How to dress as a man for a wedding?

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Have a wedding and have no idea what to wear? I know, it can be a bit complicated, because depending on the moment the protocol of the event varies. Is it a day or night wedding?


Once these questions are answered, we can go on to choose the ideal outfit, which, as you can well imagine, will depend on a series of situations that we must pay attention to, such as the time of year, place, and time.


In this sense, I want to invite you to take into account this advice that will never fail: forget about monochrome black and white, as well as too flashy colors. And no, you don’t need a penguin suit. In reality, there is no strict protocol, so you have a range of ideas to choose from.


How should a man who is getting married dress?


If you’re about to get married, the first thing you should do is choose the suit for that special day. For this, you have to take into account if it’s a casual wedding, on the beach, civil casual, no suit, or more elegant. Once you solve these doubts, it will be easier for you to carry out this task.


Casual wedding. 


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress as a man for a wedding? - man

If your wedding requires a casual dress code, you can opt for matching dress pants with shirts, suits without ties and also exploit your creativity to highlight your original style.


A shirt and dress pants that you can complement with good oxford shoes.


The color of the suit and the combination will depend on you and your tastes.


You can opt for a matching white shirt with gray pants and a tie of the same color.


The suit jacket can be pink. You can also choose a total navy-blue look combined with white shoes. Originality is your best ally!


Evening wedding.


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress as a man for a wedding? - man

This type of schedule is ideal for a semiformal look because you can choose the colors depending on the temperature.


For example, suits without ties and formal shoes will create an interesting combination.


You can choose, in hot weather, shades like grays and fabrics such as linen. While for the cold, opt for dark colors but not black.


For example, dark blue pants with a white shirt and a gray jacket. Or matching navy-blue pants with a matching shirt and beige jacket, matching brown loafers.


Wedding on the beach.


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress as a man for a wedding? - man

Of my favorites. In this type of wedding, you can choose nice suits made with linen or pants and light and fresh fabrics.


You can also wear a hat to give it a more original touch. However, if the wedding is at night, you can use darker palettes. No open sandals


I recommend a navy-blue suit with a white shirt and a matching light blue tie.


Also, a matching sky-blue suit with a darker shade shirt and gray tie.


How should you dress for a wedding?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress as a man for a wedding? - man

Going to a perfect and elegant one is easier than it seems, the important thing is that you know how to combine what you have in an interesting way that adapts to your personality and your body. Now, it takes a lot of attention and dedication time.


First, the suit you use has to be appropriate and should highlight your style and personality. Besides, you should also feel comfortable with yourself and what you are wearing. So, to complement this and choose the ideal wardrobe, you must take into account:


Event schedule.


A half-dress suit is the most recommended for wedding guests. It consists of a jacket that you can wear with a bow tie or tie. The bow tie looks best for an afternoon/evening wedding.


Neutral and dark colors.


If it’s a wedding that takes place during the day, I recommend a suit with light tones such as gray or blue. Also, toasted ones if you’re feeling daring. On the other hand, neutral colors work for open spaces.


However, if the wedding takes place in the late evening, forget about light colors, and choose shades such as navy blue, gray, or black.




A tie should never be missing from the suit, and it should be in the style of the suit. This way, it will go perfectly with the shirt.


Shoes and scarves?


They must be elegant and made of leather. The color must match the suit, especially the trousers. If your suit is blue or beige wear black or blue shoes, you can also opt for brown.


In the case of tissues, you can choose one that is always clean and new. The accessories can be complemented with a belt, suspenders, a watch, and a tie or bow tie.


How to dress for a night wedding?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress as a man for a wedding? - man

To choose the wedding attire, I want to emphasize that there are no strict rules manual to follow. A wedding is a celebration that opens many opportunities for you to dress as you feel best. Now, you have to take these tips into account so that your suit is perfect.


  • The length of the pants: It should not exceed the instep.
  • The shoulders of the jacket: They must be adjusted to the body; they cannot be sagging.
  • The shirt collar and sleeves: The collar must always protrude above the jacket. While the sleeves should protrude between half and a centimeter below the jacket.


How to dress as a man for a wedding?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to dress as a man for a wedding? - man

In addition to what I mentioned before, Fashion Trends offers you some other tips that will help you know how you should dress to go to a wedding. If you follow these tips, you will be the most glamorous!


The outfit must be the most successful. 


Although it seems overwhelming, take into account the type of wedding schedule, check the card, and please follow the dress code to the letter so as not to clash or look ridiculous among the guests.


The standard is a half-dress suit. 


The ideal is the suit with a tie or bow tie, according to your tastes.

Do you already know how to dress for a wedding?