How to combine your high-waisted pants?

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Although there is a wide variety of pants, high-waisted pants have become the most popular. We no longer see low-waisted pants on the catwalks to give way to this high cut that you can find in any department store.


Now, do you know how to combine high-waisted pants? For you to get the most out of a garment as it is, you need to learn how to use it. If you want to stay on-trend. The good news is that you are not alone. And through this post, we will provide you with the best ideas.


Therefore, if you have women’s high-waisted pants in your wardrobe or are thinking of buying a pair of them, find out what pants with this cut should look like and the correct ways to combine them.


What are high-waisted pants called?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine your high-waisted pants? - jeans

High-cut pants are also known as high waist. And they differ from other types of pants because they literally have a high waist. Since it is a garment that has been designed to be above the hip areas.


High-waisted pants generally sit 3 inches above the navel. So, if you’re interested in how to tell if a pair of pants are high-waisted, you can hold the pants buttoned up and wrap the waistband around your neck in the best bib style.


In this way, if you notice that, you can go around your neck and touch both ends of the pants. If they do, they´re high-waisted pants, and better yet, they´re the ones that correspond precisely to your waist.


How is the high waist cut worn?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine your high-waisted pants? - jeans

It is common for women’s high-waisted pants to be perfect for tall girls. However, it has become everyone’s favorite garment.


However, one of the best combinations achieved with this type of pants is when we complete our outfit with open sandals or flat shoes.


All according to the time of year and the occasion.


Similarly, when wearing high-waisted pants, you must take into account the following tips:


The length of the pants


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine your high-waisted pants? - jeans

This point is critical. If you plan to buy high-waisted pants, try to make sure that they go all the way down.


Why? Because when these types of pants reach the ankle, they usually cut the figure.


So, try to choose a long model to cover most of the shoe but not entirely.


That way, you do not step on the fabric of the pants later.


Give a touch of modernity


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine your high-waisted pants? - jeans

Although fashionable high-waisted pants are part of the 80s and 90s, they are back in trend. And we must take advantage of them. The good news is that we can count on many ways to resume this trend without dying in the attempt.


If you want to wear pants like this on any occasion, you can combine them with a sleeveless shirt. And preferably plain. Also, you can select a blouse with very short sleeves and use them at all times inside the pants.


If we refer to an informal occasion, you can wear your pants with flat shoes. And when it comes to something more casual, the shoes can be replaced by heels and complemented with a blazer.


And if your favorite outfit is sportier, take advantage of combining your high-waisted pants with a T-shirt or sports shoes. With a characteristic color of the season.


The exact cut for your silhouette


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine your high-waisted pants? - jeans

Aesthetically speaking, high-waisted pants turn out to be suitable for any body type. Consequently, if your figure is straight, pants like these can add volume, especially if they are pleated or wide.


Now, if you are a curvy girl, this cut will help you slim your figure even more. And even your belly will look flatter than usual.


However, high-waisted pants with a smooth texture or small prints turn out to be very flattering for chubby girls. And in turn, the pants with larger images will be appropriate for thin women.


As for colors, it is relevant that the next time you buy pants. Remember that light tones will make you look like you have a few extra pounds. In contrast, darker ones will have the opposite effect.


Finally, when it comes to high-waisted and wide-leg pants, the logical thing is that you select tighter tops. They should not be excessively tight. Now, if the pants are narrow, you can take advantage of playing with your look by adding blouses for high-waisted pants. Or jackets made of light or loose fabrics.


How to wear high-waisted pants?


For high-waisted pants to look stylish, everything is in the combination. That is why when it comes to palazzo pants, you can take advantage of the occasion. To play with neutral colors or small prints. Because we cannot forget that pants like this will become the star of your outfit.


If you like the color black, you can bet on the classic black and white look by achieving an exciting combination with a short-sleeved white blouse. Also, when it is a night occasion you can change the blouse for a long sleeve, preferably with transparencies.


Follow these tips, and you will wear high-waisted pants correctly


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine your high-waisted pants? - jeans

The ideal when using high-waisted pants is that your waist is marked.


So, it isn’t very helpful to use a garment on the upper part of your body that does not help highlight this area.


Therefore, choose blouses that can always go inside high-waisted or short ones.


Similarly, as extra accessories, you can add a belt that will also help focus attention on the waist of the pants.