opportunity to look simply spectacular.