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Get a Healthy Tan for this Summer 2023. Summer is already here. For many, this is synonymous with the beach, the pool, and sunbathing. Everything to achieve a golden skin tone that, no doubt, favors all of us. For this reason, a lot of people run to the stores to stock up with the best tanning products on the market to get that desired color.


However, it´s not a secret that the issue of the sun and the skin is becoming more and more critical. Greater awareness about the protection we must have when exposing ourselves to the sun has been promoted. Which is great! Because we risk seriously burning our skin, in addition to accelerating photoaging. As well as acquiring spots on the skin and, of course, in the most extreme case, the possibility of suffering from skin cancer.


Thanks to this culture of prevention that exists today and the need to care for the skin and make it look as young and healthy as possible, exposing yourself to the sun for long hours until you get an extreme tan has gone out of style. The reason is that the natural is gaining ground in all aspects. Definitely, those orange or very burnt tones no longer look healthy or attractive.


Therefore, today, we have come up with a topic of interest. How to help you get that desired tan without harming your skin and health. So, stay with us and find out what you must do to enjoy the sun this summer! All with no regrets or consequences.


What are the rays that burn the skin?


Fashion Trends and Style - Get a Healthy Tan for this Summer 2023 - skin

The sun emits two types of radiation, UVA rays, and UVB rays, the first mentioned being responsible for causing:


  • Cellular skin damage.
  • Produces allergies by sun exposure.
  • Skin aging.


While UVB rays are the ones that are really going to provide that color or tan when exposed to the sun. However, they are also responsible for:


  • Burning the skin
  • Causing cell damage.
  • Carrying out the synthesis of vitamin D.


Likewise, prolonged exposure to each one is extremely harmful to the skin. So, we must avoid falling into this situation.

Essential products for sunbathing


In the first place, and as expected, sunscreen is the star product that cannot be missing from your bag. This must have an SPF of at least 50. Reinforcing it by applying it every two hours so it is effective because water and sweat dissipate it.


  • Lip balm, which is usually formulated with cocoa butter and thus prevents the sun from damaging the delicate skin of the lips.
  • Hat, visor, or cap that protects your head and face from direct exposure to the sun.
  • Refreshing post-exposure gel will keep your skin hydrated, refresh you, and helping to preserve your tan for longer.


How to get a healthy tan?


Here we leave you these guidelines so that you can obtain an ideal tan, but, above all, a healthy one:


Take cover in the shade during peak hours


Fashion Trends and Style - Get a Healthy Tan for this Summer 2023 - skin

There are times when the sun is at its maximum point. Therefore, as we spend more time exposed to tanning, the risk of burns and cell damage will increase exponentially. So, it is best to take shelter in the shade during these peaks and avoid direct contact.


Tan little by little


One way to get a healthy and safe tan is by progressively sunbathing. Where you sunbathe for short periods of time to get your body used to receiving heat. We recommend this in cases where you will spend several days on the beach and gradually increase the exposure time.


Maximum direct exposure time


Fashion Trends and Style - Get a Healthy Tan for this Summer 2023 - skin

The sun’s rays are most powerful during the hours between 12 and 4 in the afternoon. So, you should avoid being in the direct sun during this time. Following the relationship with the previous point, the maximum time that we should spend sunbathing directly is 30 minutes. We must alternate the sides not to receive everything in one part of the body.


For an even tan, wear sunscreen


Contrary to what many people believe, that the use of sunscreen will not achieve an enviable summer color, it must be used precisely to achieve a uniform and golden tone as we like so much. And it is that when we tan using tanning accelerators and with the skin without anything, we will achieve a burn and an uneven color in the end.


Reapply your SPF


Fashion Trends and Style - Get a Healthy Tan for this Summer 2023 - skin

As we mentioned, sunscreen should be applied over and over again for as long as you are going to be in the sun. If we also sweat and get wet, the reinforcement must be done more often since the product loses effectiveness. Likewise, the amount to be applied should be balanced. Because otherwise, the protection index could be affected and not be sufficient.


Don’t forget to protect your eyes and hair


The skin is prone to burns sun damage, and the eyes and hair. The latter is one of the most affected because it receives not only sun, seawater, sand, and other particles that may be in the wind. In addition to the fact that we usually collect it with braids or pigtails that collaborate in its mistreatment. For this reason, there are many products on the market to take care of our hair when going to the beach or sunbathing. And equally, you cannot forget a good pair of glasses with their respective SPF and prevent your eyesight from being affected.


Stay Hydrated


Fashion Trends and Style - Get a Healthy Tan for this Summer 2023 - skin

This advice is not only for the summer but for life since hydration is key to the proper functioning of our body. In that case, avoid dehydration by being in high-temperature conditions for a long time. At the same time, it will help keep the skin hydrated and flexible, which will help your tan last much longer.


Maintain a balanced diet


Another tip not only for summer is this. Our bodies and health depend largely on what we consume and eat. Therefore, the idea is to eat a diet whose highest content is nutrients rich in antioxidants and proteins, among others. However, if you go to the beach, you can also increase the consumption days before of foods containing vitamins C, E, lycopene, and beta-carotene, preparing the skin for a dreamy tan.


Know your times


Fashion Trends and Style - Get a Healthy Tan for this Summer 2023 - skin

The body produces melamine to a certain degree. So, you don’t need to spend 5 hours in the sun to get that color if your skin has already reached that limit. Therefore, it is necessary to know the time it takes to acquire color with respect to tanning and not expose yourself more than necessary.


Take breaks from the sun


As we said at the beginning, staying in the shade during peak hours is ideal, and taking breaks from the sun is perfect. In addition to alternating staying in the shade for periods of time and thus having a healthy, attractive, and lasting tan.


Hydrate after sunbathing


Fashion Trends and Style - Get a Healthy Tan for this Summer 2023 - skin

Post-tan hydration is as important as sunscreen. Since, at this point, the skin tends to be drier, in addition to which it may present some irritation. Above all, because you surely want that color to last a long time. For this, an aftersun is necessary to hydrate and prevent the desquamation of the most superficial layers of the skin, which is so annoying and unsightly.


Oral protection


If you, like many, have yet to learn about this, find out here. The oral photoprotector is a product consumed orally, as its name indicates. It works as a food supplement that protects the skin from the inside from the effects of UV rays. This type of protection is not a substitute for sunscreen as we know it, but it will help give your skin extra shielding and help you get a better tan.


Getting a catwalk tan is not an impossible mission. You have to know your body and, give it the necessary protection, and enjoy your summer and the sun healthily and responsibly.


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