Glitter and sequins for Christmas 2022

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Glitter and sequins for Christmas 2022. Christmas is synonymous with parties, get-togethers, and celebrations. And with them, the demand to dress well and according to the time and occasion. These days, it is common to attend dinners and events that require us to dress up to the invitation, and a very common style used in these times is glitter to make our clothes a striking outfit that attracts glances.


Some of the materials most used in clothing that stand out for their texture are sequins and shiny fabrics such as satin. We can also make room for velvet, which, although not as shiny as the first two, is equally an exquisite fabric with a subtle shimmer.


So, if you still need to find inspiration to dress this Christmas, keep reading and get the best combinations to shine this Christmas here.


Garments and outfits with glitter and sequins for this Christmas


Jumper with a long sequin skirt


Fashion Trends and Style - Glitter and sequins for Christmas 2022 - Sequins

Ideal for outdoor celebrations and when temperatures drop. Since in addition to looking great, they will also help you stay warm without losing style. If you want to stand out and get noticed, opt for shades of sequins in beige, nude, and light pink, which will shine endlessly.


Sequined Sweaters


Like the previous option, this one will keep you warm if the weather demands it and the temperatures drop. You can place a sweater with some structure, a funny pattern, or perhaps a famous ugly sweater. Or simply one with sequins all over or in selected points of the garment as touches. You can combine it with skirts, pants of various cuts, or jeans for a less formal look.


Sequined Shirt


Fashion Trends and Style - Glitter and sequins for Christmas 2022 - Sequins

A long-sleeved blouse or shirt with sequin details on the neck, cuffs, along the sleeves, or the body as such of the garment will give you a classic touch. But at the same time modern and clean, very chic, thanks to the brightness that these little ones emit. Combine it with a skirt, and you will be more than ready for these parties.


Sequin skirt and satin shirt


It is an elegant combination, but if you want to cut that image and, on the contrary, look sexy, opt for a sequined mini skirt with a plain satin shirt. Either match it with daring combinations such as green and fuchsia, gold and blue, or the one that catches your attention the most.


Velvet Dress


Fashion Trends and Style - Glitter and sequins for Christmas 2022 - Sequins

The velvet or velvet fabric is also a trend that is here to stay.


And although its furor has subsided, it is also a textile still used very frequently due to its inherent elegance and the finesse it provides.


Therefore, a velvet dress will be the perfect garment if you do not want to take care of anything else.


Since you only have to choose a good pair of shoes and the rest of your accessories, without adding anything else to the clothes. You can go for the season’s colors, such as wine, dark blue, black, or green.

Satin Dress with Sequin Blazer


A dress in satin, as if it were a nightgown, is the ideal complement to a full sequin blazer. As well as being a striking accessory that will be useful if you get cold. It will make you look spectacular and without much more to add. Select high sandals or stilettos, discreet accessories, and a clutch bag to complete the whole look.


Sequin Dress


Fashion Trends and Style - Glitter and sequins for Christmas 2022 - Sequins

The sequined dress is already becoming a wardrobe must-have. In addition, sequins continue to be in trend with each passing season and have become an essential element of evening clothing.


The sequin dress does not go out of style either and is an ideal option for evening events.


For this reason, and thanks to its brightness and luminosity, the sequin is a typical garment at Christmas, so opting for it on these dates will always be a success. Whether in its mini model with thin straps, midi, or maxi dress, the sequin dress is a sure yes for the end of 2022.


Satin Pants


Fashion Trends and Style - Glitter and sequins for Christmas 2022 - Sequins

It is a versatile garment and a stylish way to be comfortable and well-dressed simultaneously. You can combine it with opaque garments or also bet on the combinations that we have already given you of satin and sequins with a top. Or also wear it with silk, plus satin or velvet, if you want to look for contrasts or a total look. Your taste and imagination will dictate the color.




Whether in satin or velvet, this garment also helps you not to look for anything else to complement your outfit. It is a complete piece, and also, it is very comfortable. Just keep in mind that if you have bare shoulders, use a blazer that covers you in case of low temperatures. And why not? You could use a sequined blazer for the chic and shiny touch that you want to add additional.


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