Hair clips: types, and trends for 2022

Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

The hair clip or brooch for hair is an object that has a double function. To hold the hair at the same time that it serves as an adornment to it. Its use is not new. This accessory has been in force since the 70s, when Marnie Bjornson created the elongated hair clip. And the simpler and smaller clip-type brooch, but with the same adjustment capacity.


This type of clip is responsible for holding the hair but in small quantities. Since although it offers support, it cannot store a large volume of strands. This is why they are located in the front part of the head and hold the hair in this area. In contrast, the larger and medium ones can be used for the head’s sides, back, and middle.


There are some that support very little or nothing, their use being merely decorative.


The size of the clip itself will determine the ability to hold the hair.


Advantages of hair clips


Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

  • They are versatile because you can wear them for different occasions
  • There are many models, and they are made in a variety of materials, even for special and formal occasions. You can find some with rhinestones, feathers, fabric, and velvet.
  • Just as there are various models, there are also sizes. All according to your need and the use you will give to it.
  • Due to their size, they are easy to carry in your bag everywhere.
  • They add a chic touch to your look. So, they are an excellent alternative when you don’t know what to add to your hair.
  • In addition to being decorative, they help you keep those unruly hairs under control of those. And, of course, to keep your hairstyle always in order.


Disadvantages of hair clips


  • Its daily or frequent use can break your hair
  • There are models that can be uncomfortable due to their large size.
  • On the contrary, some are so small that they do not provide enough pressure or hold.


Classification of hair clips


As already mentioned, there is a wide variety of models on the market for you to choose from. However, here we mention the most common types that you can find.


Depending on the type


Clamp Type


Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

This type of brooch is elongated and can hold the hair without applying much pressure.


So, they do not mistreat the hair as much. Its use is very frequent when making hairstyles, But it is not recommended if you have shorter, very straight hair since it will not hold properly, and it may even fall out.




It is one of the most common models that we can find. And they consist of having a hook that locks them, and thus they do not move. In this way, they give good support to the hair. However, this type can damage it with repeated use.




Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

As their name indicates, they are large compared to the first described. A


nd they usually occupy practically the entire posterior area of ​​the head.


There are models for daily use. And more elaborate ones are used as headdresses in hairstyles on elegant and glamorous occasions.




Depending on the material




It is one of the most popular materials that we can find in this type of accessory. And there are countless colors and details for you to choose from according to your taste and style. When selecting, lean towards those made of resin. Since this type is the most resistant. And therefore, you ensure that your investment will be a little more durable.




Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

They are less frequent but very striking since they will give you a natural look. Select one that is varnished or painted. And thus, prevent it from discoloring or losing its condition quickly due to contact with water, sun, and constant use.




Another very common material that we find in the manufacture of hair clips is metal. Most have some metal parts incorporated, especially on the side where it is held or presses on the hair. We also find them entirely in this material. But make sure they look resistant and of good quality, and thus their lifetime is longer.




Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

It was customary for this hair clip to be seen more frequently on girls’ heads. However, today, there are many models for women which provide a chic and showy touch. So, do not limit yourself by thinking that it is not for you.




Another material that became a trend a few years ago and continues to be popular is the pearl brooch. Because it is made of this type of material, it can give you an elegant and sophisticated look. Even when the look is informal, you want to give it another air.


Depending on the style



Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

They are those whose design is more discreet, smooth, functional, and timeless without being very flashy. And therefore, they can be easily combined with most of your top.




We find them more elaborate and loaded. They are those that have stones, pearls, applications, and fabric, among others. And they are usually used for formal, evening, and elegant occasions.





Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

They are at the forefront of fashion and usually adapt to the moment’s trends. So, defining a specific type is complicated since it is usually variable. Still, in general, we can see prints of different styles, colors, and neons in this category, among others.




Inspired by other times, we can locate ourselves in our grandmother’s chest and see what brooches she kept. And you will be able to identify yourself in this style. Flowers, colors, and pastels are characteristic of this style of hair clips, which always go well despite the time that passes.


Trends in hair clips for 2022


Now let’s get to know what kind of hair clips we will see everywhere this year.



Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

In addition to being very pretty, those with rhinestones, you can wear them combined with casual looks and add a slightly elegant touch to your day-to-day life.




They will continue to lead, just as they have been doing for years because they are easy to use and very versatile. Since we can find them in various models, sizes, and styles, the problem will be finding the one you like the most and wearing it in your hair. Either loose, collected, on the side, etc.




Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

The pin is a true jewel of the hair clip because it is manufactured in different shapes. So, you can play and have fun with the most peculiar models by combining them with your clothes. And our hair will undoubtedly stand out.


As you have read, there are endless options to choose from. Look fabulous this season and keep your hair in order and impeccable.