Guide to wearing the pop-punk style

FashionTrends-Guide to wearing the pop-punk style

Guide to wearing the pop-punk style. Every day you can learn something new. Also, every day a new style may emerge that generates a broad mass movement. As is the case of the pop-punk style, which is a subgenre that is the combination of punk music and pop as for its sound.


Once these two strands blend, it gives you a great mix of very loyal fashion followers. People who love to dress up for shows and hang out with a few other people who are also very into this style. In addition, you can create various outfits that you can wear during the day or at night.


This style is very 2000, combined with the ‘90s and it is allowed to use eyeliner, extremely short hair. Now, why is it so relevant? Because for some time we have been looking at the catwalks and street style within these characteristics. So, in Fashion Trends, we want to walk you through this guide to use the pop-punk style magnificently.


How to dress like a pop-punk?


FashionTrends-How to dress like a pop-punkWith the passing of time and the evolution of fashion, this Pop Punk fashion has lost a lot of influence. But today, as we realize that fashion is cyclical, we can see that it´s already positioned again in society. Thus, provoking a certain rebellious reaction.


This is why 2022 surprises us. Because it brings with it a great boom in trends that will shock us. With tartan miniskirts and that quite pronounced eyeliner. It´s identified as an aesthetic tendency that combines the choices of a century. And in parallel with materialities that leave aside opulence.


You can incorporate these outfits into your style with suits, pants, or two pieces of tartan, to solve this influence. Military boots or ballerinas to counteract the harshness of the outfit. You can also incorporate bondage, straps, and transparencies. In this sense, you can include looks from pants with straps, blouses, or blacktops. The point is that whatever you wear is in black and has a very dark color palette.


How to get a punk look?


FashionTrends-How to get a punk lookA good way to start wearing this style is by wearing shirts from your favorite bands. And combine them with your favorite jeans, even on your office days. Remember that well-matched pieces can make a difference. So, a good collection of shirts should be the key piece in your wardrobe. Pop-punk.


Another option is to wear a black dress with high boots. Adding chains in the pockets or tied on some sides accompanied by an exotic cat outline. 


For this reason, you can also get plaid shirts and neutral colors that combine with buttons. Because, generally, this type of fabric is extremely popular in this world. And you can use it as an overshirt or a simple T-shirt. If the fabric is black and white or black and white squares. Likewise, you can choose a shirt in a neutral color, even with buttons, and play with accessories such as necklaces.


In this case, the camouflage print is very popular, so you should not rule it out. Wear it in a simple shirt or pants and add accessories to complement it.


To complement this style, I recommend that the jeans be skinny or boyfriend-style. Most of the followers of this style are fans of this type of jeans in dark blue or black. And those of the boyfriend cut are considered ideal for daily use because they are perfect with any basic.


Finally, you can’t forget about footwear, so you have to get some Converse or Vans brand sneakers. It´s the most common footwear within this style that consists exclusively of sports shoes. And if they are low-cut, it is much better. You can combine them with jeans and a shirt from your favorite band, add a checkered overshirt, and voila!


If your sneakers are high-top, you can combine them with adenim skirt, or Bermuda shorts. Whichever you prefer with a button-down shirt, military boots, or brown, whichever you prefer to help you vary the style. 


What is the punk´s style?, Pop-punk


FashionTrends-What is the punk´s styleAs you may already imagine, several brands have adapted this new pop-punk trend. And we already see big names like Tom Ford and celebrities like Bella Hadid. Who have worn it in wide pants, studded belts, chains, slightly unbuttoned shirts, waist pants low and wide, and streaks of color.


In this sense, we want to continue seeing the straight tartan pants in various colors. Ranging from purple, brown, and gentle orange. Even Chanel has brought out her pop-punk style with minidresses, fishnet stockings, and capes.


Now, the point is that pop-punk is achieved through the details. Because that´s what will give the final touch to your outfit. Everything that you include and add with intention, will help you clarify the rebellion of this trend.


At Fashion Trends we say yes to everything new, to everything cyclical, and everything that implies novelty and style. For this reason, we invite you to consider it and think that it may be interesting to change your style. Because who doesn´t like to vary from time to time? In the end, it doesn’t matter what you decide to wear, as long as you wear it with the best of attitudes.


And in short, this style returns to show us that no matter how old you are, you can always be part of that marked makeup, colored hair, and skinny pants with shirts from your favorite band. And don’t be embarrassed, because if at this point Avril Lavigne keeps it with her graphic tees and boots with character, you too can continue your transformation.


Don´t be afraid. Take the leap.