How to combine an orange dress?

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Many girls avoid the orange color when dressing because it is so strong and striking. However, we can tell you that, at present, it is one of the colors in trend, and we will see it almost all year round in various shades. So, a garment of this color is not bad to add life to your look, and if it is a dress, even better. Of course, before anything else, you must know how to combine it without losing style and following certain tips.


Orange has been a fusion between red and yellow, two of the most radiant tones in the color palette. Therefore, it is a very cheerful color and represents youth’s color, also associated with energy, joy, strength, spring, summer, and autumn. So, if you consider yourself energetic and like to look different from others, why not wear an


In this post, we will explain how to combine an orange dress without mistakes.


How to wear an orange dress?


To wear an orange dress, below we will mention the best combinations:


Vivid colors


If it is a daring and youthful look, the time has come to break with neutrality. Fashion allows you to combine different colors, and with an orange dress, it is possible to use bright colors. These can be added through accessories such as sandals or a handbag so that your look steals everyone’s gaze.


Neutral colors


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine an orange dress? - orange dress

Before wearing an orange dress outfit, take into account the occasion. If it is a sophisticated event, the ideal is to choose a more elegant outfit. Neutral colors are easy to combine with orange, allowing you to choose the ideal accessories.


Therefore, shades such as beige or pink are good options to wear on a necklace or shoes. Similarly, to give a more formal touch to your look, you can also pay attention to white or black.


With gold


If you want to look like a star on the red carpet, combining an orange dress with gold cannot be missing. You can wear gold in a necklace, in earrings, in your shoes, or in another accessory that can add elegance.


Animal Print


The animal print is in season. In fact, being such a trendy option, it can add a lot of style to your outfit. This way, your orange dress can be combined with a small animal print bag or a hair accessory.


Urban Style


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine an orange dress? - orange dress

When creating a casual look, you can wear an orange dress with a light and fresh fabric.


This is the ideal occasion to wear a dress with leggings or a belt. It all depends on the style you want to convey.


Of course, you can’t miss some black ankle boots, preferably heels, for an urban look.


How to combine an orange garment?


These are some ideas that you can make a reality in your look by wearing an orange dress:


Orange dress with jacket


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine an orange dress? - orange dress

To combine an orange dress correctly, we can search for an earth-tone jacket. Also, this will be a good option for the summer and fall seasons.


However, you can also be a more adventurous girl and wear a jacket the same color as the dress. Still, you can go for similar shades. For example, a camel is a good option because it gives a different touch when combined with orange. As for the jacket’s design, you can choose one with a straight cut and one that is not too tight to provide comfort to your look. Also, it will be no problem if you wear it open or closed.


Finally, we would like to add that, if you wear a plain orange dress, there is no problem in combining an orange dress with a jacket with a pattern of the season.


Orange dress with coats


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine an orange dress? - orange dress

Coats are a good option, especially when we want to wear an orange dress in the colder months.


A coat with bell sleeves allows you to create an original outfit and will keep you protected from the cold.


Fur coats are generally the best option because they are 100% polyester. And if you want to choose the perfect color, we recommend classic black for an elegant look.


Orange dress with accessories


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine an orange dress? - orange dress

Accessories to combine with an orange dress can never be missing, no matter what color dress you want to wear.


In the case of wearing an orange dress, you need to choose minimalist accessories. So as not to steal the spotlight from the dress.


Therefore, small and inconspicuous jewelry will be the best option.




What shoes should I wear with an orange dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine an orange dress? - orange dress

It´s normal for girls to worry when combining an orange dress and shoes, especially if it is an orange one. The ideal is that you wear a dress in this tonality with a lot of class. If you choose black shoes,  they can look like a Halloween combination, at least when it comes to shoes with a lot of class. However, if you do not want to take risks, you should opt for metallic shoes or sandals.


In the same way, you must consider your skin tone and personal tastes. So that you lean towards a silver or rose-gold tone.



Last tips for combining an orange dress


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine an orange dress? - orange dress

The secret to combining an orange dress with glamor is combining it with the colors we have mentioned. Also, do not forget to apply simple makeup on your face. Add neutral eyeshadow, a light pink blush, and a nude lipstick or gloss to moisturize your lips.


As for your hair, if it is an occasion during the day, you can wear your hair down. And if it’s night, you can try a bow if it’s a formal event. If you still don’t have an orange dress in your wardrobe, what are you waiting for?


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