Graphic tees: origin and when to wear them

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Graphic tees: origin and when to wear them. T-shirts or shirts are the names that recognize this basic round neck garment, and they have their origin in Europe. In 1913, it was used as underwear by the soldiers of World War I. And it caught the attention of their American colleagues since they used a piece of wool under the uniform. This is how the shirt came to the American continent.


The marines, given the striking white color, which represented a danger in the missions, decided to dye them brown to go unnoticed. And when they returned home, the use of them was relegated to home clothes. It was considered as underwear for a long time.


It was not until the late 1930s that brands like Fruit of the Loom and Hanes began to manufacture and market them as casual wear. Reaching their popularity, when actors James Dean and Marlon Brando started to wear them in their movies. Finally becoming dress pieces and not underwear.


Origin of The Graphic Tee


Fashion Trends and Style - Graphic tees - Graphic tees

Let’s start by mentioning that the graphic tee is nothing more than the t-shirt with a printed design. Be it a message, figure, or any other element.


Its origin dates back to 1948. When this type of article was implemented as a propaganda tool for the campaign of a candidate for governor in New York. Later becoming an ideal piece for marketing. Since it was an attention mandatory object and it drew a lot of stares.


In this way, they began to be implemented in companies with the inclusion of their logo for events and groups.


Arrival in the world of fashion


The graphic tee reached the world of fashion in 1962 by Christian Dior’s hand, becoming a haute couture garment. Already in the 70s, Yves Saint Laurent showed them on his catwalks with his printed logo. And this caused a furor in European high society.


Being by the end of the 80s-90s, it was a garment of common use and very popular in stores. Many places offer the option of customizing them with preference design.


Types of T-Shirts


Fashion Trends and Style - Graphic tees - Graphic tees

This type of flannel or t-shirt is made of cotton, polyester, or a mixture of both. And they can have a V-shaped or round neck, which is the most classic and frequent model.


Although its use today is casual, in winter, it is usually used as the first layer of clothing to cover the cold. Due to its comfortable and soft material, which is also ideal for summer.


The graphic tees can contain prints with serigraphs, vinyl, embroidery, or any other that your taste, style, and imagination allow and desire. This type of clothing has unbridled style and manages to be located between street style, rocker, or urban.


Trends in uses


Fashion Trends and Style - Graphic tees - Graphic tees

This type of t-shirt, due to its main characteristic, which is the print, must be plain. So that the printing can be done well. With the background being plain and in the color of your choice, the most common: white, black, grey, navy blue. But keep in mind that depending on the type of print you want, you must choose a background color that makes it stand out. Or otherwise the design could get lost.


Today, with sporty-chic trends, we see this type of t-shirt more frequently. We can find all kinds of varied designs, cartoons being one of the most popular and worn.


With Jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - Graphic tees - Graphic tees

It is a safe bet and without much risk. We know that this type of pants is a closet staple, and by combining it with a graphic tee, you will have a very casual look. Especially if you wear tennis shoes. Or you can give it another look by wearing heels.


Formal Look


If you want to go for another option and for a more formal occasion or night out, you can ignore the Jean and choose the dress pants. Either with darts, straight or culotte style, they will all be a perfect and ideal combination.


With Leather Garments


Fashion Trends and Style - Graphic tees - Graphic tees

Whether with pants, skirts, or jackets, graphic tees combined with leather are also an excellent decision to give your outfit that touch and chic air.




If this garment is your type and you have several models, don’t hesitate to use your shirt with each of them. Until you find your favorite and look fabulous.


With Prints


Fashion Trends and Style - Graphic tees - Graphic tees

It is also okay and accepted following the same base color rule. So, don’t be afraid to combine these two garments.




Here we can be a little freer and combine different types of accessories according to your style. Since you can wear long necklaces or a choker, maxi rings, or long earrings. Everything will depend on the occasion and your preference.




Fashion Trends and Style - Graphic tees - Graphic tees

As we already mentioned, we know that sneakers go well and heels or sandals or ballerinas. As you can see, the options are vast in this footwear space.


The graphic tee will continue to be a must-have among the trends over time. All thanks to the versatility and use of this garment has. So, if you still don’t have a model, check out the link and find out all the available models we have.