Dress preppy in the fall and stand out wherever you go!

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Would you try a “back to school” look for fall? Go for it! And to make your life easier, why don’t you try this new “preppy” proposal? This style comes to our wardrobe with great force to fill us with nostalgia and elegance. And you know what’s great about it? It will give you a classic and daring look.


This is quite a smart alternative for the autumn-winter season, not only because of its colors but because since last year, it has become an inspiration to make us look novel and quite original.


Today I bring you other ideas that vests, loafers, and lace, among other garments that will make you feel like the protagonist of Gossip Girl. Don’t wait any longer and look like Olivia Palermo on “Gossip Girl,” Or do you prefer Lara Jean in “to all the boys”? Run and look for those pointed vests because this article might interest you!


What does it mean to dress preppy?


Fashion Trends and Style - Preppy - style

If you are very new to the subject, don’t worry, today you will find all the answers. Let me tell you what the preppy style is, how to wear it in fall 2021, and who takes it away in 2022. You may not know it now, but you will do after this article.


First, let’s begin by knowing that “Preppy” comes from the preparatory word.


Telling you a little about its beginnings, the word preppy comes from the most influential universities in the United States since the 1920s. This is where the American upper class attended previous courses called “preparatory courses.” From them, this fashion showed up wanting to make a difference with the most classic and giving a chic twist to the uniforms.


It’s characteristic for its structured silhouettes, pastel colors, and basic garments combined with plaid prints and embroidery. In the 50s it was defined as the American way of life, synonymous with success.


How to wear the preppy style?


In short, this style can give off a feeling of class, femininity, style, and contemporaneity. Do you want to know how to wear it? Keep reading to find some combinations that will help you master this trend.


Opt for typical clothes.


Fashion Trends and Style - Preppy - style

With this, you can play a little and put colors, an oversized check blazer, and a crop top together. Can you imagine it?


Beautiful. But, wait for a second, remember that fun is the key. So, don’t be afraid to give a new life to the classic style and other techniques such as patchwork or tie-dye.


Don’t forget about minimalism, because besides practicality, it will give you a lot of class. Going overboard will only make you look like you’re trying too hard, so don’t.


Less is more, as they say.


The contemporary preppy style.


From combinations of basic and knitwear in pastel tones to the world of tennis, polo, or golf, the world of college, and logos. This trend also includes accessories such as bows, pearls, ribbons or sunglasses, flat shoes or buckles, clogs, etc… with them, you will find the key.


The ruffled blouse.


White can be a staple for this preppy look. It looks great with blazers, miniskirts, suit pants, and sleeveless dresses.


College bomber jackets.


From the sports team of your school or university, take it out of your closet, because it will be very fashionable this season. Try it with patches, oversize, and stripes on the rubbers.


Pleated skirt. 


Classic pleated plaid skirts will be the trend for fall 2021. Pair it with shirts, pullovers, waistcoats, or leather jackets. You will be very fashionable!


What is the classic style in fashion?


The preppy style has many styles and nuances, which will vary depending on your style. You can be inspired by many movies and series, such as Jess in the New Girl series, Cher in the Clueless film, Astrid Sloan in the Politician series, and even Lucre in the Elite series. To create this style, you can introduce different styles and with them, your perfect identity.


Classic look


The classic look is strengthened by those looks that we can consider “common”; a Black pleated skirt, white buttoned shirt up to the neck held by a brown belt, oversized gray blazer rolled up to the elbows, and a bow tied around the neck. Very Elite, don’t you think?


Alternative outfit


Fashion Trends and Style - Preppy - style

Starting from the point where the aesthetic has been part of our world for a long time, we can find more urban and casual looks such as sweaters, tennis shoes, and large sizes in these outfits.


For its part, we will also find woven or wool vests and cardigans, collared shirts, baby collar shirts, or bows. In this sense, we accept pleated and plaid skirts.


However, we will not only find looks in skirts but also in pants and in high-waisted, checked, or stained wide boots. Combine with long stockings and ward off the fear of showing them with shorts or stockings.


As part of the alternative style, we can also find plaid and diamond prints, boots, tennis shoes, and as accessories: headbands. Ready to go preppy?


What are some fashionable styles?


Personal style is how we express who we are, our lifestyle, and our tastes. With clothes, we can show who we are and what makes us feel good and comfortable. With our style, in addition, they will know if we follow trends or not.


So, besides the classic and the alternative, we can find the sophisticated, romantic, creative, dramatic, and seductive. In the case of preppy, we can find that as long as it suits who we are and what we like, it is possible to wear it. Do you want to know some combinations according to your style? I will show you shortly.


Sophisticated style.


Fashion Trends and Style - Preppy - style

What differentiates it from the classic style is that it’s refined and not afraid to be in trend.


This style usually involves carrying branded bags, being bold and strong hairstyles.


You can wear it to the preppy wearing a pleated black or blue skirt, a thin brown belt, a red knit sweater, and brown ankle boots to match the belt.


Romantic style.


Fashion Trends and Style - Preppy - style

The romantic style is one of the most delicate. And, as you can imagine, it’s used mainly by people with sensitive and sweet personalities.


It consists of subtle prints, pastel colors, bows, and ruffles.


How to combine it?


Simple: you can wear a white skirt a few inches above the knee with pink and blue checks, a white shirt buttoned up, a dark blue sweater with a bow tied around the neck, and a beige cardigan.


Creative style.


Fashion Trends and Style - Preppy - style

In short, one of my favorites. It’s innovative, risky, and carried by people with overwhelming self-confidence.


They are not afraid to show cuts, prints, and new trends. They break paradigms and are very original.


The punk double-layered black plaid skirt in red with lace at the ends and a bow at the waist is a great choice.


But you can also wear a black button-down shirt with embroidered sleeves, knee-length stockings with flowers, and high-heeled ankle boots.


How to wear the preppy style in fall?


Have you already found a way to wear this new style? At Fashion Trends, we are happy to bring you fresh and traditional trends to wear in autumn 2021. Share your opinion and tell us what you think about this timeless fashion.