Get ready for Spring 2024 with the latest makeup trends!

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Get ready for Spring 2024 with the latest makeup trends!. Makeup is trendier than ever in 2024. More products and techniques are launched on the market to make makeup look perfect and natural.


Since 2023, the looks we have seen worn the most are those where simplicity is sought. People always focus on making it look like they are wearing very little or no makeup.


Now, spring has arrived, and with it, the changes of the season in terms of fashion, including cosmetic trends.


So, today, we want to talk to you about the types of makeup that will be worn during these months. Everything so that you can choose the one that best suits you and looks beautiful with the latest style of the season.


What colors will be trending in makeup in spring 2024?


A very important aspect of this topic, which we must address before getting into the matter, is the colors that will be worn. This is a complementary part of the makeup itself, and whether it is in trend or not also depends on this.


This year, Peach Fuzz, chosen as the color of the year by Pantone, is one of the leaders when choosing any item of clothing. As for makeup, we have already seen it worn in shadows, blushes, and lipsticks, but it is not the only option for this season.


Pastel colors


Fashion Trends and Style - Get ready for Spring 2024 with the latest makeup trends!

These tones are the essence of spring and summer, so they will always be a hit for these seasons. However, this year, they are proposed with greater intensity. In addition to the color mentioned above, it is accompanied by intense lavenders, saturated mint greens, and soft pinks with a neon touch.


Bright neons


There is no longer a year or season where neon colors are not among the trends. And, with respect to makeup, its presence enhances the image and appearance in general.


That is why we will see them in outlines and details that give life to the look.


Earth colors


Fashion Trends and Style - Get ready for Spring 2024 with the latest makeup trends!

We dare to affirm that they will be the protagonists of this season’s makeup, from matte finishes to shiny ones.


So, warm browns, burnt oranges, and soft golds mix and harmonize.


This is to create styles with tones that achieve the natural looks that are in vogue.



What makeup techniques will be the most used in spring 2024?


In the world of fashion, everything is changing. What was used in December or January becomes obsolete by the middle of the year.


Techniques are modified based on how foundation or concealer is applied to the eyeliner to achieve the best appearance and finish. Of course, social networks quickly show us what’s going on.


Graphic Eyeliner


Fashion Trends and Style - Get ready for Spring 2024 with the latest makeup trends!

Graphic eyeliner is a technique that is not new. It has been used since last year and continues to expand. This spring, 2024, we will see how it covers the eye area, cheekbones, and temples, thus creating striking and more artistic makeup.




Strobing is a makeup technique that involves contouring the face and applying a highlighter in specific areas to illuminate it and enhance its volume.


By 2024, the trend is towards applying products that offer a more natural glow and give the skin a healthy appearance.




Fashion Trends and Style - Get ready for Spring 2024 with the latest makeup trends!

Contouring is similar to strobing, where the objective is also to shape the face. However, it uses both light and dark products, seeking to highlight, refine, or conceal areas such as the nose, chin, forehead, cheekbones, and jaw.


Contouring is another long-practiced technique that is modified occasionally. This year, the idea has been to make it look as natural as possible without using products.


Ombre lips


The word ombré in French means shadow.


Ombre lips refer to a technique in which the mouth is intended to reflect a shadowed or gradient effect. To achieve this, different types of lipsticks, glosses, and fillers are applied to make them look greater in depth and dimension.


Makeup trends for spring 2024


Now, let’s know what types of makeup will be worn this spring 2024 season.


Latte Makeup


Fashion Trends and Style - Get ready for Spring 2024 with the latest makeup trends!

Its name describes the color of a latte or coffee with milk. It consists of applying makeup in nude, brown, gold, bronze, and sometimes pink tones. Everything is done to achieve a tanned but clean look, enhancing the features without overloading the image.


Matcha Latte Makeup


Like the coffee-inspired latte makeup with this name, matcha latte makeup is related to the green drink. And I think you already know where this trend is coming from.


As you can imagine, this viral makeup on social networks has green as its primary color.


The focus of attention is the eyes, which seek to stand out, whether lined or with green shadows.


Another point to highlight is that in this styling, the glow is essential to the final finish. Therefore, the products to be used must have an illuminating effect.


Of course, it can be combined with neutral tones to achieve a harmonious balance for the entire makeup.


Double blush

Fashion Trends and Style - Get ready for Spring 2024 with the latest makeup trends!

An aspect of makeup that is not only trendy but all the rage is blush.


There is no tutorial that skips this step, and this final touch gives the face life and color.


Certainly, the use of blush is not a new technique. But for this spring 2024, the aim is to elevate the cheekbones much more, opting for double blush for this purpose.


To achieve this, two colors are used: a soft one applied to the central part of the cheekbone. And another with bronze touches covering the diffused temple area, which gives it volume and naturalness.


Grunge Eyeliner


In the best style of the 80s and 90s, grunge eyeliner bursts into 2024.


This type of makeup consists of making very marked and blurred black eyeliner, giving the appearance of being smoked.


Due to its intensity, it is reserved mostly for the night. It is an ideal technique for highlighting the look and achieving depth.


Makeup No Makeup


Fashion Trends and Style - Get ready for Spring 2024 with the latest makeup trends!

Makeup is nothing more than natural makeup that looks like it doesn’t have a drop of product on it.


This style arises in response to the needs of many women to go with a lighter, more natural look and show healthy skin.


Likewise, there are cases where some faces look much better with natural makeup than with heavy makeup. So, makeup, no makeup, is the perfect option.


To achieve this, moisturizers, light bases that provide luminosity to the skin, and neutral tones for lips and cheeks are necessary.


Flirty makeup


Inspired by the Barbie phenomenon, this trend is still in force for this spring 2024 season.


This makeup leans towards the romantic to highlight femininity. The main color is pink in its various shades, especially pastels.


Innocent beauty, sweetness, and a meticulous aesthetic are the elements that stand out in this look.


How to achieve this look? Well, stay away from earth tones and go for pinks. Likewise, don’t emphasize the contour, but do emphasize blush and low-coverage products.


Golden Hour Makeup


It is a type of makeup inspired by golden and orange tones, evoking a sunset, where shine takes on special prominence.


Without a doubt, the glow has been sweeping makeup trends, and Golden Hour makeup is another example.


It will be a must-have not only for spring but also for summer. Low-coverage products in earth tones, gold, bronze, and orange should be used.


The goal is to create a tanned and illuminated effect as if you had just spent hours on the beach in the most natural way possible.


Doll eyelashes


Fashion Trends and Style - Get ready for Spring 2024 with the latest makeup trends!

Also known as doll lashes, they are defined, long, curved eyelashes with a dramatic effect. This is complemented by applying mascara at the bottom.


For this, a waterproof mascara or eyelash is recommended. One capable of providing the volume and definition necessary for this purpose.


Glowy finish


We have already mentioned in several sections the importance of shine in the finishes of different makeup trends for 2024.


Most of them include it, so we will not go into much more detail. However, the lips are another area that will also be worn this way.


It is not in vain that there are a large number of oil lips, glosses, and creamy lipsticks currently on the market.


They all focus on the same thing: making the lips juicier, striking, shiny, and super glowy.


Remember that practice makes perfect. Therefore, with many tutorials available today, achieving one of these looks will not be difficult.


Another aspect to consider is your skin type. Before purchasing any product, verify that it is designed specifically for your particular type.


And last but not least, choose the type of makeup that always reflects your style and personality.