How to highlight your curves with baggy jeans?

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Baggy jeans are in fashion and today I would love to tell you all about them. It’s a trend that inspires a lot of comfort and looks very good. They came to take away the position of skinny jeans. After all, with them, you can highlight your curves to show off a much more comfortable and stunning body.


Generally, these trends come and go. However, with these pants, I doubt that they will go away soon. This is because besides being fashionable, you can hide the love handles that you feel insecure about. That’s why, today, Fashion Trends will talk about them and show you how they help you highlight your curves. Take note!


What are baggy jeans?


Fashion Trends and Style - Baggy jeans - Pants

Also called bloomers, they are inspired by the oriental style, so the fabric is usually vaporous or in colored prints.


Their appearance was at the beginning of the 20th century and they are characterized by being adjusted to the waist that widens until it reaches the ankle where it can be girded with a comma or tape.


Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Kendal Jenner, and Bella Hadid have opted for this model and they can be worn with tennis shoes, heels, or boots. In autumn, they wear everything from baggy sweaters, blazers, or coats.


What is the baggy style about?


Fashion Trends and Style - Baggy jeans - Pants

The baggy jean is also called layered or paper bag and it is these jean silhouettes that we cannot go unnoticed, because they have come to us to stay, proving once again that jeans are comfortable and baggy, but also flattering.


Fashion is those relaxed silhouettes that do not fit the body except at the waist. The baggy pant is characterized by having a wide leg, baggy style, and a high waist but low waist, which is adjusted by the elastic waist, ribbons, or belts.


This jean favors those who seek to optically lengthen their legs or for a straight body because they create and define curves. Here are some combination ideas that we hope will inspire you for your next looks with baggy jeans and that highlight those heart-stopping curves.


With tight top.


They work best this way, and with shoes with a bit of a heel or platform since this is how you will be able to stylize the silhouette. You can also combine it with loafers or ballerinas.


With crop top and sneakers.


I assure you, it will provide you with overwhelming security. Especially if you love to show your marked abdomen. The crop top in a neutral color like white or camel to stand out.


With sleeveless blouse and slippers.


Perfect for those days when you have no idea what to wear, but you have to dress quickly to go out to eat with a friend or family member.


With a turtleneck.


Dare to combine colors and textures, so if your turtleneck has a lycra-type fabric, it will look spectacular with your baggy jeans. Play with low-top sneakers or sandals for a chic look.


With over shirt.


And a bralette under the overshirt. If you climb on your favorite white boots, you will achieve a very dynamic and stylish outfit that will never go unnoticed.


With a kimono.


You can combine your matching baggy jeans with a basic t-shirt underneath with a kimono of different textures and colors. Opt for sports-type shoes and gold accessories.


With a blazer.


And if it is fitted, much better. Especially if it has colors and is made of leather-like material. It will provide you with an enviable silhouette that will reaffirm your killer curves.


With an oversize sweater.


Fashion Trends and Style - Baggy jeans - Pants

Contrary to what many believe, this combination is very flattering for various body types. Baggy jeans are great to wear with baggy jumpers that you can tuck inside completely or just the front to show off your body.


With denim.


And make a kind of total look, of course! It looks exquisite and very flattering. Denim is in fashion and this jean allows you to mix textures and shades of blue in accessories that you can break with boots of another color.


What is the difference between slouchy and baggy?


Fashion Trends and Style - Baggy jeans - Pants

People tend to confuse this garment with the slouchy type. However, they are pants that fit just as well and are fashionable. That’s why they’re trending right now. Let’s not forget their ability to enhance your hips, refine your waist contour and let your legs breathe.


The baggy has an elastic waist and is wide like that of a paper bag, it reaches the navel. While the legs draw a pronounced oval that is more noticeable at the hips and butt. Thanks to the rubber, it does not have darts on the front, however, it has two seams on the back pockets that prevent bags from forming. Also, the cut reaches the ankles.


On the other hand, slouchy jeans have a waist that is generally medium-high and reach the navel without a belt effect. Two seams or darts on the front reduce the volume and reinforce the verticality. The legs are not straight, but more pronounced. They are tapering to the ankle and therefore tightening.


What type of jeans should I wear if I am thin?


Fashion Trends and Style - Baggy jeans - Pants

The baggy jean favors slim bodies a lot, and if you still do not have them too light, you can follow these steps to wear baggy jeans with style starting from this rule: jeans in light or worn colors expand the figure, while dark tones make you look slimmer.


If you are too hip, choose dark tones to hide the size. In the case of baggy, they are perfect, because you can complement them with oversize sweaters and in this way be very fashionable.


Now, if you have small hips, you can choose them with behind pockets. This way, you’ll make your butt stand out. Details like studs or pockets are always a yes. But if you’re short, get baggy pants that you can fold up to the ankle or a little higher. After this, pair them with pointed-toe shoes for lengthening.


On the contrary, if you are tall and thin, you can wear baggy pants with what you think is best from your wardrobe. This garment is very versatile and goes well with everything to give you a very casual look.


What do you think of these jeans? Do you already want yours? The truth is that I do and I love that we have options to choose from for a long time. At Fashion Trends we say yes to this garment. We hope this article has been an inspiration to get yours.