How to be a Coquette Girl?

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How to be a Coquette Girl?. The Coquette trend is here to stay. It brings out our most feminine and sensual side, in addition to having a romantic touch. However, the truth is that there are some tricks to being a total coquette girl without failing in the attempt. But how to do it? How to be a Coquette girl?


If you have no idea how to adopt this new style that has blown up the fashion world in every aspect, you have come to the right place. Today, at Fashion Trends, we will give you all the tips to make you look Coquette in the most incredible way possible. Take notes!


What is Coquette fashion like?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to be a Coquette Girl?

Urban tribes left the aesthetic trend, which became popular during the pandemic, to evolve into Coquette fashion. One that, in my opinion, is much more interesting. Now, where does it come from? And why did it become a trend? In this section of the article, we will find out.


This trend mainly consists of pastel colors and completely appeals to us, bringing out our more feminine side. It also promotes delicacy and sensuality without reaching what can be considered socially vulgar.


Coquette fashion has been structured for a couple of years. It has been highlighted that it takes up elements of the feminine aesthetic that was popular during the French Revolution. In this sense, it combines what was once known as VSCO Girl and Preppy.


You can find ideas for this style on social media platforms like TikTok and Pinterest. We can see stockings with lace anklets, pastel-colored bows on the head, pearl-decorated nails, and beige dresses, among many others. But we’ll get to the specific items a little later, don’t worry.


For example, if you know the singer Melanie Martinez, you will notice that this aesthetic resembles the one she adopted for her album Cry Baby.


Coquette means “flirty” in French, and as we mentioned, it refers to the delicacy and femininity of women.


Key garments for a Coquette look


We already told you some, but the clothes that adapt to the Coquette style and many of them can vary. So, you have a lot to choose from. The truth is that the Coquette trend is not simply a combination of ruffles and lace. It is also a style statement that embraces and reconciles us with our femininity.


And, to achieve this style perfectly, we leave you some of the key garments:


Fashion Trends and Style - How to be a Coquette Girl?

  • Dresses: They are the most essential and outstanding piece of the Coquette style. Look for airy designs with floral, polka dot, or check prints. Pastel colors like pink, sky blue, and white are essential.
  • Skirts: Skirts are some of the most beautiful and essential garments in the Coquette style. We advise you to wear them midi or pleated, as they create a feminine and romantic look. You can combine them with lace blouses or Peter Pan collar shirts.
  • Blouses: The perfect blouses for this style are those with ruffles, lace, or bows. Consider pastel colors or floral prints; they are essential for a Coquette look.
  • Accessories: Accessories are the final touch that enhances the Coquette style. Some children’s examples are flower headbands, pearl necklaces, wicker bags, and Mary Jane shoes. You will look completely delicate and feminine.


Tips to incorporate the Coquette style into your life


Fashion Trends and Style - How to be a Coquette Girl?

We have already mentioned the basic pieces. Now, we can give you some tips to incorporate this fashion into your life and renew your entire wardrobe to be romantic.


Hairstyles: Go for romantic hairstyles. You can choose braids, high ponytails, or buns. You can accessorize with bows, pearl hairpins, and even headbands. What do you like most?


Make-up: Makeup cannot be missing, but we must not exaggerate. A fresh and natural one will go amazing with your Coquette look. Emphasize your eyelashes and cheekbones to look sweeter and more feminine.


Attitude: Believe it or not, attitude is essential in any style, not just this one. Be kind and polite, and keep a smile on your face. You can also develop your playful, sensual, and, of course, flirtatious side. However, always look for subtlety and elegance.


Essence of Coquette style


Beyond clothing, the Coquette style is about cultivating an elegant, feminine, charming attitude. In addition to dressing well, adopt a more enjoyable lifestyle. For example, enjoy a good book, have tea with friends, and walk through a flowered field.


So, we can advise you to explore your creativity and intellect and open yourself to new and beautiful experiences.


Remember, this style is not a rigid formula. Ideally, you should feel radiant and comfortable in your own skin. In this sense, choose the clothes that best suit your personality. You can even create different outfits, not necessarily limited to the key items. Additionally, you have the freedom to mix Coquette fashion with your style. The important thing is that you feel amazing!


Inspiration for your Coquette style


Fashion Trends and Style - How to be a Coquette Girl?

If you need help getting started, there are many resources you can use to get inspiration for this type of fashion. First of all, we recommend using Pinterest. In it, you will find countless ideas for different outfits. Look for the hashtags #coquetteaesthetic, #cottagecore, or #kawaii.


On the other hand, on Instagram, you can also find many influencers who will give you advice and ideas for your look. Some are @dolled.up.darling, @sydneyelainelee or @chloegmoretz.


Believe it or not, movies and series can also inspire you. We recommend films like Little Women and Pride and Prejudice. As for a TV show, Bridgerton is ideal for soaking up and mastering the coquette style. After watching these shows and movies, you will have a romantic lifestyle.


What did you think of this guide? Ready to be a Coquette girl?


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