The Houndstooth Print and How to Combine It

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The Houndstooth Print and How to Combine It. Today, we will talk about a print with a lot of history and trajectory. One that, in other times, was worn formally and for executive or elegant occasions. And now, it is trendy and used by women of all ages. That’s right, the Houndstooth is our star today. Its original and most popular design is in black and white. However, today, we find it in other color combinations.


It was born in Scotland, and people wore it to protect themselves from the cold in the fields. The print later became popular among the English aristocracy thanks to the fact that the then Prince of Wales began to use this fabric. Then, in the 1920s, designer Coco Chanel introduced it to her designs. In this way, it became part of the female wardrobe and would open the way for other designers to include it in their work. All in all, until it was worn by modern royalty like Lady Di in her time.


Its name comes from the figure formed by the interspersed black and white threads that simulate a hound´s tooth. And despite being very trendy and being carried in a variety of garments, it continues to retain its inherent elegance. Because of this, today we are going to give you the best tips to combine this pattern with a lot of style.


How did it get into the women’s wardrobe?


Fashion Trends and Style - The Houndstooth Print and How to Combine It - clothing

As we mentioned, this print was introduced to women’s fashion by Coco Chanel in the 1920s and by Christian Dior in the 1950s. This way, tailoring garments became luxury pieces thanks to this print.


Already in the 1960s, this fabric was used to design go-go garments. We could see sweaters with miniskirts and boots becoming part of bohemian fashion.


So it was in the 70s when women began to wear this pattern on basic pieces in France. And, surprise! To this date, it is still current.


On what occasion can you wear the Houndstooth Print?


Fashion Trends and Style - The Houndstooth Print and How to Combine It - clothing

The houndstooth print is one of the fabrics that bring the most elegance and sophistication to women’s clothing. And something essential is that it is not exclusive to garments or occasions that are only formal or very elegant.


We can wear it in basic everyday pieces thanks to its versatility and the ease of combining its colors. We can put together looks for the office and an after-office, and go for a few drinks. All without having to change or worry about not being consistent. Since when wearing this print, you will have an outfit full of elegance guaranteed.


In the same way, you can pick it to attend night events that demand formality.


Tips to combine Houndstooth Print


The colors that go best


Fashion Trends and Style - The Houndstooth Print and How to Combine It - clothing

Thanks to its pattern’s black and white basics, the houndstooth print is very easy to combine. These tones are ideal if you want a sophisticated and sober look for any occasion. Now, it is possible to wear it with other colors, and if it is in the warm range, even a pastel pink is much better.


If you wear it in a jacket, combine it with tight clothing


The jacket, or blazer, is one of the garments typical of this pattern, and its use is very common. So, we recommend that the rest of the pieces are tight if you wear this type of jacket. In this way, you can get a more stylized and elegant look.


Houndstooth and solid-colored garments


We know that the combination of double patterns is possible and totally acceptable. However, there are exceptions to the rule, and it applies to Houndstooth. If you want to avoid breaking with the harmony and elegance of this fabric, you should wear it or combine it with solid-colored pieces but never with other patterns.


How to dress with Houndstooth Print?


In a Coat


Fashion Trends and Style - The Houndstooth Print and How to Combine It - clothing

As we noted before, the coat or jacket is one of the most emblematic garments we get in this pattern. And you can undoubtedly combine them perfectly as well as other pieces in black and white or in different colors, even bright and bold tones.


In an Odd Jacket or Blazer


This type of jacket is a very business cut and look. So it’s perfect for work or the office, and you can wear it with other basics in neutral tones.


Total Look


Fashion Trends and Style - The Houndstooth Print and How to Combine It - clothing

It applies to many styles, and this is no exception. In addition, it is in trend to wear this print in a total look. So you can go for a set, be it a skirt and jacket, pants and blouse, full dress, among others, and wear houndstooth from head to toe. Make sure that the accessories you use are as discreet or minimalist as possible so you won’t look too busy. 


In pants


Widely worn today, houndstooth print pants are that garment you didn’t know you needed in your closet. They will allow you to look put together with little effort. In addition to that, they will help you create more than one outfit option for various occasions.


In accessories


Fashion Trends and Style - The Houndstooth Print and How to Combine It - clothing

We find everything from purses and bags in this print, as well as hair clips, scrunchies, bracelets, tendrils, and much more. And they are all ideal for those who want to add a subtle touch to their outfit and not really wear houndstooth clothing.




The vest is back and has become one of the most popular trends today. So clearly, we will recommend you wear this print in this versatile garment. You can combine it with pants, shirts, T-shirts, jeans and skirts incredibly.


In footwear


Fashion Trends and Style - The Houndstooth Print and How to Combine It - clothing

Just as wearing this print in accessories is an excellent option, you can also wear it in footwear. You can wear stilettos or boots, like ballerinas, and give that touch to a monochrome look and stand out in elegance.


In knitwear


A very casual way to wear the houndstooth print is with knitwear. As with a sweater or cardigan that will make you look neat and equally sophisticated.


This is a pattern that we must have a garment in our closet, definitely. Thanks to its versatility and elegance, it is perfect for combining and putting together outfits for different occasions. So it will be your ally when dressing.


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