How to dress fashionably in simple clothes

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Let’s start from the capsule closet. The capsule wardrobe has all the basic garments we need to be happy. Having these garments, we can find the perfect formula to always be fashionable and look amazing and simple.


How to dress fashionably in 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress fashionably in simple clothes - Clothes

After knowing what are at least the first 20 basic garments that can help us create different combinations, the next thing you should know is what are the trends of the moment, so that you can complement the basics with fashion. 


Finally, after these homework updates, you can now take a tour through these Fashion Trends articles where we explain what is in fashion and can be an excellent ally for you in any season and in any year. 


In order to know what suits you best and how you combine it when choosing an outfit for you. Also, to inspire you with style tricks you should consider when buying clothes and how to defend them correctly.


How to dress pretty in simple clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress fashionably in simple clothes - Clothes

Dressing well is a work of art and creativity. However, we must not leave aside common sense and make you aware of your body and what suits you best. This is how you should always go out on the street, with lots of energy and a good attitude, because yes, dressing well definitely helps you to improve your self-esteem and therefore your attitude. 


However, we cannot leave aside good taste, because learning to dress well requires good taste. Something that unfortunately is not a very easy task, since it is not only about being aware of what is new and adapting to it but about knowing how to recognize what favors you and what does not.


Besides, it is not about spending too much money on what we wear. You can get a good look by following fashion trends, knowing how to combine clothes, and knowing your body to know what suits you and what does not. In this sense, we bring you some tips that you should take into account when it comes to dressing well.


Know your body well


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress fashionably in simple clothes - Clothes

This is the main thing that will help you achieve a knockout look. You must leave your fears aside and be honest, above all objective, with your body type and proportions.


So, you can distinguish which are those clothes that best suit you and also distinguish which is the color palette that best suits you and learn how to combine it. 


Within this point comes personal care, which is very important to achieve a good look. In this sense, taking care of your facial routine, your hair, and your skin will also be a way to be fashionable.


Highlight your attributes


This is how you will know which part of your body to show and which not to show. This step is important to be fashionable. For example, if you have a little tummy, the ideal is to avoid clothes that are too tight.


On the other hand, you should also learn colors that help you conceal or give volume to those areas of the body. And it is not only about using black only to stylize the figure.


However, it is important that you don’t just focus on those areas that you want to disguise, but also remember to highlight all those strengths that make you beautiful and that you are proud of.


Dress according to your age


This factor is one that should never go unnoticed. And there are really many people who do not take it into account when it comes to dressing. You should follow this advice carefully to be fashionable, simple and self-confident. 


Now, with this, we don’t mean that you can’t dress elegant or risky if you are of advanced age, however, if you are a contemporary adult and you dress in clothes that are too young or too tight you will look opposite to what you want to show. So, if you want to dress sophisticated and stylishly, consider this point and always try to find outfits that suit your years.


Accessories are your best element


And also your allies as a complement. Once you know what suits you, we invite you to improve your fashion style with accessories that suit your personality. They will help you transform your look and give it a different touch. 


In this sense, we invite you to invest in them to give that touch of originality to your outfit and also to expand your closet, because yes, it is possible to wear different accessories in the same looks and look like another outfit, because people focus their eyes on them and not what you wear.


These elements also help you if you don’t have too much money, since they are the key to achieving different styles, as we have been telling you, starting from what you wear. They are so amazing that they are able to give a more sophisticated or casual touch to your outfit.


How to dress stylish and fashionable?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress fashionably in simple clothes - Clothes

Being elegant, simple, and fashionable may sound easy for some, but complicated for others. In this sense, elegance when it comes to dressing is associated with a high economic level, because people assume that they are more expensive. However, this does not have to be so. You can achieve an elegant and simple style with basic garments.


Within the most classic elements, we can find our best allies to help us put together an elegant look without too much effort, and taking into account these tips, you will achieve it. Keep reading to learn.


You only need basic garments that you learn to combine with everything, and these are the basics of the closet. Take into account neutral colors such as black, blue, beige, white, and gray to be the ones that go with everything. Some garments that can fall into this category are plain t-shirts, white blouses or shirts, jeans, jackets…


Another important point is the care of clothes and good footwear since showing neglected clothes with stains, holes or wrinkles will cause a bad impression… regardless of the quality. It is important that everything looks nice and clean. While footwear is crucial to support your busy day, footwear will complement your image of simplicity and fashionable elegance. 


What do you think of these tips? At Fashion Trends we approve of dressing elegant and simple, but fashionable. Always looking our best. In this sense, we invite you to save, comment, and share this article.