How should a 50-year-old man dress?

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How should a 50-year-old man dress?. It´s not that there´s a golden rule that tells you exactly how you should dress if you´re over fifty years old. But, it´s important to consider that we must have common sense when choosing an outfit for you. Since dressing in clothes that are too youthful can make you look out of tune in life.


In this sense, you must learn to dress when you´re between 50 and 59 years old, that is, according to. Because reaching fifty years of age means a stage of maturity and consolidation. However, in turn, it´s not that we should be too sober and boring. It´s a balance that must learn to manage between formality and style.


And with this, it doesn´t mean that you must only wear suits. The truth is that it´s a good piece, but it´s not the only option you have to choose from. Nor is it about living wearing sweaters and corduroy pants. So, in Fashion Trends, we bring some looks that we´re will help you kill it.


What clothes should a 50-year-old man wear?


Fashion Trends and Style - How should a 50-year-old man dress? - Clothing

Once you turn fifty, it should already be a fact that you know yourself perfectly. And after having gone through various fashion styles throughout your years. This age is the age when your style should be much more consolidated. And you must know what´s best for you and what you would never wear. This age is one of the fine lines where what you must consider is not to make you look older than you are.


We also don’t want you to look like a 20-something-year-old. In this sense, you must bear in mind that to find this balance it´s necessary to know the colors and proportions that affect the importance of having your wardrobe capsule. Because that´s where you find the way to get it right.


Try basic cotton shirts


Fashion Trends and Style - How should a 50-year-old man dress? - Clothing

If they´re smooth, much better because being minimalist can never be a failure.


In this style, you can combine it with well-structured wide trousers, and a wool sweater over the shirt.


Add a straight coat if it´s cold and if the coat is in a neutral color, even better.



Wide pants as a first option


Fashion Trends and Style - How should a 50-year-old man dress? - Clothing

Although you think is a trifle, the truth is that it´ll help you a lot to hit a casual look. Some famous fifty-year-olds know it and prove it, acting accordingly. So, forget about skinny jeans and stretch pants.


Ditch the tie whenever you can


Wear a suit, but more casual, something that helps you take some years off. That´s why for a classic style, use a cap or wool cap in the Peaky Blinders style. You can play with accessories that go with your face and structure.


Forget the garish prints, use logomania


It´s not about falling into minimalism, but about knowing how to combine special colors and fabrics. Which will help you a great deal. Associate it with advertisements for everything you carry.


Invest in footwear and outerwear


You must invest in good footwear, never doubt this. It´s essential to have a good coat too, and if it´s made of wool much better. Remember that footwear is something that everybody always notices.


How to dress well at 50?


Dressing well in your fifties shouldn’t be a huge headache. The best way to achieve this is to realize that, as I have already mentioned, the trick must be in the balance in your clothes. Without falling into the excesses of being simple, but not very extravagant.


In this sense, the best way to dress, if you have a formal event, is a tuxedo. It´s no longer just a tie and shirt suit. This suit is very elegant, formal and will help you look according to your age. You can also dare with a burgundy suit, add accessories. And even an elegant watch that you see fit for the outfit you´re wearing.


In addition, you can choose a vintage-style haircut. Something that reminds you of the fifties, mustache, or beard if it suits you and if you like it. While, if you like a more relaxed style, you can choose a leather jacket, jeans, and a cap. You can replace it with a hat.


To go to work or for a more formal meeting, you can wear a pinstriped suit, as it brings seriousness. While you can combine it with pink tennis shoes to look youthful but not too youthful. But, if you want a more casual style, you can wear black pants and a T-shirt with white shoes. Remember that you can add accessories such as glasses or a cap. If you like it, choose a jacket.


How to know what clothes fit a man?


Fashion Trends and Style - How should a 50-year-old man dress? - Clothing

Dressing well is not just about having good taste or wearing fancy clothes. The success of your outfit for the day is going to depend on whether you know your body proportions. So, you must choose the right garments that give you versatility. Because they will help you create an infinite number of outfits that adapt to any occasion.


There are basic garments such as jeans, polo shirts, and t-shirts that will look great, especially in your fifties. In this sense, already at your age, you must create a wardrobe that suits your tastes. And that of course, you know it goes well with you.


Buy clothes in your size


Always. You can´t make this mistake anymore, especially when you are already a mature man. Also, you have to like the piece, and it should be adjusted to your size.


Less is more


You should always seek to look simple and not too busy. Another important thing is that you must know how to dress for each occasion. It´s not just a casual or formal outfit, it goes further. The important thing is the guarantee.


Flow with the trends


Fashion Trends and Style - How should a 50-year-old man dress? - Clothing

If something is fashionable, you shouldn´t go crazy shopping for it. Or just wearing it since it´s there. Because not everything that is in trend will help you look good. So, they should be a guide, not a necessity.


At Fashion Trends we hope that this article will serve you for the future. And that from now on you already know what to wear at this age. Remember that it´s not only about fashion, but about what suits you and aligns with your personality.