Headdresses and bandanas in 2022

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Headdresses and bandanas in 2022. When talking about hair accessories, these two types undoubtedly come to mind.


They have different types, names, and uses, and today they are famous for being the perfect accessories for our looks, even on a day-to-day basis.


But, let’s get to know better, what they are, what types exist, and especially, what will be the trends for each one in 2022.


What are they?


Fashion Trends and Style - Headdresses and bandanas in 2022 - bandanas

The headdress is a garment that serves as an accessory to partially or totally cover the hair.


Before, the headdress covered almost the entire head. However, and like many things, they have evolved and diversified. And the name of the headdress is given to other types of objects that are only placed without even covering an area.


It has its origin in the Middle Ages, with various models emerging between the 8th and 15th centuries.


The bandana is a square piece of cloth folded and tied to wear either head or neck.


Its first appearances were seen in the far west of the United States. Becoming popular in the 1960s and 1970s ending in fashion in the 1980s.


Its fame is also given by its use by rappers, as well as in Hollywood movies.


The most emblematic design of these scarves is cashmere. However, today, we can find a variety of designs, colors, and types of fabrics.


What are the types of headdresses?


Fashion Trends and Style - Headdresses and bandanas in 2022 - bandanas

At other times, the headdress was used solely and exclusively to attend certain events.


Such as weddings, baptisms, or any other daytime celebration that was formal or elegant.


Nowadays, and you will see, some types of headdresses are used to complement the daily outfit, even as a working image.







Fashion Trends and Style - Headdresses and bandanas in 2022 - bandanas

The tiara is a variation of the crown. With the difference that it is semi-circular or semi-closed, while the crown is completely sealed.


The tiara was considered a hallmark of royalty; it was used by kings, emperors, popes, princesses.


Today its shape is in everyday use, being an accessory widely used by brides for their wedding day. And is the most sought after for this type of occasion with stones, flowers, pearls or combined with each other.


There are also less elaborate versions for everyday use or events that are not so formal.




Fashion Trends and Style - Headdresses and bandanas in 2022 - bandanas

Its original form consisted of a ribbon that was tied at each end of the head. Precisely, at the bottom (neck level). And it was adorned at the top.


Their first jobs are of mythological origin. And in the beginning, they were used with laurel leaves to incorporate gold, flowers, and stones later.


Nowadays, the diadem is also known as a headband. This piece is semicircular, and it is no longer common to see them with ribbons to tie. But with a rigid but flexible shape that fits the head and is held with it.


We can find from the simplest models of unicolor fabric to the most elaborate with stones, embroidery, pearls, mesh, etc. The imagination is the limit.


Its use is frequent in girls and adults.




Tocados y bandanas en el 2022

It is a cloth, leather, or any other material cover you use to cover the head.


They can be in the form of hats, but smaller, or a simple headdress without giving full coverage to the head. Its use is sideways.


Its use is very popular among royalty and formal and elegant daytime events.


They have materials such as lace, tulle, stones, feathers, flowers, etc.




Tocados y bandanas en el 2022

It is of Asian origin and consists of a cloth covering the entire head and tied in the upper central part.


Today, we find them in various sizes, colors, patterns, types of fabric, shapes, and even types.


Since they do not cover the head completely, exposing it to the back.


Its use is usually informal and can also be used for semi-formal events.





Tocados y bandanas en el 2022

It is a type of shoulder-width hat of little rigidity, and its use is exclusively for daytime events.


As for the decoration, everything will depend on the designer’s imagination.








Tocados y bandanas en el 2022

It is a straw hat with a straight crown, short, flat, and rigid brim.


And it has a ribbon around the circumference of the crown.


However, it has been versioned, and we can see other details such as flowers.


Its use is less formal than the Pamela, but it is also only for the day.


What are the types of bandanas?




Tocados y bandanas en el 2022

It is the original.


This bandana type is used by folding the scarf triangularly until obtaining a strip of cloth.


One that you pass around the head, knotting its ends. Also, we cannot fold so much but form a triangle and cover part of the forehead and head with it.


Twisting the free ends at the back of the head.


Turban bandana


Tocados y bandanas en el 2022

Made of other types of fabrics, usually spandex, and worn at the forehead or all over the head.


Usually passing through the nape of the neck.


Those of less flexible material typically have an elastic adaptation at the end to expand a little.




Sports bandana


Fashion Trends and Style - Headdresses and bandanas in 2022 - bandanas

They are made with special terry cloth, microfiber, or polyester.


Because the primary function is the absorption of sweat at the time of physical activity.


We use them at the forehead level and are made in various models and colors.





What will be the trend for this year?


Fashion Trends and Style - Headdresses and bandanas in 2022 - bandanas

This year the trends regarding headdresses and bandanas do not vary much. So, headbands with more inclination to the floral trend will continue to be seen.


Turbans will have more presence, as well as we will continue to coexist with tiaras and hats. They will continue to be in the events, but with straw material.


At the same time, we will continue to see bandanas at the forehead level in pirate mode. Also, as a hair tie in a high or low ponytail tied to it or around the neck complement the outfit. And in the traditional style, around the head tied at the top.


As for colors and patterns, your imagination, style, and taste will set the tone. Headdresses and bandanas in 2022.