2021 Trendy alert! Hats are here to stay this summer!

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2021 Trendy alert! Hats are here to stay this summer! A hat is an accessory that, to tell the truth, we rarely see on the street. In the case of women, many of us are a bit ashamed and insecure to use it, since we never know how we will feel about it. However, they are still booming on the catwalks, and it is a complement to our outfit that could make a difference in whatever we do and wherever we go.


That is why today I invite you to put that fear aside and risk wearing this beautiful garment. Who knows? Maybe you will end up loving them. Let’s put fear aside and blow kisses in the mirror!


What is the summer hat trend for 2021?


Currently, I can tell you that several types of hats should always be top in our closet. These garments are just a few that will get us out of trouble and, at the same time, keep us in the street style trend. Even when temperatures rise and the sun comes out to attract everyone’s attention, whether at the beach, pool, mountain, or city, it will become the best ally to provide the extra protection you will need.


So, do you want an enviable look? Follow me, I will show you different styles of hats to be in trend this 2021.


Twist hats


Fashion Trends and Style -Hats - Twist hats

Called bucket type, the twist hat has become almost an obsession for everyone. And this summer, there’s a new way to use them.


Basically, they now have a small fold upwards. They’re amazing for sleek, sporty, and why not off-road styles?


You can wear it in natural fabrics such as raffia, straw, or braided wool. With it, you get to make that design more aesthetic. You can also combine them with flowered or flared dresses to find yourself more romantic and even sweet like a sunny candy.


Wide brim


Fashion Trends and Style -Hats - Wide brim

If you have a trip this summer and are convinced that the heat is not going to be a problem, you can bet on this model with a wide brim and plush or wool fabric. It will surely be your favorite!


This hat will create for you the best boho-chic style, and it favors us all!


It will manage to give us an incredibly sophisticated style.


My recommendation? Use them with hippie dresses, denim jeans, and cool blouses, to achieve a relaxed look.


The classic straw


This is a forever classic style because it is always present in our summer luggage. This style protects us from the sun and insulates us from the heat. It goes with everything, any outfit you can imagine, making us look more elaborate without much effort. With this garment, you will be more than ready for any circumstance or situation. A safe bet!


Risky fabric prints


Also called “fisherman or explorer”. This model is very chic for beach or pool occasions. It is an option not suitable for people who do not take risks with different styles. Today, most people wear it with the front brim raised.


How to choose a hat?


Taking into account that hats aren’t an accessory easy to accept in our outfit, choosing and combining them can be a hindrance when choosing one. That’s why I am going to explain some tips to help you choose the one that best suits your style.


The correct size.


Your hat must be tailored to you, that is why you must pay close attention to its size, because yes, they are made by sizes. So, you can’t just go to a store and grab the first one you like. You should take your time to choose the best one and test it with your face shape.


For every outfit


Fashion Trends and Style -Hats - Outfit

Do you know that each outfit must be adapted to a type of hat? I didn’t know much about it, but it turns out it’s true.


And it makes all the sense in the world. You are not going to go to a job interview in slippers.


However, the best thing you can do is have different styles in your wardrobe in basic colors: brown, black and beige.


If possible, you can expand your styles as possible and add textures, patterned designs, and finishes.


With your height.


Fashion Trends and Style -Hats - Height

This is also a plus that we must pay attention to when choosing them. This means that if we are small in stature, we cannot choose a huge hat.


Otherwise, you won’t look good, and that’s a fact. To avoid this, the wings should not exceed the width of your shoulders. Unless you’re tall and want to get everyone’s attention.


Now, if you are tall, forget about small hats. Get a huge one, and that will help you be the center of attraction. On the other hand, if your build is thick, the ideal hat for you is one with medium or smaller wings. Remember to find one with an elevated cup to stylize your figure.


How to wear a hat?


Wearing a hat will look a thousand times incredible when you wear your hair up, whether with a braid, a train, or a low bun. The loose hair depends on the place and the occasion. In addition, you can use it in parallel with the ground (straight) from the side or back, it all depends on the type of hat you are wearing and, as I explained before, that it is according to the shape of your face.


According to your face type


Fashion Trends and Style -Hats - Face Type

Knowing how to choose hats isn’t an easy task. Your hat should be chosen according to the features of your face. For example, if your face is round, a medium brim with elongated shapes will be your safe option.


Now, if your face is elongated or in the shape of a triangle, look for hats with a round shape and a high crown. Or a large brim with a small drop. However, if your face shape is square, wear round and medium hats with asymmetrical shapes. This will play with the optical perspective and you will look amazing.


Finally, if your face is in the shape of an inverted triangle, I recommend hats with medium tops and brims with small falls, wear them straight to find roominess.


This world is vast and incredible. Knowing this will open a range of possibilities for unique and quite original outfits. Hats can be used for every occasion and according to the moment. Find yours and lose the fear of not knowing how it looks. Taking risks is what is fashionable and for others to see you amazing, you must start by believing it yourself.


At Fashion Trends, we want to know your opinion about this article. Tell us if you like hats and if you have worn one before, or if you haven’t because you’re afraid of not knowing how it looks. Do you know more about this garment? Let us know in the comments.