Haircuts for women spring-summer 2021

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Haircuts for women spring summer 2021. In this new era where we seek freedom and simplicity, we want changes and to look different. That’s why changing our haircuts is something we do regularly. Now, there are many, perhaps too many, trends in the fashion world when it comes to hair.


To start, we know that punk and rock trends have always been in style, especially this season. However, today I’m going to show you some of the best haircuts for women. So, no matter if you have short, medium, or long hair, you will look amazing.


We must first know that the perfect cut will not be denoted by that aesthetic you get in Google, Pinterest, or Instagram images. The perfect cut will be made and will remain depending on your features. Did you know this?


Before starting, I want to give you a tip for the care of your hair: try to avoid shampoos that contain sulfates, parabens, silicons, toxins, and of course, salt. They are actually not that expensive and are very beneficial for your hair.


What haircut is in style for 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - Haircuts - hairstyle

First, we must know what the shape of our face is. There are more shapes than round and oval. This is very important to look at the hairline, width, and length of the face and jawline.


Instyle magazine offers a trick for knowing the shape of your face. It consists of combing and gathering the hair back. Then, with an eyeliner, you should trace the contour of your face while looking in the mirror. This way, you will determine if your face shape is elongated, oval, square, round, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped.


This means that according to your face, the haircut that will be in trend this year are:


  1. Elongated face. The ideal is to find hairstyles full of width and not length. A haircut that would look great is a bob cut at the jawline.
  2. Oval face. Hear a shoulder-length hair with subtle layers to add volume and prevent hair loss, with bangs to the side, is the best option.
  3. Square face. The length hardly affects the shape in this type of shape; however, to be trendy, I recommend slightly shorter bangs that highlight your cheekbones.
  4. Round face. The pixie cut is flattering for those who have their faces in this way. They will be very in trend this season.
  5. Heart face. In short, you will have your hair collected and bows, the tails back, so the cut that goes to the clavicle, measured by the height of your neck, is ideal. It will give you a lot of styles.
  6. Diamond face. If you have a diamond shape, the long hair cut with pointed ends is a good option for you.


What are the latest hairstyles for women in summer 2021?


Now that you know your face type and what the ideal cut is according to the season, you must choose what trend to follow. After all, many trends and highlights are sweeping this season.


The important thing is that whatever you do, it’s the right time for that look you want so much.


Blunt cut or medium hair.


Fashion Trends and Style - Haircuts - hairstyle

Indeed, extremely long hair is no longer in trend, and although some of us still resist cutting it, the current trend is medium hair and bob cuts.


The blunt cut has the perfect length for hot days. It clears the neck and is versatile when wanting to wear it in a high train.


The cut provides movement and volume, avoids layers, and gains body, which makes it a good option for those who fight wars with the comb.



Jagged bob, voluminous mane, Haircuts for women


Fashion Trends and Style - Haircuts - hairstyle

 If your hair is fine, this type of cut is ideal for you because with this cut, you will give it the volume you need, and the best thing is that it hardly needs maintenance.


It is a very classic and timeless cut.


With this style of cut, the faded locks offer a rather sophisticated version.


It gives you movement, freshness, and volume.


Tousled hair, tousled hairstyle.


Fashion Trends and Style - Haircuts - hairstyle

We can welcome the airwaves to this season, which I particularly love. It is ideal for straight and wavy hair.


To get them, what you need is a little hair oil and a little hairspray, the rest is wanting the waves to be perfect.


This hairstyle gives versatility for any occasion.


The interesting thing is that it does not matter if the hair is short, medium, or long, it is still in fashion.


The bang, Haircuts for women


In short, we cannot put it aside and consider it as a trend that, on all faces, will look very good to frame and balance it without cutting too much. You can choose between the XS, the waft, and the open.


Bangs from the 70s.


 If you want long hair, you can go for this cut that allows you to have long bangs with wavy hair below the shoulder. It consists of long floppy and wispy layers, with long fringes that are cut across the forehead just above it. They are styled with a part in the center or a slightly unfolded brim.


 Asymmetric lob, Haircuts for women


 Do you like uneven? Then this cut is for you. It looks good on different hair types and even its textures, therefore, it adopts versatility in style. Asymmetry, in this case, talks about shorter hair in the back and longer in the front.


What hair color will be used in 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - Haircuts - hairstyle

Many experts define this year as the year of the highlights. Now, blondes, brunettes, chestnuts, redheads? It all depends on your color, and I am going to tell you which current tones will be best in the different tones. Do you want to know which ones? Join me on this colorful journey.


  • If your hair is blonde. 


Golds are ideal because ash tones dull the hair. To find the perfect look, you can travel between melted root techniques (mixing shades of blonde for the gradient). However, some claim that the pearlescent or iridescent sands will be the ones that will create the natural effect.


  • If your hair is brown. 


The best colors will be butter blondes, mauve, golden, sandy blondes, and beige blondes that will be perfect on dark bases. It is achieved when you lighten from roots to ends.


  • If your hair is dark. 


Go for babylights, balayage, or blended root colors with lighter locks towards the face. However, some opt to illuminate dark hair with caramel tones on sallow skin and cooler tones on warmer skin. This is how harmony is achieved.


  • If your hair is red.


 Lighten with golden and honey blonde tones, because they give your hair sweetness. The trend of natural reflection with copper and honey gold will continue. Using the purple or pink shampoo, it will look three-dimensional.


How to wear your hair in 2021?


After reading this article, we can then deduce that 2021 is the year of medium-length hair, bangs, and very, very short hair. The short manes thicken the tip and stylize the face, especially the round ones.

At Fashion Trends, we want to know your opinion about these haircuts. We also want to know if you would risk wearing a pixie or bangs. Tell us in the comments what your hair type is and what you do to take care of it.