How to discover my fashion style?

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How to discover my fashion style?. Fashion is an extremely vast and controversial world. Besides, it follows, or at least followed, a series of rules to always walk to the nines and be presentable. Now, while it’s true that it’s a cyclical world, it’s also innovative and changing.


In this sense, we can define fashion as a set of garments and accessories based on tastes and customs. This is where the keyword is: based on taste.


What do I mean by this? That it doesn’t have a pattern or it’s completely objective. Therefore, today, I know that I’m not the only one who sometimes wrinkles my nose when I see on the runway way over the top outfits. And you know what? That’s fine.


Then you ask yourself why? Simple, because everyone has a different style and that is what makes us unique and different. So, this is what led us from Fashion Trends to want to explain how to discover your style in fashion and not feel too out of place. Are you ready for this adventure?


What are the 7 styles?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to discover my fashion style? - styles

I would like to start this article by explaining the main styles of fashion. Regardless of the day, it must be borne in mind that all styles are based on seven main universal styles.


Natural style.


They inspire closeness and simplicity, are relaxed by nature. They opt for muted, neutral colors with comfortable, flowing cuts.


Classic style.


They are styles that denote leadership and elegance. They’re neat with the image and its aspects. Not only that, but they choose plain garments and few prints, traditional cuts that accentuate the waist.


Sophisticated style.


It differs from the classic because they dare to wear very high-end garments, with bold and strong colors such as red, orange, and yellow.


Romantic style.


It’s one of the most delicate and tender. As a result, you can see it in people with sweet and sensitive personalities. They consist of subtle prints and pastel colors, bows, and ruffles.


Creative style.


Innovative. People with a lot of self-confidence tend to use it, as they lose their fear of experimenting. They break paradigms by mixing colors, prints, and cuts.


Dramatic style.


The creative style, but one step further. It’s the style that loses the fear of mixing textures and patterns through surprising elements such as skirts and eye-catching makeup.


Seductive style.


It’s worn by women who are very confident of their bodies and proud of their sensuality. It’s the union of elegance and security with femininity.


How to identify your style of clothing?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to discover my fashion style? - styles

As I explained to you, all of us have a unique personality that defines us as human beings. This is where you will be able to identify the style of dress that best suits us since our outfit has to speak for us.


I want that from now on you pay attention to the next steps. With them, you’ll be able to solve your style doubts. Keep reading!


Identify your models.


What actress or actor inspires you in film, music, or fashion? You can also go to social media to find those celebrities who most attract your attention in terms of styles and use them.


Get inspired.


When you have an idea, look for inspiration with references in different places, fill yourself with images that inspire you in clothes, colors, times, and in this way visually capture the objectives you want to achieve.


Check your closet.


Believe it or not, our wardrobe also has to be healthy. In this sense, you must have clothes that you like and feel safe wearing. In other words, those that can express personality by themselves.


Know your body type.


Your body is your identity, so it’s important to know what the shape is according to the established types of forms and to have knowledge of what looks good on you. Dressing well depends on self-knowledge.


Know what not to wear.


It joins the previous point. Once you achieve self-knowledge, you will know what garments suit you, and which don’t. Now, everything is valid as long as you combine it very well.


What works for you.


Knowing the temperature of your skin tone and your season is also important when wearing an outfit. In this sense, if you’re a brunette and white look good on you, then it’s a step. Whereas if you are blonde and you have pink colors, then you already know which color suits you best.


Always in basics.


All styles can start with a basic, so if you’re going to buy one, you have to do it wisely. After all, this will be your starting point.


How can I change the way I dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to discover my fashion style? - styles

Many times you may want to change your style or way of dressing but you don’t know where to start. If this is your case, I will show you how to find that style in fashion in no time. Dare to be different!


Comb your hair differently


Change the way you style your hair, even if it’s by drawing the line to the other side, it will be noticed immediately. Try new tricks. Lose your fear.


Do something with your makeup.


Without fear of what they will think, put on makeup like you never thought you could achieve. Go ahead and use colors, glitter, and highlight your eyes and lips.


Dress in different colors.


When you go shopping, get something that you haven’t worn or don’t plan to buy. Inject color and patterns into your wardrobe.


Buy what you want.


Adapting a new style or discovering yours depends on the fact that sometimes you have to invest in quality garments.


Necklaces, bracelets, rings, or something that you haven’t used. They are an option that will help you see yourself differently.


What types of aesthetics are there?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to discover my fashion style? - styles

An aesthetic is related to a coherent brand to perfect it to show the personality, beliefs, and creativity. You can be inspired by them to find that style in a fashion that identifies you.


For example, among the main ones we have the Art hoe, vintage, kawaii, indie, vaporwave, minimal, goth, or grunge.


Knowing them will help you identify how you can begin to discover your own style. With this, you will discover the degree of comfort and discomfort and it is from there that you will start.


From Fashion Trends, we hope that this article will serve as inspiration to discover what your style in fashion is and that from now on you will dare to find yours to look stylish.