The History of Jeans

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The History of Jeans. The jean is a garment that is part of the closet basics. It is versatile and adaptable to various looks, even the fanciest ones. And it is a classic piece, and as such, it has its history.

Today, let’s talk about the origin of jeans. About their evolution, the types of models that exist, and the best brands dedicated to creating this garment.


What is the origin of jeans?


Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

Jeans date back to the year 1853. When the German Levi Strauss, living in San Francisco, decided to start setting up tents for the workers who worked in the mining for the sake of the boom of this practice.


Seeing as people slept on the spot and the pants they wore to work were not strong enough for the job and would tear when the mined gold spheres were put in their pockets, Mr. Strauss came up with the brilliant idea to make more resistant pants.


He created these pants from the fabric the miners’ tents were made: brown denim. But, the pants as such were not perfect. Despite having a more resistant material, they still could not withstand the eagerness of the task, and they broke.


To solve this, the workers went to Jacob Davis, a tailor. And to recompose the pants, he went to Levi Strauss, buying the same denim with which the pants were made.


However, Jacob Davis decided to include copper rivets at specific points on the pants at a certain point. All to give them more support and avoid fixing the same pants so often.


So, Jacob turned to Levi and proposed to develop this idea since he did not have the resources. And in this way, jeans were born as we know them.


They created the pants in two shades, using brown canvas fabric and blue denim. However, later in Genoa, Italy, they decided to dye them indigo blue. The garment was so popular that it was sent to the soldiers fighting in WW2 as part of provisions.


In 1890, Levi Strauss distinguished the jean pieces he produced with numbers. That way giving birth to the famous and super classic 501 models, which positioned them at the top.


The jean has evolved and has been versioned in many models over the years, imposing fashions and trends.


So, let´s get to know below the different types of jeans that exist.



Types of Jeans




Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

This model is pretty tight (or glued) to the legs and hips.




These pants have a straight cut from the top of the hip to the end at the ankle.


They can be medium or high-waisted.



Boot Cut


Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

This jean fits in the upper part of the legs and hips, opening slightly from the knee, giving a flared touch to the pants.




It is the popular wide boot jean or bell boot. They fit at the top to the knee, where the opening is like a bell.


Wide Leg


Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

It has a straight and wide cut from the top to the end of the pants.




It has a touch of masculinity, hence its name.


It is a pair of pants that presents little fit and a relatively low cut, with a folded hem at the end.



Mom Jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

It has a straight cut and is tight at the waist, which gives length to the derriere area and buttocks.


This fits along with the pants until the end at the ankles.


Its fury was in the 90s, and it was the most used pants by our moms, hence its name.




These pants are cut at ankle height or slightly higher and have a fray. They usually have a straight cut, but we can also find this style in other models.


Cropped Flared


Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

It is a combination of the two models we already mentioned. The trousers are flared, but they reach the ankle. They do not cover the area as we see in other models, usually medium-high waisted.




They have a baggy style. Sclouchies are high-waisted. They narrow slightly towards the ankle, presenting the hem as a boyfriend style, giving a rolled-up effect.





Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

It means tight. This model fits tight in the area of ​​the thighs and pelvis, falling straight to the heels without adjusting here. They give a visual sensation of elongating the figure.




It’s a mix between leggings and jeans. This type of pants has the shape and characteristics of the famous leggings, but with jean fabric, containing a good amount of elastane to give it that model’s own mobility.



The Best Jean Brands


When we talk about the best brands, we refer to those with better adaptability of their models to different figures. And to the quality and durability of the materials.


So, these are the best jean brands:




Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

It is not surprising that Levi’s tops the list. Being the creators of this piece, its durability, quality, and diversity of models, in addition to its history, continue to position the brand among the best in the market.




It began its operations under the name of Blue Bell in 1904, later changing it to Wrangler. This is an American brand. It has a variety of models and the high quality of its material.




Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

It is an Italian brand. And thanks to its quality, finishes, and variety of models, it managed to position itself as one of the best in the world.




It is an American brand whose goal is to provide comfort and durability. They are a reference in jeans.



Calvin Klein


Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

The name speaks for itself. Its incursion of denim pants among its products was at the end of the 70s. And to this date, there is a variety of models of their high quality and durability. They are a reference in terms of jeans.


Pepe Jeans


Another brand of trajectory. It has a diversity of shades, as well as, in turn, has introduced the most current and trending models among its catalog.



Guess Jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - The Histor of jeans - Jeans

Another brand preceded by its name. They have a high target and have high-quality fabrics and various models and styles.



Born in Los Angeles, it has become the favorite brand of many. Including people from the entertainment industry, being super versatile and of high quality.



Now that you have all this information, you only have to choose the model that best suits your style and bring out your figure’s best. And of course, choose the most qualified brand to have your basic long-lasting jean.