How to combine coats in winter?

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The coldest season of the year is approaching, and like the fashionistas we are, it’s very important to look good at all times, right? Of course. In this sense, the arrival of winter, although it marks a before and after in our wardrobe and how we dress, allows us to put together amazing outfits with coats.


So, today, with Fashion Trends, I bring you some stylish and beautiful ways to combine coats in winter and put together those outfits that will leave everyone speechless.


Combining coats, although it seems easy, it’s not. After all, they’re very voluminous garments and make us think we can’t experiment with them.


How do I dress for winter?


Fashion Trends and Style - coats - woman

 I know that low temperatures are annoying for a lot of people. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse for not dressing elegantly and stylishly.


Like all princesses, we must always be fashionable at everyone’s level.


For this reason, today I bring you some tips for using coats.


In case you didn’t know, winter is the ideal year to combine your outfits with many styles.


Today, I will teach you how to express it without feeling like a popsicle. Grab your favorite coat that these combinations will make you look incredible.


Wear thick socks.


Black tones are perfect for feeling too cold. The thicker, the better. Ideally, you should have more than one in your closet to keep you warm. After all, like underwear, they’re a must in winter.


Layers are important to the trend.


As you may well know, layers are in fashion—what better time than winter to wear them without fear of looking like a poorly tied wrap. Layers give you many exciting combinations to wear. In addition, you will feel ready for any change in the weather.


Boots are part of the limelight.


In winter, they look gorgeous, so don’t be afraid to wear them even higher than the knees. The length of your preference! You can wear them with a short dress or skirt (both with stockings) and a total black look.


Complement your outfits with colors.


It doesn’t have to be black or white, the accessories you wear can be any color you like. Even apple green, if you like! Plugins are a trick that will make you shine.


How to wear a woman’s coat?


Fashion Trends and Style - coats - woman

Now that we are talking about some combinations with a coat, I will show you some ways to use a coat in winter to look young, stylish, and chic. Ready?


Open the door to the fashion world.


Colorful coats with tennis shoes. 


Colored coats are a piece that’s in trend and also look great with almost everything. You can wear this kind of coat in a total look of basic color and sneakers.


This way, the coat will capture all the attention.


Textured coats and boots.


Faux fur is fashionable and will stay with us for a long time. To combine this coat type, you can opt for neutral garments with medium-heeled boots so that, like the colored coat, they also play the leading role.


Pastel color coats with T-shirts.


We’re in a time in life where everything is allowed. Combine your coat with a T-shirt with logos, your favorite band, prints, or letters. And to look very youthful, you can wear sneakers or boots.


Coats combined with prints.


Mixed prints are a very trendy and fashionista combination. You can mix prints with a base tone in the background and a coat in a different color to highlight it. Now, if, on the contrary, your coat is printed, use it with monochrome garments.


Faux fur coats with dark jeans.


Considered a classic fashion, faux fur coats are a YES in any wardrobe. It looks great with whatever you decide to wear- even jeans and chunky military-style boots.


Parka coat for a casual look. 


This coat type is one of the most common when buying coats because, in addition to protecting you from the cold, it covers you from the wind and is waterproof. It stays the same with almost everything. I invite you to try some thermal leggings and a basic t-shirt.


What goes well with a gray coat?


To wear the gray coat, I recommend combining it with black or dark red and tennis shoes. Wearing it with pants or any accessory in these colors will be a success that will attract glances. Perfect for a weekend lunch with friends.


How to wear a black coat?


Fashion Trends and Style - coats - woman

This is the easiest garment to combine.


You can wear it with high-waisted jeans of the color you prefer or pants of your preference.


Any basic blouse or shirt, and as for the shoes, it will depend on you: boots or sneakers go very well with this outfit.


It’s one of the most versatile because black is a basic garment for all kinds of outfits.


Your inspiration decides! Just keep in mind that everything should depend on your style and that you adapt it to yourself.


How to wear a beige coat?


Fashion Trends and Style - coats - woman

They are considered an obsession for versatility and good taste! You can combine them with almost everything, such as worn jeans, pullovers, sweaters, and boots.


You can also wear it with a printed skirt, thermal socks, stilettos, and a basic shirt.


In addition, you can opt for a button-down shirt, dress pants, and loafers so as not to disappoint in the office.


You can also wear it in neon colors, which are fashionable this year.


Have you thought about a total beige look? Include all the beige palettes, even the camel, and create a complete monochrome look. For its part, you can also wear it over a total black look.


Why wear a coat?


Fashion Trends and Style - coats - woman

It’s super necessary to keep your body warm over other clothes.


In theory, a coat will help you elevate your outfits of the day. They will keep you in style thanks to the layers that are now in fashion and look extremely good with anything.


At Fashion Trends, we love taking these items to you, and we hope they inspire you for your daily outfits and any time of the year.


Do you already have your winter coat?


Which one is your favorite?