How to combine military pants?

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To achieve an elegant, modern, and avant-garde style, I invite you to wear military pants, because I assure you that these can become great allies for when you do not know what to wear. 


Now, it is well known that the camouflage print, since its inception, was only used by hunters and the military. Now, they have become a fashion classic and I dare say that they have even become the favorite of many for the versatility that allows for combining them.


Currently, they are living a very important moment and we can see them in trendsetters of all ages and lifestyles. In this sense, from Fashion Trends we want to show you some combination ideas for this garment so that, from now on, you can wear it with style and elegance, like a fashionista. 


How to wear military pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine military pants? - pants

Yes, this print can be magical, don’t you think? It is because of its historical purpose and the various shades of taupes, beiges, and greens that make it up. Camouflage acts as a neutral, allowing the opportunity to combine it in all the creative ways you can imagine. 


What you need to learn is to add a feminine touch to this look, and this is how they will magically become your favorite option for an elegant or informal meeting. Therefore, for a casual, semi-formal, or sports occasion they are ideal and you can also wear them with style. Take note of these combinations.


Camouflage pants with primary color


Bright blue, deep red, or yellow is what will add interest to your outfit. You can combine them with a simple blouse and a more neutral tone to give balance to your look.


Camouflage pants with pastel tones


It is fluid when you combine it with pale pink or cream color because it helps you keep the perfect balance for the toughness of the camouflage. 


Camouflage pants with white


With a white shirt, they look perfect, because you’re halfway there to achieve a soft style that works for the entire season.


Camouflage pants with denim


Weird, I know, but before you wrinkle your nose, you can give this timeless combination a chance. Together, they are an interesting combination.


Camouflage pants with a crop top


The perfect combination for the weekend. With the military pants with a black crop top and braided heeled sandals, you’ll be ready to sweep with good style.


Camouflage pants in total look


Combining camouflage with camouflage is an interesting option to wear for an afternoon of shopping or to go out when you do not know what to wear. You will look striking. 


What color matches with camouflage pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine military pants? - pants

The fresher the match, the better. Fashion reinvents itself every day and comes up with the best combinations to wear with our looks. While we can say that camouflage is not just a print that you can wear every day, it may surprise you with how many colors go well with it. 


In this sense, you can wear this in dungarees, shirts, or pants and combine it with basic and matte colors, such as black, white, green, red, gray, or brown. It looks too good, trust me. 


Now, you can use various combinations based on garment styles, as the more different from each other, the better, as I know it will be a success when it comes to reinterpreting the camouflage. So you can also use jewelry as accessories and thus achieve the intention of this garment that is considered a print. The idea is to decontextualize it, to dare, to mix, to risk and, of course, by applying this, you will win.


How to combine military green pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine military pants? - pants

Haven’t you considered it yet? The military green pants are a must-have in your basic closet. It is a comfortable, neutral garment and you can combine it in different ways, as you could realize.


For a casual occasion, even semi-formal or sport is a garment that you can wear with the best of styles to look perfect. Take note of these ideas.


As I mentioned, it’s perfect to get a huge, huge… variety of garments that give you a very trendy and seasonal style. You can get these looks for day or night boldly, so I invite you to combine:


Casual look


If you want to look casual and modern, you can combine camouflage pants with a gray T-shirt and sweater of the same color. If you want more style, add some black booties and a maxi bag to look relaxed and perfect.


Elegant look


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine military pants? - pants

Especially for a date, a meeting, or an outing with friends, where you need to be a fashionista.


Combine your camouflage pants and match them with a black long sleeve t-shirt, a black elegant jacket, and some high heels.


Daytime look


It is cheerful and super cool to wear with a beige sweater or cardigan. Add a white bag and add gold accessories to look brighter and more attractive. The important thing to keep in mind is that it’s always time to shine.


Gold look


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine military pants? - pants

Uhhh, I love this one. It’s elegant. Gold is definitely a winning color, feminine and super elegant. Pair with a dark baggy sweater, glitter sandals, and a fringed bag if you want.  


Now, the trick to wear this garment and be perfectly fabulous and look like a fashionista is to avoid overloading it with too many colors or too many prints because it will look like a total fail. That’s why you should choose modern but at the same time, simple and plain garments to match. Try very modern accessories that can be glamorous.


What do you think of these looks? Would you wear them for a casual day? I’m sure you would. That’s why at Fashion Trends we invite you to find those perfect combinations that can give your style a better look. Also, you can get great ideas to get inspired and be the queen of the night. Who said fear? Save, comment, and share with anyone who needs to know how to combine military pants.