2022 Hair Trends

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We have talked about the trends for this year regarding colors to wear and makeup. But we haven´t yet given an opportunity to an essential part of our body… Our hair!


And since something so essential can´t be left behind, we will find out what´s right to wear this 2022 in terms of cuts, hairstyles, and color.


Seven haircut and hairstyle trends that will be seen a lot in 2022


Let’s start with the cuts and hairstyles that will be trending.


The main thing is to have healthy hair, first and foremost. That´s why hairdressers advise getting a good cut that you can maintain for an extended time. Without the need for constant retouching.


Straight hair is the one that requires the most maintenance. In contrast, layered hairstyles tend to last longer without the need for constant correction.


So, let’s see the best haircuts for this year.




Fashion Trends and Stye - 2022 Hair Trends - haircut

This type of cut length slopes towards the jaw, below the ear, and above the shoulder.


When drying it, the aim is to create a kind of balloon in the back. This gives it a vintage air from the 60s/70s. It can be used both straight naturally, with waves and bangs.


Now, for this year, variations are introduced in this cut. In terms of length, volume, shape, and hairstyle, taking it to its shortest point, at the jaw level. Or, on the contrary, if you have longer hair or medium, use it long bob style, up to the shoulders.




Fashion Trends and Stye - 2022 Hair Trends - haircut

Bangs have come and gone. However, they´re a trend that has continued to be present for a few years now.


Like many haircuts, bangs are also variable, being worn straight or layered to give a messy and voluminous air.


Many choose to wear it above the eyebrows and others above the eyes. In any way, if you want a change and enhance your look, bangs are an excellent option.




If you are daring and like extreme changes, this year, the shaved cut can be your style. And if you combine it with a color like platinum or a light blonde, the result will undoubtedly be radical.




Fashion Trends and Stye - 2022 Hair Trends - haircutPixie means elf or fairy, so this cut alludes to how these mythological figures wore it. This being very short, with a manly air.


There are combinations between the pixie cut and the bob cut.


They leave longer layers in the front and create the balloon effect in the back. You can wear it straighten, with waves or volume, bangs, and layers.


Hair chest long


Fashion Trends and Stye - 2022 Hair Trends - haircut

If, on the other hand, short hair is not your thing, then long hair will never go out of style.


A trend for this year is to wear the length at chest height. And as you know, we can take advantage of long hair, being versatile in its texture and type of haircut.


As for hairstyles, this year, they lean towards polished and voluminous blowouts. With the advent of the volumizing blow dryer market, this type of hairstyle has become increasingly popular.


So, we will see the waves very frequently, those shiny, smooth, and shaped hair, during 2022.


Another simply beautiful and feminine option with this hairstyle is a high ponytail where the waves fall.




This is for those rebellious spirits. And if you’re not one of those who likes to spend a lot of time grooming your hair, curls don’t go out of style either. Try to apply a styling cream to define them and give them shine.



Headbands, scrunchies, scarves, bandanas, bows, this year, they´re well-received to complement your look and give it that final touch.

The hair colors of 2022


Fashion Trends and Stye - 2022 Hair Trends - haircut

In the variety is the taste. And as for the colors that we will see this year in trend, there is not a specific one, but a wide range. So we will name what´s coming so that you can choose the one that best suits you.


Vanilla blonde


With touches of lighter reflections to create light in your hair.


Bright intense chestnuts


This type of chestnut is intense, uniform, without red tones, and very bright.




Another variant of chestnut, in which it´s worn in gradient. The roots are darker, going down in coppery, honey, and earth tones in the middle of the tips.


Warm Highlights.


Fashion Trends and Stye - 2022 Hair Trends - haircut

They are balayage-type highlights but much softer. Focusing on the frame of the face and the ends to provide warmth to the face. It has the advantage of requiring little to no maintenance because it does not come out of the root. All allowing growth without going to the hairdresser so much.


Red and copper


They will also have their place in 2022. It is the favorite color of many, so we will continue to see it in the manes.


Natural with reflections


Fashion Trends and Stye - 2022 Hair Trends - haircut

Another option is hair in natural tones with delicate brown, chocolate, reddish reflections. To bring light and enhance the natural color without being radical.


As you can see, many options will reign this year, 2022. As long as you define your style and are faithful to your tastes, a change in trend will be more than favorable.


And if you still don’t define your style for this year, here are some excellent options. Evaluate each one, have fun with your hair, and get ready to be fashionable in 2022.