TikTok Trend: Glycolic acid for your hair, what are its benefits?

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TikTok Trend: Glycolic acid for your hair, what are its benefits?. One of the most viral trends of the moment when it comes to hair care is shine. But, not just any type of shine, the one that has a mirror effect is the most coveted in recently.


And as a good trend, it is not a surprise that its origin is the popular social network TikTok. There many people are responsible not only for giving advice, but also for testing beauty products and techniques.


Glassyhair, as this mirror shine effect is also known, can be achieved thanks to the benefits of glycolic acid. This is a very well-known product used in skincare and is now coming to transform our hair.


If you still have doubts about the effectiveness of a skin product on your hair, we will give you an example. The renowned brand L’Oreal launched a complete hair care line on the market, which contains glycolic acid and promises wonders.


For this reason, and in the face of the growing furor, today we will talk about this ingredient and all the benefits you can obtain in addition to beautiful hair when applying it.


What is the glycolic acid?


Fashion Trends and Style - TikTok Trend: Glycolic acid for your hair, what are its benefits?

Glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid that is an active ingredient in skin care products.


It belongs to a family of acids known as AHS, which have a hydroxyl group in a specific position in their molecular structure.


Glycolic acid is the simplest of the AHAs, allowing it to easily penetrate the skin.


This ingredient can revitalize the skin, improve its tone, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


What does glycolic acid do for our hair?


Now that we know what glycolic acid is and how it works on the skin, let’s learn what it does on the hair.


When we apply the product to the hair, it is responsible for sealing the hair cuticle. In this way, it gives us uniformity to the surface of the hair fibers, resulting in strands with greater shine.


Also, thanks to this uniformity of the hair fibers, we get softer hair. Which results in fewer knots and greater ease when combing, avoiding breakage.


However, one of the most significant functions in terms of the performance of glycolic acid is its ability to exfoliate the scalp. This gives softness and luminosity to your hair.


What are the benefits of glycolic acid on hair?


Fashion Trends and Style - TikTok Trend: Glycolic acid for your hair, what are its benefits?

  • Due to its exfoliating function, it’s responsible for eliminating dead scalp cells that are located on the skin’s surface. This way they decongest the follicles blocked by fat and other bacteria that may be present.
  • Contains antimicrobial properties. Meaning, it acts effectively against microorganisms that may be found on the scalp.
  • It is a product that will help you if you have oily hair. Since it will combat excess sebum without drying it out.
  • It provides resistance and elasticity to the hair. In addition to helping to maintain moisture in the hair fiber, which results in hydrated, soft hair with less possibility of breakage when combing.
  • Glossy finish, which is why it has been used. Glycolic acid is characterized by giving luminosity to the hair and thus achieving the long-awaited mirror shine.


How to apply glycolic acid to hair?


The application of glycolic acid will depend on the type of presentation of the product itself. There are exfoliants, serums, masks, and shampoos on the market that contain glycolic acid in their formulas.


For these cases, the application is like that of a conditioning treatment. It should be left on after shampooing for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinsed with water.


However, if you decide to use the facial toner version according to the viral TikTok videos, the process changes. This is applied directly to the scalp (with unwashed hair) massaging to distribute the product evenly.


Leave it on for 30 minutes and proceed to wash as usual, obtaining immediate results.


One detail to take into account is to avoid sun exposure when applying the product, as this ingredient is photosensitive.


Who should use glycolic acid on their hair?


Fashion Trends and Style - TikTok Trend: Glycolic acid for your hair, what are its benefits?

Its general use can be for anyone who wants to obtain the benefits of this ingredient.


Even so, its use is mostly good for those who have oily hair. It is also recommended if you suffer from dandruff or flaking due to dryness. Since all these conditions would benefit from the exfoliating and antimicrobial properties.


Another aspect to consider is that those with sensitive scalps, open pores, itching, or hair loss should consult with a specialist beforehand.


How often can you apply glycolic acid to your hair?


In cases of oily hair and scalps, its use can be between 1 and 2 times a week at the beginning of application.


After a month, it can be applied once every 30 days and thus keep hair healthy and with the desired appearance.


Because this is an exfoliating acid, its excessive use can cause irritation or dryness.


What are the contraindications of applying glycolic acid to hair?


Applying it in excess can cause damage to the scalp barrier, which could lead to other unwanted reactions.


Its use is not recommended if the hair has recently been subjected to any chemical process such as bleaching, straightening, among others.


Glycolic acid has been demonstrating that its uses are extensive. And its results speak for themselves regarding the benefits and advantages of using it both on the skin and now on the hair.


Therefore, if your hair is dull or perhaps you suffer from an oily scalp, this ingredient will be the solution to restore it. Give it life and a shine worthy of a TikTok trend!


Of course, take the necessary precautions. Always verify you really need the product before applying it and that it will not affect or alter your hair fiber.