How to choose winter fleeces?

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Winter is here, and it’s time to start wearing those coats hidden in your closet. With this, I mean pullovers, sweatshirts, thermal leggings. However, there’s another garment that can’t be missing this season, a fleece. With it, you’ll be able to easily create the perfect winter look.


The best thing about this season is that we can take advantage of many trends. For example, you can wear capes to achieve many unique, incredible, and creative combinations. I’m sure winter doesn’t look so ugly now, does it?


In all these cases, the solution to be able to enjoy fashion despite the cold is a fleece. I’m sure that you attract many looks. After all, besides keeping you warm and being fashionable, you can combine it with many clothes such as jeans or flared pants or a skirt.


Today, we’ll talk about fleece and how you can wear it for your winter look. So I invite you to take note of the following combination ideas.


What is fleece?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to choose winter fleeces? - Banner

Many believe that it’s one of the best innovations in the world. This is because it combines lightness, protection against cold, and resistance to water. Besides, it has a synthetic, recyclable, and durable material which also makes it cheap.


It’s synthetic thermal insulation knitted fabric generally made from PET. It was initially made by Polartec and presented as an excellent substitute for wool. Now, wool is a warm fiber that maintains its characteristics when wet. While the fleece has advantages since it is insulating and has a lower weight, it reduces drying and has less breathability.


Its main function is to retain the heat generated by the body, preventing it from cooling down and simultaneously allowing the evacuation of moisture. It is made with polyester fibers and they are manufactured to obtain threads with which weave is made based on the recycling of plastic containers. What makes it beneficial for the planet so eco-friendly.


Like all clothing, we can see it in different qualities, and depending on the materials and form of manufacture they are classified depending on the weight. Among the advantages that we can find is that it is soft and comfortable to use, it is warm and does not weigh, it retains at least one percent of water, which makes it light, it is considered benign for the environment by recycling, washing and dries quickly and is a great alternative for allergy sufferers.


How much does a fleece weigh?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to choose winter fleeces? - Banner

As I explained before, it is weighed in grams and is windproof.


By understanding this weight, we understand that it is better to wear a 500-gram lining without a membrane and an ultralight 250-gram waterproof jacket because it will be pleasant below zero but bulky for other days of the year.


The most common windbreaker liners are of medium thickness, less when it is windy because they are colder and heavier than a long pile liner without a membrane.


What is the best fleece for the cold?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to choose winter fleeces? - Banner

 It will always depend on you and your tastes. However, make sure that the fleeces you wear value ​​the following: breathability, fit, insulation level, and comfort. If we take these points into account, the performance of any activity you decide to do can benefit you. Take note of these ideas.


Type 300.


It can be Porlatec Classic 300 or other fleece fabrics with a density of approximately 300 grams, but the layer is thick. They are generally affordable and lack a windproof membrane.




They were created by Patagonia more than fifteen years ago and currently, we can find options with filaments of 5 to 8 mm in external and internal length. The best ones include 500 filaments for every millimeter woven.


Membrane windbreaker.


He has long, straight hair. It is also elastic with an intermediate windproof membrane and the lining inside is long hair. It is a good option if we do not use a waterproof jacket.


The sheep.


It is the oldest version of long hair, with bundled strands that compress worse than long hair, they also weigh more. This type of coat ages better.


Antique laminates.


They became popular thanks to Spanish firms in the 80s. They were hot and very heavy, rigid. Today, people use it only to go out in urban clothes.


Made with wool.


You can find some pieces made from merino wool to make them more insulating, but they are an option only for aerobic activities.


Made with fiber.


Fashion Trends and Style - How to choose winter fleeces? - Banner

It is a rarity and more common in countries of the European continent that have a harsh climate.


In short, fleeces have become an essential garment for the bottom of the wardrobe and how right they are. It allows us to be comfortable, warm, and without clashing. It will be your best ally.


However, it isn’t waterproof and you can wear it for longer. This is because it’s resistant to moisture and breathable, which prevents the accumulation of natural odors.


However, you must bear in mind that you must dry this garment very carefully, since being flammable does not carry well with heat. Therefore, if it gets wet in the rain, try not to dry it in the dryer or iron. Instead, hang it outside where it can face the sun.


This garment is adjustable, due to its hem, which means that you can restrict the passage of air towards the garment and seal it in a structure that is more resistant to the wind.


This garment will keep you super warm, even more than a sweater or jacket. Its raised collar will protect you from strong winds and low temperatures, giving the fleece a more traditional look.


In short, choosing the fleece will always depend on the weight in grams, so it is important that you take into account these tips that we gave you so that from now on you get yours with a lot of styles. At Fashion Trends we are happy to be able to carry this alternative for the cold. Save, comment, and share with whoever needs it.