What is graphic eyeliner? Come and learn about this iconic eye makeup

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What is graphic eyeliner? Come and learn about this iconic eye makeup. Eyeliner has been something people have used since time immemorial. Until a while ago, the cat eye was a trend, which could have different thicknesses and lengths. They could slant your eyes or give an illusion that they are bigger.


Although traditional eyeliners such as cat eye and smokey eye (ideal for all types of eyes) are still widely used, graphic eyeliners have become a great global trend. On social media, especially on TikTok, you will find many tutorials.


If you want to be fashionable, we will help you do it in this post. Learn about the graphic eyeliner here.


What is graphic eyeliner?


The truth is very simple. Graphic eyeliner is a type of eyeliner that, unlike the traditional ones that help to intensify the look, proposes geometric lines, which can be heavy or soft. Also, they are done on the eyelid or around it several times. And in this case, they are not always black like traditional eyeliners, but you can explore your creativity and do it in different colors.


Now, are there several types of graphic outlines? Keep reading, and we will give you some of them.


Types of graphic eyeliners


Well, yes, there are several types of graphic liners. Each of them can look different. Remember that you can also make them in different colors. Feel free to dare with different looks!


Glam Vibes


Fahion Trends adn Style - What is graphic eyeliner? - eyeliner

It is an eyeliner that has become quite popular and is undoubtedly in trend, so it is perfect if you want to be fashionable. In addition, it is ideal for taking selfies. It is usually done in black.


You have to draw a line at the end of the eyelid to get the glam vibes. The line usually starts from the beginning of the eyelid and extends through the middle of the eyelid until it reaches the end. If black bores you a bit, you can blend pastel shadows under the outlined lines.


Cut Crease


Fahion Trends adn Style - What is graphic eyeliner? - eyeliner

It is the best option if you are a beginner in the world of graphic eyeliner. It’s easy to do but eye-catching.


To do so, we recommend using felt-tip eyeliner. Make a stroke a little above the eyelid’s crease, and lengthen towards the outer part of the eye. Once there, make a wing just like you do with the cat eye.


Although you can do it in various colors, it will look amazing in white. Your look will be impressive and striking. You can also use vibrant colors.


Double Graphic Liner


Fahion Trends adn Style - What is graphic eyeliner? - eyeliner

This eyeliner is ideal for night occasions. You can do it in vibrant colors or choose neutral ones: white or black.


You should first draw a line at the beginning of your eyelid, just above the crease. You can start the bottom line a little longer, after the tear duct, and extend it towards the tail, just like a cat eye, but it must be double: one up and the other down.


We recommend using colors like silver or gold for a night look.


Neon Dream


Fahion Trends adn Style - What is graphic eyeliner? - eyeliner

Perfect if you want to stand out and steal all eyes with your makeup. Using neon colors in your eyes is the best idea to attract attention.


First, fill your eyelids with the shade of the color you want, as long as it suits the neon color palette.


The second step is to mark the graphic eyeliner around your eyes, usually with black.


If you decide on that color, you can also place a neon-colored line just below the outline.


Where does eyeliner come from?


Fahion Trends adn Style - What is graphic eyeliner? - eyeliner

The first thing to keep in mind is that eyeliner, particularly the cat eye, dates back even before the time of Marilyn Monroe. Women used it to hide the effect of false eyelashes.


The concept and variation of the eyeliner have changed over the years. And, of course, the classic cat eye has given way to graphic eyeliner, which has been in trend for some years now.


The biggest difference between the two eyeliners is that the traditional one follows the natural line of the eyelashes, while with the incredible graphic, there are no rules. They are usually geometric lines in the crease of the eyelids.


The most crucial advantage of graphic eyeliner is that it allows us all to explore our creativity, recreating different shapes that undoubtedly give us an incredible look. Many people add details like shadows and even highlights.


Although it is currently in trend, the first sighting of this eyeliner was in 2012. It all started with the Altuzarra show, where the models wore two parallel lines as eye makeup.


It has become an eyeliner used by the most famous and influential, such as Kylie Jenner and Camila Cabello.


Tips to show off your graphic eyeliner


We leave you some tips to do this liner as best as possible.


Always use a mirror


Fahion Trends adn Style - What is graphic eyeliner? - eyeliner

Although it may seem obvious, some people use the phone’s camera. Get a mirror at your face height and with good lighting. The latter is essential to see the strokes with greater definition. And the exact location of the mirror is so you can see the result of your eyeliner in real-time.


Get inspired


You must get a reference if you are a beginner while you master this liner. We recommend several models that inspire you. On Pinterest, you can get many ideas.


Get a liquid eyeliner


Fahion Trends adn Style - What is graphic eyeliner? - eyeliner

To obtain a good result, the ideal thing is to use a liquid eyeliner with a fine tip but with a certain firmness.


In this way, the eyeliner will be much more precise. Once you master this type of makeup, you can take a risk and use other eyeliners, such as the felt one.


Would you dare to wear this eyeliner? Feel free to connect with your creativity and let it run wild through this art.


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