Do you know how to combine your mom’s jeans?

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Since its inception, mom jeans are here to stay. And we can see it thanks to the fact that almost everyone prefers this trouser cut. Now, you will surely wonder why? It’s because they’re super comfortable, and what we all look for when it comes to dressing.


They are still a trend and I think the time has come to show you how you can combine them to wear them with the best of styles and that from now on you will achieve incredible combinations.


That is why today at Fashion Trends we have come with the best of disposition to show you the best looks with style since mom jeans have become and will continue to be our best allies for everyday looks. Do you know what the best combinations are? Keep reading that I am going to explain some to you, so that from now on you will be the sensation of the block.


What are mom jeans?


Fashion Trends and Style - how to combine your mom's jeans? - Jeans

The mom jean is a trouser cut that is high-waisted and fitted at the waist. They are inspired by the “mommy pants” in the nineties. This cut has a loose leg and the boot is not one hundred percent straight, but is narrow and falls a little below the knee.


It is not skinny, but the canvases are not so stylized, so the wave is loose and the hips quite puffed, which makes it a quite comfortable and interesting cut.


Now, there are many variants of this type of cut, and sometimes we can think that the boyfriend or slouchy cut is the same, and the truth is that it is not.


But don’t worry, let’s not panic. I will show you some characteristics that differentiate them. First, what these three models have in common is their loose cut. While their differences are:


Boyfriend jean.


Its cut is at the hip, similar to a man’s jeans. It is loose to the boot and we can find different types.


Slouchy jean.


It is very high-waisted, but this model has darts, which makes it quite different. We see darts on the sleeve, while the mom jeans reach almost straight down.


The appearance of these jeans dates back to the suburbs of North America when in the late eighties and early nineties they were made for mothers of that time. The first woman to wear them was Lady Di, with her looks that prioritize comfort.


Who can wear mom jeans?


Fashion Trends and Style - how to combine your mom's jeans? - Jeans

In the late eighties and early nineties, this style reached incredible popularity. We were able to see big stars and celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Winona Ryder or Cindy Crawford attached to this fabulous trend.


Surely you are thinking if they adapt or not to any silhouette, and the truth is that they do. Contrary to what people think, you don’t need to be a size small to wear these pants.


They favor almost all body types, from the rectangle, hourglass, pear, and inverted triangle, because this garment visually lengthens the figure a lot, and makes you notice that everything has returned to its holy place, or even a little more above. Hide the abdomen and pick up those curves.


What are the characteristics of a jean mom?


Fashion Trends and Style - how to combine your mom's jeans? - Jeans

As you can already put together an idea, they consist of high-waisted pants that rise above the navel, making your butt look longer and bigger.


They have excess room in the zipper, crotch, and leg areas. They are blue without fading or stone washing.


We see its pleats, straight boots, and elastic bands, making it wear with a tucked-in blouse or shirt.


In short, now, less is more and that is the essence, that is why from now on we must find those perfect looks with mom jeans, because you can give it many lives and combinations, including footwear.


How should mom’s jeans look?


The best thing about this garment is the high waist, so I recommend that you take advantage of it, as it accentuates your curves. Ideally, what you are wearing should go with it and not cover it up, so I recommend short blouses, tops or t-shirts on the inside. Although, if you are one of those who best opt ​​for oversize, it is also a good combination option for you.


With a shirt, it is always possible. 


Fashion Trends and Style - how to combine your mom's jeans? - Jeans

Any shirt is the perfect ally to wear with jeans and with these, they look great because the high waist allows you to tuck it inside and create a retro effect of those that are in fashion.


Crop effect mom jeans.


It is the most classic for its blue color, it also has a completely straight shape. Its super high rise makes it flattering and the ankle length is perfect for Petites and lengthening the legs.


Although you can choose the boots. 


If they have a track sole, much better because they are in trend. Besides, their style looks too good with this type of pants that adapts to everything. You can wear it with cropped tops or jackets.


With cowgirl boots.


If they are from lane boots better. These boots look great with any type of footwear and that retro combination is so fashionable that it will guarantee success.


Jackets and more jackets.


Fashion Trends and Style - how to combine your mom's jeans? - Jeans

They combine very well with this type of pants. Leather jackets, denim, blazer, bomber … whichever you decide on will be a great ally and will give you an excellent look.


Classic look


Ideal for moccasins and business-type shirts. You will be a classic and spectacular business lady. You can add a cardigan, blazer, or raincoat to add style and elegance.


Ruffles and more ruffles


Its fitted style is perfect for you to add a little volume on top, it will be a great success. However, strike a balance with tops that have ruffles or oversized collars.


How’s it going? What is your opinion regarding these pants? I want to know how and when you would use them, what accessories you would put on them. Now, take into account that they are a more than perfect option to put together a good wardrobe.