How to combine a lace bodysuit

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The bodysuit is a super sexy garment that you can perfectly combine in infinite ways. The important thing is that you know that whatever you decide to wear with it, it will be a success that you will not regret. It is a timeless piece of lingerie and we assure you that once you combine it properly, it will transform you.


Now, before combining it, you must first choose the cover that is most comfortable for you. Then you can choose a garment that will help you layer it to complete your outfit. That, plus the confidence it gives you by automatically boosting your self-esteem, is what will give you that extra edge for an amazing look.


In this sense, the first thing you should do is to know the right coverage and there are a few ways to understand it. At Fashion Trends we did research on the most important ones, so read on to learn more.


How to combine Bordeaux bodysuits?


The bodysuit, as you can see, is a timeless garment that is very sensual and that you can wear for different occasions. With it, you will get excellent combinations that will help you get out of trouble for those days when you have nothing to wear or have no idea how to combine anything.


We invite you to read on to discover some combination ideas that can be functional to achieve amazing looks, so that, from now on, you will only catch everyone’s attention wherever you go.


The bodysuit with lined cups if you want fewer layers


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a lace bodysuit - Body

They usually have different levels of transparency in the same piece.


A lace bodysuit with these lined layers is the ultimate because you can enjoy the sheer or thin lace without feeling like you are too exposed.


Ideal for when you want to dress in a single color such as black, which is too functional for different outfits.


You can also choose some other neutral color. However, if you want to stand out, always go for bright.


Wear a thin triangle bra if it does not have lined cups


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a lace bodysuit - Body

That’s because this bodysuit has details. You can choose a simple one so it doesn’t clash with the others.


However, if the bodysuit is plain, try one with details or prints to stand out. 


In this sense, you should avoid wearing a strapless bodysuit with a bra with details, as it could make you look overdone.


While, if you want to be minimalist, you can combine the bra with the black or white bodysuit. Choose contrasting colors.


For more coverage, wear a bralette under the bodysuit


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a lace bodysuit - Body

Especially if the bodysuit is thin or sheer, you can usually feel more comfortable wearing a color that matches this lace.


If you want to stand out, choose bold, contrasting colors.


If you want more comfort, you can wear a round-neck bralette or a V-neck bralette if you want less coverage.


What to wear with a black bodysuit?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a lace bodysuit - Body

Black is that special color, the friend that never fails.


So having it is an excellent option to find an infinite number of combinations that adapt to any style, including yours. And yes, you read that right. 


You can find a wide range of possibilities before your eyes.


Take note of these tips to find inspirational ideas for you. 


Sexy and elegant for the holidays


Combine your black bodysuit with a zebra print animal print skirt. Boots, black tights and an XL bag. You can add gold accessories to make you feel like a fashionista.


For special occasions and elegance


Opt for a white lace bodysuit and always choose the total look to make you stand out. It is ideal for dinners with friends, dates or some more casual events.


Achieves a casual yet elegant outfit


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a lace bodysuit - Body

You can wear it on any occasion, even with jeans. Opt for jeans and heels or sneakers for a fashionable outfit. If it’s a friends’ outing.


Look feminine


Of course, it is possible and you only need to combine it with shorts to achieve an excellent outfit that will be your great ally to wear to different occasions when you need to feel comfortable and feminine.


When to wear a lace bodysuit?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a lace bodysuit - Body

The lace bodysuit is a garment that you can wear to get elegant, feminine and very chic outfits. However, you can also wear it when you need something more casual or informal. Nothing will be more functional and versatile than a lace bodysuit.


Besides making you feel so sexy that you can conquer with just one look, it also gives you an excellent possibility to wear them everywhere. Will you dare to wear them in your street looks? Although many of us have done it, we understand it is something daring and we need a good inspiration to reaffirm us. 


Wearing it in a normal way can be ordinary, however, it depends a lot on the accessories and how you decide to combine it. You can achieve excellent styles with this garment alone. The secret to life in the fashion world is that there is no secret. Just as you are reading. 


Also, this garment with a pair of high-waisted pants will look exquisite for any occasion. With a palazzo cut model, you will never go wrong. Gucci has made the lace bodysuit one of the stars of its spring/summer 2020 collection, combined with a pencil skirt, will be a hit that no one will be able to resist. 


In this sense, in Fashion Trends we want to tell you that we approve this bodysuit to wear on any occasion you feel it can look good. Even with overalls. The sky’s the limit. Don’t be afraid to be different, to choose great combinations and dare with garments you hadn’t thought of before.


In the end, that’s what it’s all about. Experimenting and being free with what you decide to wear. The best of all and the excellent news is that it’s already possible, because there are no rules to follow. Just a world to experiment with and the desire to take it all in with the outfit you decide to wear.


We hope you save, comment and share this article with whoever you think needs it, because it’s about time we all dare to wear the lace bodysuit as an option.