Guide to basic shoes you must have in your closet

Fashion Trends MX - Guide to basic shoes you must have in your closet - shoes

Guide to basic shoes you must have in your closet. Shoes. That basic, necessary and mandatory accessory for our day-to-day, we find them in countless models, styles, and colors that we can wear and combine according to the occasion and the taste of our own style. Of course, there is one that is perfect for every moment and event. However, some models are necessary to have in our closet due to their versatility and ability to adapt to various looks.


For this reason, today, we want to inform you about a selection of models that we consider essential. And that you should have in your wardrobe and thus have options available for practically every occasion and clothing you put together and in which you should invest without a doubt.


Guide to basic shoes you must have




Fashion Trends MX - Guide to basic shoes you must have in your closet - shoes

Indispensable and mandatory.


If you want to put together a capsule wardrobe, select a medium-height model (neither too tall nor too short). It is recommended that the height be between 4 to 6 centimeters for daily use, and make sure that they have a simple cut, preferably made in leather for greater comfort, and that adapts perfectly to your foot.


The lounge-type models are considered more practical and versatile in their use. And in terms of color, black and nude should be a rule. They are considered essential and the best option to combine with your entire wardrobe.




Fashion Trends MX - Guide to basic shoes you must have in your closet - shoes

The stiletto is an excellent investment, similar to the previous model but with a higher height. It is another necessary model to have in your wardrobe as it is timeless and versatile and the elegance it brings to an outfit is unquestionable. Stilettos differ from other similar models due to their heel, which is usually the well-known stiletto heel and is used for more elegant or formal occasions.


However, we know that many do not get along with this type of footwear precisely because of its height. As well as, it is known that, they may not provide much comfort. So if it is not your style, you can purchase a design or model of fewer centimeters, that  will make you feel good at every step.




Fashion Trends MX - Guide to basic shoes you must have in your closet - shoes

They do not need an introduction since it is a well-known type of footwear.


And lately very worn, thanks to the trends that have brought back the use of boots in any season, regardless of the weather.


There are also various models for every taste, style, and need.


One of the most common and worn are bikers, military, and ankle boots, with which you can have the freedom to combine and create incredible outfits.




Fashion Trends MX - Guide to basic shoes you must have in your closet - shoes

Do you want elegance and comfort? Then a pair of loafers is the answer. Should we talk about classics? The moccasin is always an obvious choice since it is a shoe with a lot of history and evolution. It has been covered so much that, today, we have a wide variety of models and styles; everyone has a pair in their closet.


They are perfect to combine with everything in your closet. And they look good whether you dress for an informal occasion, with jeans and t-shirts, or when you want to create a more elaborate outfit that includes, blazers, dresses, skirts, or dress pants.





Fashion Trends MX - Guide to basic shoes you must have in your closet - shoes

This trend is here to stay and is one of the most beloved, comfortable, and versatile. Since tennis shoes were previously only reserved for physical activity, they are now used with more formal and casual clothing when you want to avoid wearing high-heeled shoes.


Another of the advantages and updates tennis shoes have had is that we can find colors and styles of it, not only in common white but also with designs, even in metallic tones or with similar details that make them look fancier and more elegant and that undoubtedly serve you well for different occasions.


Within this category, we should also mention the maxi models. They have become so popular in recent years and even help to make you look taller as they can add a few centimeters to your height, giving a chic touch to your look.




Fashion Trends MX - Guide to basic shoes you must have in your closet - shoes

It is also a type of shoe with different versions, heights, models, and designs, to satisfy all tastes and provide a style depending on what is sought or needed for the occasion.


Here it will be you who decides the type you want to wear. But as for others that need advice, we advise you to choose a nude or black color and a golden pair that also helps you easily combine clothes within your wardrobe.


The sandal is used for formal and informal events. Therein lies its versatility with jeans and the most elaborate and elegant garments.


Nude colored shoes


Fashion Trends MX - Guide to basic shoes you must have in your closet - shoes

We make a special section to talk about the color more than the model. We already mentioned the importance of having a nude or beige pair, thanks to the ease of combining it as this color can mix excellently with any other color. In addition to this, if you opt for a nude in or close to your skin color, it can also help you to elongate your figure and legs, providing elegance to the overall look.


Ballet Flats


It is another necessary footwear due to its ease of wearing and comfort, and is ideal for daily use. Like other recommendations we have mentioned, the basic color black is also repeated here,you can also go for nude or brown to serve as a contrast to the outfit.


Of course, try to buy a pair that is thick enough to provide good support and ensure the comfort you need when walking, so that you can avoid feeling the irregularities of the ground.


Now, make your choice by deciding on what suits you. And before going out to invest or spend your money, think about which model is the one that resonates the most with you and your style. It is also vital that you check your closet and clothing style to make sure that the shoes you buy are consistent with it.


Likewise, your pace of life and daily activities will greatly influence the selection of your ahoes. And finally, if you want to put together basics or a complete a wardrobe, make sure to invest in quality. But if you only want a fashionable pair for a specific occasion, save money for it.


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