How to create a quick military look

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Military fashion has never gone out of style, and if you like this trend, you must first know how to create a good look. In fact, many forms of fashion tend to add military fashion to their collections regardless of the season. This is because a military outfit can add a very sophisticated look.


There are many ways to create a military look and look really great. To begin, in stores you can find clothing with this design separately. Also, you can locate the well-known onesies as they will highlight your figure.


Military-style clothing for women


Every year, military clothing becomes more popular, so buying this type of clothing will always be a good investment. The idea when wearing the military-style is to highlight your femininity. For this, you can combine these garments with a wide variety of accessories, even with your makeup.


In general, camouflage clothing is very impressive and in terms of the color palette, shades of green will be the protagonists. Best of all, you can find this type of print on any type of clothing, so you will have no excuses if you are interested in creating a military outfit.


These are some of the clothing items that you can wear in a military-style:

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Military shirts 


Camouflage shirts are perfect for improvising with a quick, everyday look.


These types of shirts look great with chinos and white pants, accompanied by high or low sneakers in white or black.


Similarly, you can pair a military shirt with blue or black jeans as well as with accessories of your choice, just make sure they aren’t too extravagant.


Military jackets 


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Military-style jackets have never gone out of style, which is why they are used by both men and women.


In fact, this garment could be the protagonist of your outfit. You can easily combine it with other colors with the same harmony.


Army green and sandy tones are highly recommended.


With them, you can easily put together a military look faster than you imagine. As a tip, choose the colors well-balanced you’re going to use to maintain aesthetics.


Military jeans 


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Military jeans are here to stay and they’re a great option for girls who love comfort when dressing.


In themselves, jeans are a very versatile piece of clothing and can be combined with many t-shirts or accessories.


Pullovers with different fabrics are suitable to mix with military jeans, especially if you choose a beige tone.


Also, as an accessory, you can include black high-heeled ankle boots to look flawless.


Military shorts 


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Since military fashion has remained in trend; you can find this type of print on many pieces of clothing, including shorts.


This garment is best cool and perfect item to wear during summer.


To combine your military shorts, you can use a long-sleeved black shirt, and it’s a bonus if it’s see-through.


Besides, you can add other garments with the military print as a complement, in this case, it could be a vest.


What colors go with camouflage?


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To create a military, look for women, it isn’t necessary to use the pattern that identifies with this style. You can use other colors that match the color range of this fashion trend.


Army green is the main protagonist of this trend. However, there are other colors you can choose to create a perfect combination. For example, earth tones are perfect for this.


Now, if you love camouflage, wearing this pattern will be very relevant for you so you should look for the right colors. Generally, red looks great when complementing a military look.


Even if white tends to go well in any type of look, you shouldn’t mix it with your military look. Instead, look for tones more related to the military.


What is the best color to wear for military style?


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As you already know, military green and earth tones are characteristics colors of this style. However, there are other colors you can use to highlight your look.


When it comes to colors, black is always a good choice for a military look. You can wear it both on your clothes and accessories. If you want to add something different to your look, try gray. For example, you can wear it in your sweater, pants, or sneakers.


How would you describe your style? Before creating a military outfit, you must first understand how daring or demure you’re. After all, your clothing or accessories will depend on this. On the other hand, you can also use glasses, bags, sneakers, scarves, jackets, pants, shirts, shorts, and other kinds of accessories. This way, you will look more extroverted or conservative, depending on what you choose.


Build your military look from head to toe


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Thanks to all these tips, you can now create your own military look.


As you already know, there are many ways to create a military look. For example, you can use camo or just the colors associated with this style.


The key to this style is only using the colors to go well with it.


For this, you can look around many stores, as most of them offer a wide variety of this kind of clothes.


You can easily find different prints and colors related to this trend.